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Cape Town’s Grain Silo – The Silo Hotel

The Silo Hotel in Cape Town

Design, history, taste, art, and luxury in The Silo Hotel. It captures the past and future of Africa and stands for what Cape Town was, is and will be. Cape Town is famous for commerce, the harbour, and agriculture. The Silo acts as an anchor to agriculture, shipping industry, and trade. Time rendered its function obsolete and useless. 

Thomas Heatherwick redesigned the old grain silo building which houses The Silo Hotel and a contemporary art museum. After the grain and shipping industry changed and started using containers, the grain silo remained unused for two decades. In the last few years, the V&A Waterfront mandated Heatherwick Studio to provide new breath into this historic building.

Even though the idea of the museum for Africa’s contemporary art (Zeitz MOCAA museum opens in September) deserves praise, The Silo Hotel stands as a master piece separate from it. The building stands in the middle of the sunset and sunrise, merges vessels and industry with the iconic landscape of Cape Town, fuses existing concrete and steel with classic interior design, and combines proven service with highest existing technological and beauty standards. The history, geography, art and architecture cause excitement in every guest in love with unexpected environments and in search of inspiring places. The Silo is a climax of Cape Town.

Text, pictures & editor rights: Dima Euler

The Silo Hotel’s Interior

The Hotel ticks all the boxes of what you expect for stars: bar, restaurant, spa, fitness, and service. Beyond the boxes, the hotel benefits from the genius of its designer and the character of the building. Concrete and gold embrace you in the foyer. The entrance combines industry chic with classic manufacturing of the interior. The lamps, fauteuil, furniture reflect high manufacturing capacity and understanding of details. 

The fitness centre and spa convinces with modern interior and high quality treatment. On the fourth floor the hotel entertains a state of the art fitness centre and spa. It should not hinder you from running outside in the waterfront. 

The restaurant and bar offer all drinks you demand and a large selection of wine. On the sixth floor, the hotel contains the reception desk, restaurant, and bar. Guests feel the skeleton of the silo, in form of the old, steel, or space. 

Rooms above Cape Town depending on the taste, sunset or sunrise, or even both. The seventh to tenth floors provide different kinds of hotel rooms. All of the rooms are decorated in contemporary African art. Some suites are two floors or/and several rooms. On top, the Silo offers a penthouse. Here, guests experience sunset and sunrise as well as a magnificent view spanning from Table Mountain across to the harbour. The view is above everything you know of Cape Town. You savour the most beautiful place on earth at the best spot possible. The view is massive, unique, and the interior elegant. 

The eleventh floor has a boutique bar plus grill, and plenty of space for guests as well as an infinity pool, a recreation area, plus a 360° view from the top where you may sip your Chardonnay of the most decorate South African vineyard Bon Courage whenever you like. The number is limited. Hotel guests have priority. 

Zeitz MOCAA and The Silo

You want to be there in September. Then, Cape Town opens the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in this building. It is described as the leading collection of contemporary art from Africa and its Diaspora. However, The Silo provides little information of what a Silo guest may expect from this event or the museum. This museum fills an important gap in contemporary art. If you want to plan this trip, contact The Silo Hotel directly.

The Hotel : http://www.theroyalportfolio.com/the-silo/overview/

Audi TT RS – A Trip To Southern France

A Trip To Southern France

I’ve been desperately waiting for this trip and honestly, it’s one of our most beloved journeys ever. The idea to drive to Southern France has been in our heads since a while and finally we made it to this tremendous place.

It’s been years I visited and even more I felt in love with the region. It takes you 7 hours from Zürich and you’re in the middle of paradise. Endless fields of lavender and rosemary are turning this place into an absolute fairytale.

Provence seems to be the garden of Eden. Oleander, jasmine and roses cover the walls, houses and gardens. The food is beyond belief: organic meat with fresh spices, huge tomatoes and onions. A joy for every hedonist.

Provence is of course a very big wine region, so you have plenty of castles and wineyards to visit – a must-do for every wine lover.

During the night, the windows were open and the wind carried the scent of flowers into your room – incredible.

Driving through vineyards, uphill to small villages in Provence requires a cool sports car – the Audi TT RS

Audi TT RS – Have The Germans Fulfilled The Sports Car DNA?

Honestly, I didn’t like the former model of the Audi TT that much. But in 2016, the Germans presented the new Audi TT RS at the Beijing Motorshow which turned up my excitement.

I kind of expected it will be fun to corner it amongst the roads of Southern France – but it’s much cooler than I expected.
Let me explain why…

Audi TT RS – The Design

Yeah, the design was probably the aspect I didn’t like that much about the old version of the TT. But this little beast, looks way sharper than its predecessor.

An aggressive yet beefy front, bigger air ducts, a deep spoiler are giving the Audi TT RS a more masculine look. Further, the new TT RS comes up with more shapes and edges, aluminium and carbon fibre elements – super sharp!

Is it quick?

Most likely, you will hear surprising figures now. It’s runs from 0-100 within 3,7 seconds- that’s what you almost expect from a supercar!

The 5 cylinder engine delivers 400 bhp and 480 Nm of torque, that’s 60 hp more than the former model. The exhaust noise is superbly crisp and delivers the sports car DNA.

But what makes the Audi TT RS so fast and agile?

A few very important facts:

  • The coupé has a weight of 1440 kg
  • Underneath sits an Audi quattro all-wheel drive
  • The weight distribution is incredible

So, guess what’s the most fun? Exactly: a mountain pass.

Comparing the Audi TT RS to a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

That’s pretty interesting now, I will drive the Porsche Carrera GTS today. It has 50(!) hp more, comes up with 550nm torque and it’s just a very little more heavy. But still it takes the same amount of time from 0-100?

By the numbers, the Porsche should be quicker, but I have to admit: I have absolutely no idea why it’s the same result. Hopefully the Porsche team can explain it to me today. I’ll keep you posted.

Audi TT RS – Interior & Exterior

Its Colour

We talked a bit about the design, but you know what I love the most about this particular model? Its colour.

The colour is called  ‘Nardogrey’ – but at the end of the day it simply looks like a grey you’re expecting from a material called concrete. Huge thumbs up!

The Interior

Another bravo here and trust me, the interior delivers a lot of value for its price. The air vents look really cool! There is a net in the boot to fix the stuf in there – how good is that?

The seats are super comfortable, even after driving for 10 hours you’re still perfectly comfy in those seats!

However, I found two disadvantages.

  • I’m 6’4 tall, my hand was touching the steering wheel when cornering. Not sure if the car is made for people taller than me.
  • The screen is placed in front of the driver. So, if your co-driver wants to adjust something it can end up a bit odd

What’s the price and am I happy?

The Audi TT RS Coupé you’re seeing here is 100 grand, that is 50k less than its competitor the Porsche Carrera GTS. Pretty big amount to be honest, again I’m excited to hear why.

And yes, I’m very happy and Audi managed to make me a TT lover. Also, there is a lot of love from pedestrians, I have not expected that!


#Yougotsomething – Show Us Your Something And Win!

Today, I’m teaming up with AXE, the team phoned me up and asked if I wanna join their campaign. After trying out the new products and being very happy with the new bodyspray and bodywash, I started to do my thinking. AXE YOU asks you to find back to your roots, to do your own thing – to find your something.

Who is perfect? Nobody is! But we’re all individuals, we’re unique. Each and everyone of us has his own something, something that makes you special. The path to find it, might be a long one – but I’m sure you can find it as long as you listen and watch your inner carefully.

Win 1000 CHF Voucher For Your Trip

Join us and comment your something into the article, please don’t forget to participate with your email address. The most creative participant wins 1’000 CHF voucher for your own trip!

#Yougotsomething – Win 1000 CHF for your Trip!

Together with AXE, you can win a voucher for your trip! There are a few ways to participate, show us YOURSOMETHING and:

  • Send us an email with your something
  • Use #gentlemangotsomething on Instagram and link the axe_offiziell account
  • Comment this article and explain us what makes you special

The most creative wins!

Yougotsomething – What Is My ‘Something’?

Traveling has always been an activity that I probably adore the most. I traveled over 30 countries meanwhile – and I admit, there is absolutely nothing that expands my character as much as traveling does.

Meeting other cultures, travel through deserts and never ending landscapes sometimes makes you never returning home. Traveling is a magical trip and it will lead you to inner peace. Go and listen to people who did a world trip, you will know what I mean.

Trust me, I keep packing my duties to travel. But sometimes, it’s time to return home.


caumasee flims

baden am caumasee

Flims – Where My Heart & Soul Belongs

The AXE team asked me to write about my ‘something’ – and it took me quite some time to find out. And since I’m not a very good skater or anything like that, I had to do some deeper thinking. Well, traveling is for sure my thing. But there is a special place I wanted to write about. It’s the place where I spent my childhood, and not only this – it simply belongs to the most beautiful places on mother earth.

rheinschlucht sonnenuntergang

wanderferien flims

Flims – Finding The Inner Peace

I hope you do have a place to find your inner peace. It’s this very moment when you arrive, and you’re completely relaxed. We’re all different, some of you might be discovering this feeling at a Techno Party – fine! It’s your something then.

My place to find meditation, is located up in the Swiss mountains. Flims is located in Graubünden, Switzerland. The village is nestled in the middle of trees, lakes and mountains. It’s the Seychelles of Switzerland, so to say.

Sky blue water, you can almost drink it directly from the lake. The air is balm for the soul and there is: silence. It’s a journey to become no-one.

schönste schweizer seen

Biking And Hiking In Flims

Spending a few days at the staggering place, you will have time to workout and relax. Loads of chances to do hiking, biking and enjoy free time at the ‘Caumasee’

Check their website, you will find some good advise.

biken flims

Send us your something


Business Casual – The Dress Code Explained

Business Casual – Introduction

Today we’re talking about an important topic: dress codes. Since I’m running a Men’s magazine, we’re explaining that first, I hope we can talk about the ladies soon.

Every now and then, I’m asked how the dress code ‘Business Casual’ works, today I will explain you how to do it. Usually, the term ‘Business Casual’ is written on an invite after a business day – which means your most likely attending a business event. The easier my solution – but we will explain later.

Of course, the dress code business casual allows a lot of room of interpretation. It’s after a tough working day? Why not an easy solution?

The good thing about business casual, it works the same way in every season – wearing a suit is always possible! Dependent on temperature, just the fabric changes. Doesn’t make sense to wear linen during Winter and tweed in Summer?

Pictures & Rights by Sebastien Rohner

dresscodes männer

Business Casual – Remove Your Tie!

You’re running around in a suit the whole day? Anyway tired, up for a drink and a chat with your colleagues? The tie looks classy but it’s not always comfortable. Event though the dress code business casual is often mixed up with smart casual, I do have a separate solution here:

Remove Your Tie!

Sounds too simple? Dependent on what suit you’re wearing, you can also get rid of the belt. The advantage of all this: you don’t have to run home to change clothes.

Basically, you can use components from the dress code smart casual. But I do believe, the dress code business casual is a bit more classy. It’s less colors and sneakers and more of an understatement. Whilst smart casual can be pretty trendy and fashionable, I would recommend to go for an easygoing but still classy style here.

dresscodes herren

Still questions? We’re happy to help and to explain. Send us your inquires!

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Alessandra, Livia & Manuel are three young and successful coaches from Zurich. The team offers various workouts such as bootcamp, pilates or personal training in Zurich. In their spare time, the girls run their Blog Fiteluxe – with numerous inputs on fitness, health and nutrition.

pilates zürich

How to lose belly fat fast

Loads of people are having an issue with their weight and probably the number one topic is their belly fat. It’s summertime and you’re already panicking to get rid of your shirt? It was easy to cover during Winter but now it’s sort of impossible?

Today we’re explaining how to get rid of belly fat fast.

Belly fat – it looks unattractive and it’s also dangerous

The small annoying flabs don’t only look unpleasant, they can also endanger your health. The so-called visceral fat, hidden behind the abdominal muscles and surrounding the internal organs, can promote diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you don’t care about the small rolls around your belly visually, you should urgently do something about it.

How to get rid of your belly fat

If you have now hoped for a miracle, we have to tell you: there is none. It’s all based on dedication and hard work. If the fat around the middle of the body is emerged, then it won’t be so easy to get rid of. It is simply impossible to train fat directly at a specific body site. But: Since the internal abdominal fat is short-term energy storage, these are almost without exception first dismantled.

5 Tips to get rid of your belly fat

1. Move your ass! Moving is key!

To get rid of belly fat, you need to burn more energy than you take to you through food. Endurance sports and regular strength training are perfect to fight the annoying flabs. Because whoever moves a lot increases the daily calorie consumption. To meet these increased needs, the body reverts to the fat reserves. Targeted abdominal exercises provide for a pronounced abdominal musculature and thus tighten the abdomen visually.

personal training zürich

rennen zürich

Sixpack Exercises – Repeat three times!

  • 30 sec Leg Raises
  • 30 sec Side Toe-touches
  • 30 sec Leg-up Sit-ups
  • 3o sec Pause 

You keep repeating all exercises 3 times during 30 seconds. The first break is allowed after you repeated them consecutively without any breaks. After hat, you’re allowed to rest for 30 seconds. In order to pass the workout, you will need 2 minutes.

-> repeat it 3 times.

This video will help you to exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTcyFbmUK9s

sixpack trainieren

leg-up sit-up

toe touches

2. Lots of drinking

If you drink at least two liters of water daily, you burn about 100 additional calories. If you add a sprinkling lemon juice into the water, you also strengthen the fat burning effect and purify your body. Coffee and various teas such as ginger tea, black tea or green tea also stimulate fat burning.

gesunde getränke

3. No convenience food, cook it by yourself!

The fact that the diet plays an important role in the fat loss is already well known to you. To get rid of fat, you don’t have to be hungry – just cook the food by yourself. Like this, you can easily eat without getting fat. We don’t want to go into detail now, but only if you’re not consuming convenience products, you can already do a lot. Because convenience products usually contain a lot of sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients, which have a negative effect on your fat burning.

gesundes müesli

4. Drink responsibly

Alcohol is not only unhealthy and contains lots of calories, it also inhibits fat burning. As long as our body is concerned with the degradation of alcohol, no fat is burnt. Various studies also show that in the case of regular consumption of alcohol, the fat in the abdominal region is particularly applied. Means? Drink responsibly.

 5. Sleep enough

Enough sleep is a true fat killer, even one of our most important helpers on the way to the dream body. In our sleep our so-called growth hormone is active and ensures regeneration and cell regeneration. The energy for this comes mainly from the fat reserves.

Smart Casual – How It Works

Smart Casual – Introduction

We all get invited time by time. Whether after a working day for the afterwork event, a private party with friends, company meetings or other cool events.

The flyers and Emails flutter in all colors and shapes in our physical and digital letterboxes.

The Dress Code, Smart Casual ‘is often found on the promising invitation.

Well, one approach are the two words ‘Smart’ and ‘Casual’. It’s supposed to be a style between elegant and casual – but not overdressed.

Sounds complicated? It is not complicated.

dresscode smart casual

Smart Casual Explained

I hope, of course, we can also enlighten it for the ladies soon, but today it’s the gentleman’s turn. The Dresscode “Smart Casual” leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Simply said, it’s about looking chic, but also not overdressed. Elegance & casualness is the key to the solution. The tie can be left in principle at home.

Smart Casual – Do

  • Chino pants with shirt & blazer
  • Nice jeans with shirt & blazer
  • Trenchcoat
  • Loafers without socks
  • Shoes to lace with or without socks
  • Selected sneakers
  • Polo shirt with blazer
  • Straw hat or Panama hat
  • Mechanical watch

Smart Casual – Don’t

  • Swimwear
  • Flip-Flops
  • Khaki trousers
  • Sandals
  • ripped jeans
  • Dirty shoes
  • Worn out sneakers
  • Bermuda Shorts
  • Chinese watches or replicas
  • Airport baggage (there are lockers)
  • Headphones, snapbacks

Smart Casual – Fit To the Season

Of course smart casual doesn’t look the same all year. I have therefore made you a small compilation how you can solve it:

  • Spring
  • Medium-light fabrics Colors like white, pink, pastel green, light blue Blazer or trenchcoat in the evening
  • Matching brogues or oxfords Selected sneakers Loafers without socks
  • Summer
  • Light fabrics, e.g. Linen Colors such as white, pink, navy blue, yellow etc. Blazer in the evening
  • Selected sneakers loafers without socks
  • Autumn
  • More solid fabrics, e.g. Tweed Darker colors like Bordeaux Red, Brown, Black Jacket or coat in the evening
  • Matching brogues or oxfords or boots
  • Winter
  • Solid fabrics Dark colors such as black, brown, blue Warm jacket with scarf
  • Boots

The Matching Watch

The finding for a suitable watch is an individual decision. If you want to stand out with style, timelessness and sustainability, choose a mechanical Swiss watch with a manufactory. My choice is the Carl F. Bucherer, Manero Flyback ‘- elegance and sportiness harmonized.

If you still have questions or suggestions, or even need a consulting, I am here for you!