A visit at Glashütte Original

glashütte original mondphase

Dresden, 23. May 2018. Glashütte Original and German watchmaking started at this historical region. Dresden, the Saxon capital shows its most beautiful side: starting with the renowned art museums, the classical architecture and the pretty old town which was almost completely reconstructed after the second world war.  Pictures & Rights by witwinkel.ch Glashütte – A place […]

7 Reasons to get a Jaguar F-Type

svr f-type

Piedmont, late summer.  The sun is setting and shines over the hilly landscape near Barolo, while the sky turns red and twilight approaches. We are surrounded by vineyards, winding roads and pretty Italian villages. The windows are open, a pleasantly warm wind blows through my partner’s hair, we are on our way to Monforte D’Alba […]

GANT Beacons Project – A shirt made of plastic waste

tech prep shirt

It is part of our responsibility to keep the planet clean – everyone can contribute to it. Some renowned companies are doing it with various charitable projects, so does GANT. Recently, the Swedish fashion company presented the ‘Beacons Project’, a shirt made of plastic waste that floats in the oceans. It’s hard to imagine: about […]

Wheels and Waves – savoir vivre and unleaded fuel

wheels and waves

Spring is there, all salt is finally washed off the streets, first passes in the Alps re-opened after winter and sun starts to warm our souls. It is now the time in which we begin planning for upcoming Road Trips. The seaside is always a good destination, as are mountains or a meeting with likeminded […]

Smart Casual Outfits For Springtime


The cold days are over and slowly spring shows its beautiful glance. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and you’re thrilled to go out, stroll through the city and end the evening with a casual dinner. A great chance to show you a couple of trendy smart casual outfits today. It’s time to […]