Review Of The Genius Tesla Model S

Elon Musk – one of the biggest genius and inventors of the current era – came up with an electric car that is suitable for daily use. Of course the invention and capability to build a perfectly working electric car with a range of over 200km (124 miles) was a sensation. But it’s much more than this; it’s entrepreneurial spirit. The progress and advance of Tesla’s work is a genius accomplishment for humanity.


Tesla recently came up with their new model – the Tesla Model S. It’s a fully electric car with a reach up to 528km (328 miles). The engine performance is absolutely lunatic. The Tesla Model S only requires 3.0 seconds from 0 – 100km/h.
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Tesla Model S Zürich


Driving a Tesla Model S is a statement. It stands for sophistication, eco-friendliness and most important: advantage.
And because the Tesla doesnt produce any sound, we have decided to make our own music. Nina is a good friend of mine, and one of the most promising talents I know. Check out her insane Ed Sheeran rap!
Of course, it’s a total mind change to drive such a car. Especially with a very simple reason: you can’t stop at the petrol station if you’re empty. Driving a Tesla presumes a certain abilty to think and plan ahead.
Tesla Model S Doors
Tesla Model S Socket

The easy way: you have a socket at home and you can charge your car during the night. Ideally also at your working place.

The bit more difficult situation: You have a socket at home but you want to drive further than 400km. The tesla sat nav comes up with a few places to stop and refill your car within half an hour

The rather difficult situation: No socket at home means you have to get up earlier and refill the car at the Tesla Supercharger.
In my case, it’s the third option. But let me explain why this is one of the coolest car-experience I have ever had…


Tesla Model S Front View


The act of driving and travelling throws you into a different dimension. It’s cooler, it’s less stressed. I’m saying this because I had the impression that you win half an hour of meditation per day. Meditation in a way of pluging-in your car, go for a coffee and read the daily news. Never ever I have been less stressed on the road. You’re getting cooler with this car.


Tesla Model S Rear View


More of my wonderful happenings during the 4 days I drove the Tesla S: when ever I arrived somewhere, it took seconds and 5-10 people were standing around the car to ask questions and test drive. And it’s actually what I ended up doing. I took time for each person to answer all they wanted to know and show all of the technical supplies in this car. On Saturday morning, I accidentially crashed into a housewife’s breakfast, half an hour later all of them wanted to take a ride with me.
What a crazy, lunatic car. I had so much fun and loads of fantastic emotions. And trust me if I tell you that I’m a petrol head… I love loud and fast cars, but still I’m very confident with this electric option.

So let’s talk about some more technical refinement.
It’s a four-wheel drive, perfect for the mountains and skiing. The model S has space for the whole crew of Noah’s ark. There are two(!) boots, the back one is just huge.

Tesla Model S Boot

There is an extra large touch screen in the middle of the cockpit, you can navigate simply everything there. All sort of disturbing and unnessecary buttons have been removed. The front board shows you all kind of information like speed, consuption and much more.

Tesla Model S Touchscreen


Tesla Board
You’re considering to buy it? BIG YES from my side!
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Finali Mondiali ¦ Mugello Racetrack

Firenze – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A place where romance, delicious food and Italian history meets. The ideal place to travel with your partner and spend an astonishing time. Florence is the capitol of Tuscany, a big wine region in the north of  Italy.
Firenze travel report
Florence Architecture
Once you arrive, you start to understand why a couple of the biggest genius in human history have spent quite a some time in this fabulous city (Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei are a a couple of examples). The buildings are shaped in Renaissance architecture – what a lovely place.
Firenze Photos
Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge that survived the 2nd world war. Today it’s mainly used to sell jewelery (made this one with the world famous gelato).
Gelato Florence
No doubt it’s already a handsome place to visit, but there is more to tell. 
Ferrari is organising races all over the globe and the finali mondiali at the mugello race track took place. 
Ferrari Mugello
Wrist shot of the Hublot Big Bang  ¦ Ferrari Speciale Grey Ceramic
Hublot Ferrari Grey Ceramic
The hotlap I made was one of the ultimate experiences in my life. The driver pushed the car the it’s limits, it was better than any rollercoaster! Unfortunately there are no pictures of this experience.
Mugello Ferrari
What a fantastic atmosphere. It was my first time to be part of such a race. There are Ferrari cars literally everywhere. The race and the whole show perfectly reflects the passion and brand-mania for Ferrari. There are flags all over the place and pretty much everyone has a Ferrari logo on the jacket. It was extremely hot (in November), noisy and super crowded. It’s a spectacular event and thanks to the Hublot crew we had a great program and loads of cool ‘behind the scenes’ options you defintely don’t get as a normal visitor.
Safety Car Hublot
A few of my personal highlights at the Finali Mondiali… 
I met a real Italian Gentleman – Beppe Schenetti. His whole charism and warm oppenness to everyone is the Italian way and I love it.
Beppe Schenetti Ferrari
Another highlight of my journey was to meet Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel. The places were so packed with journalists from all over the world – I was not able to take a good catch of Sebastian Vettel. The two Formula One drivers passed their trainings on the track.
Kimi Raikkonen Interview
Ferrari’s pit stop, crazy how quick!
 What a wonderful journey! Thanks to Hublot for the invitation and the brilliant support
Wrist Shot Hublot

Swiss Indoors Basel & Interview With Severin Lüthi

Switzerland is a small country and we’re mainly famous for chocolate, cheese and our banks.
But that has changed. Over the last years a legend has grown – the biggest Tennis player in human history – Roger Federer.
We’re super proud of Roger Federer, especially because we’re a tiny country not very well known for sports. The Roger-mania has changed the image of our nation and turned it into a Tennis loving crowd.
And it’s not simply because he is the best player. He is an example for many of us. 
I’m absolutely addicted to Tennis. Since Roger has started his career I keep following pretty much all of his matches. If you’re a true fan, you’re going through good times. better times, grandslam titles and you keep beleiving even if the whole media asks for Roger’s retirement.

Swiss Indoors Basel Logo
Basel is the biggest ATP tournament in Switzerland. Basel is organising it’s Tennis tournament since 1970, for me it was the 10th time to see matches at the Swiss Indoors in Basel.
I have started my week with the opening match between Rafael Nadal & Lukas Rosol.
The match delivered everything you’d expect. Rafa had a rather difficult season and that clearly showed evidence in this match. Rosol served extremely well and played with almost no unforced errors in the first set. These facts ended up in a 6:1 for Lukas Rosol – impressive.

Lukas Rosol ATP
Rafael Nadal Swiss Indoors
The 2nd set started and not much changed. Rosol was dominating the games and Rafa struggled and shouted to the ball kids. The end of the 2nd set was the turning point of the whole show. Lukas Rosol had to serve for the match (!) which is mentally not that easy. Nadal managed to break him in this very important game. Nadal started to play much better in the 3rd set, leaving Rosol no chance to come back in the match.
That’s the crazy fact about Nadal, he is so diffucult to beat. You have to always expect his comeback.

Nadal Forehand

Swiss Indoors Rafael Nadal

Tuesday was my big day – I was invited by Moët Hennessy to watch Roger’s match against Mikhail Kukushkin. It was a very clear 6:1 / 6:2. What ever Roger tried, it worked. Very skilled and strong forehand, he almost hit his record with 168 km/h.

Roger Federer Swiss Indoors Basel
Roger Federer winning
The match took only 54 minutes. The good news were that I had time to interview Severin Lüthi, the co-trainer of Roger Federer and head of the Davis Cup team. We had a lot of fun during the interview, a big honour to speak to him.
Severin Lüthi Swiss Indoors
Interview with Severin Lüthi
Impressive match today, very strong performance of Roger especially the forehand. Are you happy with the result so far?
Absolutely. One the one hand we know how well he is playing since a long time, and on the other hand we keep being staggered about his level and progress. Great first round for him at Basel. We constantly improved his game and mental condition over the past.
Novak Djokovic isn’t participating but he had an incredible season. Any plan to react on this? Especially at the US Open Federer played outstanding tennis, but Nole was still winning the finals
Indeed, a very stron season of Novak Djokovic. But as a tennis player and as a team you focus on your own game and you’re working as hard as you can to get better every day, even with 34 years. We still beleive that Roger Federer can win more grand slam titles.
Do you know what emotions the fans are going through? Like getting up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying alone in front of the TV? Or organising Sunday tennis brunch with friends? Are you able to feel how much we suffer? (this is the part we had to laugh a lot)
Yeah, we love our fans and the crowd at the matches. It can make the difference. Even old people tell us that they’re getting up in the night to see the matches, it’s fascinating. It’s a gift to have such a great tennis player for so many years. 
Last but not least… Describe a perfect gentleman.
Good manners are important. Opening doors is important for example. And I beleive that a gentleman is always respectful. Giving without taking back is the key to be a gentleman.
Great atmosphere, I’m very grateful for this interview and the supporting brands.
Gilles Simon (ATP 15) showed up at the Moët & Chandon event as well. He unfortunately won a couple of times against Roger 🙂
Gilles Simon Event
Basel, I will be back next year!