How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

How To Lose Belly Fat – Introduction

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How to lose belly fat fast

Loads of people are having an issue with their weight and probably the number one topic is their belly fat. It’s summertime and you’re already panicking to get rid of your shirt? It was easy to cover during Winter but now it’s sort of impossible?

Today we’re explaining how to get rid of belly fat fast.

Belly fat – it looks unattractive and it’s also dangerous

The small annoying flabs don’t only look unpleasant, they can also endanger your health. The so-called visceral fat, hidden behind the abdominal muscles and surrounding the internal organs, can promote diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you don’t care about the small rolls around your belly visually, you should urgently do something about it.

How to lose belly fat

If you have now hoped for a miracle, we have to tell you: there is none. It’s all based on dedication and hard work. If the fat around the middle of the body is emerged, then it won’t be so easy to get rid of. It is simply impossible to train fat directly at a specific body site. But: Since the internal abdominal fat is short-term energy storage, these are almost without exception first dismantled.

5 Tips  – How to lose belly fat

1. Move your ass! Moving is key!

To get rid of belly fat, you need to burn more energy than you take to you through food. Endurance sports and regular strength training are perfect to fight the annoying flabs. Because whoever moves a lot increases the daily calorie consumption. To meet these increased needs, the body reverts to the fat reserves. Targeted abdominal exercises provide for a pronounced abdominal musculature and thus tighten the abdomen visually.

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Sixpack Exercises – Repeat three times!

  • 30 sec Leg Raises
  • 30 sec Side Toe-touches
  • 30 sec Leg-up Sit-ups
  • 3o sec Pause 

You keep repeating all exercises 3 times during 30 seconds. The first break is allowed after you repeated them consecutively without any breaks. After hat, you’re allowed to rest for 30 seconds. In order to pass the workout, you will need 2 minutes.

-> repeat it 3 times.

This video will help you to exercise:

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leg-up sit-up

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2. Lots of drinking

If you drink at least two liters of water daily, you burn about 100 additional calories. If you add a sprinkling lemon juice into the water, you also strengthen the fat burning effect and purify your body. Coffee and various teas such as ginger tea, black tea or green tea also stimulate fat burning.

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3. No convenience food, cook it by yourself!

The fact that the diet plays an important role in the fat loss is already well known to you. To get rid of fat, you don’t have to be hungry – just cook the food by yourself. Like this, you can easily eat without getting fat. We don’t want to go into detail now, but only if you’re not consuming convenience products, you can already do a lot. Because convenience products usually contain a lot of sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients, which have a negative effect on your fat burning.

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4. Drink responsibly

Alcohol is not only unhealthy and contains lots of calories, it also inhibits fat burning. As long as our body is concerned with the degradation of alcohol, no fat is burnt. Various studies also show that in the case of regular consumption of alcohol, the fat in the abdominal region is particularly applied. Means? Drink responsibly.

 5. Sleep enough

Enough sleep is a true fat killer, even one of our most important helpers on the way to the dream body. In our sleep our so-called growth hormone is active and ensures regeneration and cell regeneration. The energy for this comes mainly from the fat reserves.

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