Freeletics – The Perfect Workout For Busy People

Busy people have something in common: they often don’t have enough time for sports. A usual business day starts at 06:00 and ends late in the evening. Lately, I talked to a good friend – he’s in the middle of his career and a proud dad of a 1-year old baby. His day starts around 6 am and in the evening he either cares about his education, or he wants to bring his daughter to bed. There is almost no time for the gym. But what if you can do everything with your own bodyweight? The solution is called freeletics.

Too busy for sports? The solution is called Freeletics!

Freeletics is another trend from the US, the entire workout is manageable with your own body weight. Accordingly, it is the ideal solution for all managers, business people or anyone else with a full agenda.

Our freeletics workout is perfect for at home, outdoors or on training courses. It can be done by without gadgets or a big preparation. Freeletics combines endurance, cardio and strength. Coach & personal trainer Alessandra from BLG Sports shows us how it’s done.

Alessandra’s Freeletics Workout

Repeat 2-3 times and take small break in between!

  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 20 Sit-Ups
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 20 Supermans

workout freeletics freeletics coach freeletics workout freeletics

Freeletics – this is how it works with the App

Motivation needed plus you want to lose calories and improve your bodyweight? A healthy lifestyle and personal fitness matter a lot. The rest is can be so easy! Our training has some advantages: it’s free, simple and doable for every athlete – there are no excuses!  You do not need equipment or a gym.

1. Download the App ‘freeletics’ (it’s for free)

It’s available for iOS and Android and provides enough free content to do your workout. You can get it more personalized with upgrading the app. 

freeletics application

2. Get dressed and get something to drink

What ever sports you’re intending to start or try: never forget to warm up, it’s super important.

3. Choose your training

Your digital fitness coach will show you some options. There are different workouts with different intensity. Maybe start with something easier, you can boost the level anytime – typical exercises are burpies, squats, pull ups or push ups – pretty intense! The cool thing: you will notice a transformation already after a few times exercising. 

freeletics android

4. Work hard

Follow the instructions and watch how it goes. You will notice that things are getting better and better.

freeletics app

5. Evaluate the workouts and share them with friends

The best part of everything is the progress and your own well-being which is increased by regular training!

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