The Best Bootcamps In Zurich

After we wrote about freeletics and abdominal training, we are now talking about bootcamps. So we tested a few bootcamps in Zurich to show a really cool workout.

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group workout

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What is a bootcamp?

Another trend from the US arrived in Switzerland. Originally bootcamps were developed for the basic training of the US armed forces, i.e. to keep the troops fit. Accordingly, there are a few characteristics of a well implemented bootcamp:

  • A bootcamp usually takes place outside
  • All year round and in all weathers
  • It is led by a coach
  • Training takes place in groups, you mainly work with your own body weight
  • It combines fun and hard work

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workout zürich

workout zurich

For whom are bootcamps suitable?

Basically for everyone who likes to workout. However, the bootcamps in Zurich are ideal for busy people – they take place at 06:00 in the morning or at lunchtime. So what’s your excuse? Surely bootcamps are to be classified as rather tough – so, it’s important to have fun!

outdoor sports zurich

outdoor sports zürich

outdoor sport

How does a bootcamp work?

It has a lot in common with freeletics since you mainly train with your own body weight. Else, it’s very similar to most sports:

  • Warm up
  • Endurance & Strength Exercises
  • Cool down & stretching 

outdoor sports

outdoor workout

what is a bootcamp

What are typical exercises in such a workout?

Similar to Freeletics, the Bootcamps in Zurich are focussed to work with one’s own body weight, of course trainings such as rope jumping, boxing or kettlebells are also offered. The respective exercises are integrated into a kind run, which includes short breathing breaks. 

  • squats
  • burpees
  • push-ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jump squats
  • sit-ups
  • lounges
  • high knees
  • dips
  • Planks or side planks
  • leg raises

workout bootcamp

bootcamp zürich

bootcamps in zürich

best bootcamps in zurich

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Where can I find the best bootcamps in Zurich?

Zurich, 12:00 at a felt 0 degrees – it is super cold. Instead of freezing, Chris & Alessandra drive us forward – in the style of an authentic boot camp.

It’s hard work and a lot of fun. A refreshing alternative to the gym, where training takes place outside. Very ideal for all those who have little time or work in the city.

Here are the two best bootcamps in Zurich

Alessandra Giunta

Alessandra Giunta

Coach & Personal Trainer

Alessandra & Emanuel are a young, dynamic and sporty team. Both look back to years of experience.

Chris Velkovski

Chris Velkovski

Coach / Fitness Expert

Chris Velkovski is young and successful entrepreneur, plus a passionated sportsman. He offers several different bootcamps in Zurich.

bootcamps in zürich

bootcamp zurich

bootcamp zurich

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bootcamp training

bootcamp exercise
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