The Maserati Ghibli SQ4 – From Dr. Jekyll To Mr. Hyde

With the Maserati Ghibli S Q4 they brought a new extraordinary car to the market. It competes directly against Audi A6, BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-class. I had the honor to test that fabulous car during a few days and it is my pleasure to tell you some details about it. 

Photos by Diana Kottmann
maserati gentleman
Ghibli is the Lybian name for the hot wind that waves through the sahara in the area of Tripolis. The stronger the wind is, the more sand and dust blows through this flat landscape. 
The genius producers of Maserati gave this car the right name. It is exactly like this harsh hot wind in the desert.
maserati ghibli front view
They come up with this beautiful 4-Door saloon, the lines of this car are making it sharp and sporty.
The SQ4 feels like a proper Maserati. It comes up with 410 hp and a brilliant four wheel drive. They gear switches within milliseconds, you can clearly feel that it was conceived together with Ferrari.
maserati ghibli sq4 back view
The great aspect on this car, you can drive it as Dr. Jekyll, the lovely and eminently respectable doctor. Or you push the sport button and it the Ghibli changes into Mr. Hyde, the scary and irascible friend of the doc, an unleashed loud and fearless Maserati… trust me you can hear it coming from very far away, exactly like the storm in the sahara.
test maserati ghibli sq4
The interior is delightful inside too, better and much less blingy than the Quattroporte. There’s frameless glass in the doors, handsome leather seats, and a Maserati clock in the middle of the dashboard.
The Ghibli comes up with sufficient space in the back seat. With it’s four wheel drive you can even use it to go skiing in the mountains.
maserati ghibli size
The mighty Maserati SQ4 is defintely a good option for a gentleman. It’s powerful, elegant and the cost-benefit ratio is just ideal. You can buy this car with all the fancy options and a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 for under 100’000 Euro.
shooting model switzerland
Even the details are carefully and well designed, that is a big plus and another bravo for this car.
maserati ghibli chrome
Some ideas I’d improve…
The navigation system reminds me on an old & slow turtle. Besides on that I missed the lever on the right side of the steering wheel, it is a bit strange and requires time to get used to it.
But at the end of the day I can honestly say that I will consider to buy this car in the near future.

Piemonte Travel – Where Angels Go

Italy – the country well known for football, good food and best dressed people. Besides that, they produce wonderful wine and the country comes up with the most spectacular landscapes.
I love to travel to Italy. Green hills and beautiful villages where ever your eyes go. It’s an endless paradise where mother earth shows all it’s beauty.
Hotel Review – Antico Borgo Monchiero
The hotel is located in Monchiero, which is very close to Barolo. It is wonderfully located up on a hill. You’re driving along these villages and hills, and suddenly you see it up there, this old monastery where the monchs were living. And the sun reflects within the walls of the church next to the hotel.

 Monchiero Piemont
 Orange stonewalls, yellow roofs and green grass all over the place.
Piemonte Hotel
The eye-watering view from the hotel room. On beginning of the horizon you can see the alps. And you you’re sitting there, asking yourself: what a genius is god? how endlessly perfect is his mind?
Piemont view
Even the other villages are coming up with some really impressive castles, churches and much more!

trip piemont

piemont tipps

Winetasting – Cavallotto
I grew up in a winecollector’s family, I can’t describe the love I feel for a good glass of wine.
The area around Barolo is very famous for the selection of wine growing there.
Winetasting Piemont

Before travelling to Piemont I have phoned up my aunt to advise where to go and what to taste.

Barolo Wine Piemont

And it was worth doing this. It is simply spectacular to feel the energy of such a place. The barrels are huge and up to 40 tonns heavy, that’s impressive!

Barrel Piemont

I use to close my eyes when tasting a wine. In this very moment, everything else disappears. All around me is gone. It’s just you and the glass. It’s you and the hours and months of effort, it is you and the years of steel and wood barrel the wine has been in.

The barolo comes up with a bright spectrum of wonderful tastes and odours. Brilliant.

Winetasting Barolo


Must Seen Cities
Cherasco – City of the stars and famous for the delicous chocolate
Turin – The word is celtic and means ‘mountains’. You will understand and feel why, when you’re there.


Turin Mountain View
Barolo – The place where one of the best wines in the world is coming from. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and wine bars.
Barbaresco – A few years ago, I had the best wine in my life. A vintage Barbaresco, I hope I will find it again one day.

Baselworld – What A Watch Exhibition

Since I am following my passion to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry, I have decided to visit the biggest and most extraordinary watch exhibition in the world. As you may know, Switzerland is World’s leading watch producer. I really think we should be proud of this fact and its my aspiration to spread it further and talk about our pride.

Picture by Andrea Monica Hug for Chic in Zürich

March 18th was a an utterly beautiful day, the sun was shining and Switzerland was showing all its prettiness and facets. Shortly after entering the exhibition, it was already a very special occasion to feel the vibe of such an international day, with all its glitter and glance.

Pics by Petra Burek

basel rooftop bar

For the very first time in my life, I was attending a press conference. I’ve learned and read a lot about how press conferences work, but attending one in real life as a media representative is a story on its own. The press conference itself was initiated with a rather sad message. They honored the first minutes to Jacque Dûchene, the former leader of the exhibition, who passed away. After this emotional start, they continued with further topics as smartwatches and the influences on the market and the exhibition itself as well as the challenging enduring economical situation, caused by the decision of the SNB to discontinue the minimum exchange.

baselworld pressconference

After this impressing press conference, we continued our visit. Believe me, it is just impossible to see everything during one day. We were running around a whole day and had many interesting chats with different people. That is why I have decided to share some of my favourite and memorable moments with you.

Hublot Press Conference

The rush to the conference of Hublot in the morning was huge, the room was jam-packed. People were outside watching the screen. I loved this atmosphere as it is incredible how many journalists from all over the world were waiting to get even one single picture of the whole speech.

hublot pressconference

We somehow managed to make it upstairs, and it was so crowded! Many people were standing there and talked to each other. Luckily, we had the honor to take some pictures with the Ambassador of Hublot (and very famous model) – Bar Refaeli
bar refaeli baselworld


HYT was presenting the most complicated watch they have ever invented. It contains a linear fluid which is a revolution in the watch industry.Of course, the technology was explained in detail during the speech of Lucien Vouillamoz.

HYT H3 Baselworld

As it is simply impossible to explain all the great details to you, I would recommend to have a look at the HYT H3 Trailer.

HYT Engineering

I am well aware, the post about Baselworld could easily fill 10 pages, as we have much more material. At the end of the day, I would like to keep it short this time.

Be excited for more coming up very soon.