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Formula 1 Night Race With Singapore Airlines

My Journey With Singapore Airlines

Traveling is definitely one of my big passions. My whole life, I’ve been flying to the most beautiful spots on earth, because life is a wonderful path of adventures. Most of the time, I considered flying as a necessary instrument to bring you from A to B in the cheapest way possible. But let me tell you, flying Business Class with Singapore Airlines doesn’t feel like flying anymore, it’s far beyond that. I’ve traveled 30 countries now, but the flights to Singapore were the best two I had in my life, literally.

From the very moment you’re entering the airport, until you arrive at your preferred destination, it’s a totally different adventure. One of many outstanding facts, is the extraordinary service you’re experiencing when flying with Singapore Airlines. The cabin crew provides a lovely and terrific service to their customers.

The seats are the widest you can get in a business class booking, and with a height of 1,93 I had no issues sleeping like a baby – completely stretched. The food is fantastic, you’re being served with haute cuisine beef tenderloin. You can imagine, the flight of over 10 hours felt like heaven on a plane and unfortunately, it was over very quickly.

Remember waiting bored at the airport on an uncomfortable seat? Not happening when flying business class with SIA. You get the access to stay in their lounge with a delicious meal and a comfy seat.





Singapore Formula 1 Night Race

The F1 Night race is probably the most spectacular race during the year. On such a race week-end the city turns into a big Formula 1 party. On our way from the airport to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, I already saw Singapore’s skyline and the lights of the track.

Later in the evening – even from far – you hear the first warm-up of the cars, which makes you excited to attend the race. Thousands of people are coming to see their favourite teams and drivers to corner around the racetrack. Rosberg was leading the run, skipped a pit stop at the very end to save some time, which allowed Ricciardo to get closer. A lap more and the race would have ended differently. It was very exciting and it’s the reason I love sports so much!





Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt is located closely to the shopping district in Singapore, a perfect Hotel to stay for any sorts of occasion. There is everything you need: comfort, space, a fantastic service, a large pool and brilliant spa treatments. A Hotel with the highest possible standards. I almost didn’t trust my eyes, the Deluxe Room is almost as big as my flat!

After three days of action, it was time to get a ‘Damai Spa Treatment’. The one-hour massage was superb, relaxation to the fullest.




The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M

The stylish OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M – Master Chronometer – pays homage to OMEGA’s dive watch heritage. It’s the ideal smart casual watch for such an event.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean, with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, features a polished black ceramic dial with Arabic numerals and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Mounted on the 43.5 mm stainless steel case, is the world’s premiere black ceramic bezel with orange rubber. The diving scale of the bezel is crafted with Liquidmetal.

Other features include an alveol screw-in caseback and a black structured rubber strap with orange stitching and lining.

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Master Chronometer is water resistant to 600 metres / 2000 feet / 60 bar, and has a helium-escape valve. The OMEGA Master Chronometer calibre 8900 at the heart of this timepiece can be seen through the transparent caseback.



Discover Singapore

Of course there is a huge list of must-have-seen in Singapore. We went to see the Thian Hock Keng Temple, Marina Bay Sands and I cruised through the city with a Lamborghini Gallardo by Ultimate Drive.





I will never forget my trip to Singapore. Attending a F1 race and flying there with the best rated airline was unbelievable in every way. Thanks for having me, I’m sure you will read more soon!


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Red Bull Alpenbrevet 2016

Red Bull Alpenbrevet 2016 – Our Experience

Friedrich Nietzsche ones said:

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.



Nietzsche’s quote is not more than the truth. I think it’s one of the most important facts of a man’s life. Never lose your child, never forget your humor and never stop playing tricks. We all grow older and we’re probably also getting a bit more serious. At the end of the day it’s those events we tell our kids about. Those when we were free, without doubt and sorrows. When we were boys.



With Jonny Walker

Red Bull Alpenbrevet is exactly the type of event where your hidden child is allowed to play the whole week-end. It literally belongs to the best days in my life and I am more than glad I could spend them with my beloved brother.

The aim was, to drive 120km over 3 mountain passes with a moped, disguised as crazy as possible. We decided to show up in a top gun dress. That sounds pretty insane, no… it is insane. The whole race started on a sunny Saturday morning in Lugano. The weather was just perfect and people were all in a fantastic mood. Mopeds arrived from everywhere and people started to prepare their Red Bull race. They have investigated weeks and months just to participate this event.

After a furious start of the race we completed the first mountain pass which was also the most difficult one. Half of it was hard pedaling work, pretty tough!

The whole route took us 8 hours to complete. At the end we were pretty exhausted but that was worth it! Thanks to Red Bull and Elena for organising everything – we’ll be back next year for sure!


Guesthouse Castagnola

During our trip we stayed at the Guesthouse Castagnola. It’s a cosy and beautiful B&B a bit outside of Lugano, hosted by a lovely couple. The room is very modern with high-class material and a huge bed. There is air con and wifi available and the breakfast is really yummy. Thank you so much for the time, it was a great!



OMEGA Watchmaking – Pioneers In History

OMEGA Watchmaking – Introduction

Today we’re going to talk about an important piece of watchmaking history. Since the watch industry has grown in Switzerland, OMEGA has taken an important pioneer role. Manufacturing a watch is a tough path towards perfection and of course, accuracy.

From OMEGA’s beginnings, their timepieces have recorded some of the most significant moments in the world (and in space). They have been worn by presidents and kings, astronauts and spies, movie stars and entrepreneurs. Behind each one is a legacy of horological quality and innovation.


OMEGA’s First Antimagnetic Watch

2013 OMEGA presented their first antimagnetic watch. The Seamaster Aqua Terra model equipped with the calibre 8508, is resistant to 15’000 Gauss. Instead of using an inner soft iron case Omega developed a movement based on antimagnetic components. Everyone knows that we are surrounded by magnetic fields and that they get more and stronger almost every year.

But let’s explain why: If a mechanical watch gets magnetised, the magnetic field has a severe influence on the accuracy of it.  Most mechanical watch movements are traditionally made of mostly metal, meaning they are susceptible to magnetic fields. The big challenge now was, to build an antimagnetic watch. A resistance of 15’000 Gauss is masterwork and requires a lot of innovation.

Besides – you can test pretty easy: take a normal watch and get a magnet. Holding it close, will make it stop. If you do the same with an OMEGA – it will have no influence.

OMEGA – The World’s First Master Master Chronometer

If it says ‘Master Chronometer’ on the dial of your watch, you can be sure it contains the most precise movement. OMEGA has built its reputation on revolutionary watch movements. And the Master Chronometer watches, which earn that designation by passing tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, put their COSC-certified chronometer calibres in the spotlight once again.





8 tests have to be completed in order to earn this certificate, which is officially proved by METAS (Federal Institute Of Metrology).

1. Function of COSC-Approved movement during exposure to 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla) magnetic field

This test examines the movement of the watch, placing it in two different positions and subjecting it to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss.

2. Function of watch during exposure to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field

In this test, the watch is subjected to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss.

3. Deviation of daily chronometric precision after exposure to 15,000 Gauss

In this test, the watch is subjected to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss and its chronometric precision is calculated after 24 hours.

4. Average Daily Chronometric precision of the watch

This test is carried out over four days. During these days, the watch is placed in six different positions and two alternating temperature zones.

5. Power Reserve

This test checks the power reserve of the watch by proving that it continues to function at the limit of its expected capacity.

6. Deviation of chronometric precision in six positions

In this test, the watch is placed in six different positions and its chronometric precision is recorded in each one.

7. Deviation of chronometric precision between 100% and 33% of power reserve

In this test, the watch is placed in six different positions and its chronometric precision is recorded at 100% power reserve in each one.

8. Water resistance

This test submerges the watch underwater, gradually applying more pressure up the point of the stated water resistance.

Example of a Master Chronometer Certificate


OMEGA – The Seamaster ‘Deep Black’ Collection

A beautiful novelty is the creation of the ‘Deep Black’ Collection. In our universe, the Earth’s oceans are naturally linked to the moon in our sky. For OMEGA, the connection can also be found in their latest ceramic collection. From the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon that was first released in 2013, OMEGA has evolved its ceramic expertise to produce the Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Black”. This time, the craftsmanship has gone much further.

These four remarkable 45.5 mm timepieces are the combination of a GMT model and a diving watch. The true technical challenge was to produce a diving watch made entirely from ceramic and ensure that it could withstand the pressures of the ocean at a depth of 600 m / 2000 ft. / 60 bar. However, the goal has been achieved, and the result is a state-of-the-art creation that stands alone in the industry. Of course, the new ‘Deep Black’ collection contains the master chronometer calibre (8906)which is also resistant to 15’000 Gauss. Besides that, you’re getting a 4 years warranty.



AXE Men’s Care – Find Your Magic

AXE – Find Your Magic

The pursuit to find your magic, your thing, your destiny, is probably a lifetime journey. The fashion and lifestyle industry is celebrating a ‘back to the 80ties’ trend and I think it’s just awesome. A Gentleman doesn’t require the hardest sixpack, but much more his own individuality, his own style.

AXE Find your magic

Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

Today’s world offers you the great opportunity to do your own thing, to rock the world in your own way. It’s sort of modern woodstock-feeling, freedom and self-realisation. I mean, some of the most successful CEO’s are still wearing nerd shirts and society loves it. AXE delivers some really amazing products and after I have tested them every day, I must say: the result suits their slogan.

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.com

Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

The whole thing reminded me of a fight club quote, I have adjusted it a bit to make it gentleman’s-like:

“You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your khakis. You are all singing, all dancing magic of the world.”

On the path to find ourselves, we keep having challenges, struggle and pain. But hey, who decides to give up? The only escape, is the escape ahead.

AXE – The Men’s Care Products

Over the last weeks, I have used and tested all the shown AXE Men’s care products


Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

AXE Signature

AXE Bodywash

These premium body wash products are simply great. Even after hours of using them, you can still smell the scent of ginger, vanilla or mint (dependent which one you’re using). Quick side note: if it’s saying ‘body’ on a wrap, don’t use it for your hair:)

Conclusion: job very well done!

AXE Mens Care

AXE Triolgy

AXE Deodorant

Since I have received them, I’m using the Deos every day. The protection is great, smells really nice and no sweat spots discovered.

Outcome: great stuff, I’ll keep using it!AXE Urban

AXE Styling Gel

The brand comes up with several levels of strength to model your hair. Since my hair is pretty rebellious, I’m going for the hardest one!

Result: holds the hair, does not glue too much and can calm very resistant hair

AXE Fragrance

I have used the fragrances from time to time.

My feedback: great to use here and there – or after your workout

A Gentleman’s Closing Word

I’m really satisfied with the AXE products, I will definitely keep using some. And last but not least, I’m going to fly to Berlin for the launch of the AXE magazine, can’t wait!