Lexus RC F – Enjoy The Thrill Of Driving

Lexus RC F – Introduction

“Get out of my way”. This is what Lexus RC F seems to say when you catch a glimpse of it from your rare view mirror. This aggressive-looking car is enough to get you to move over. Designed with a domed hood, a deeper grille, flared fenders, distinctive fascias, and cooling ducts, the RC F turns into an angry-looking car on the roads.

Lexus RCF Front


Lexus RC F – Summary

Lexus RC F is a high-performance two-door coupe. The rear drive beast is powered by a 5.0-liter V-8, rated at 467hp and 389 lb-ft of torque. This is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Being a very powerful sportscar, the moderate fuel consumption should be appreciated.

Drive with Ease

+ Positives

The Lexus RC F contains unique gearbox maps with variable drive modes. – This combined with the pleasant comfort and the V-8 power makes the drive more than worthwhile. Another striking feature of this car is that the engine has two very different characters – it is capable of being ultra-smooth and quiet at low revs, and it also has competence of bursting into an energetic mid-range with increase in intensity and volume right up to its red line north of 7,000 rpm. The engine sounds fantastic and the well-tuned suspension handles 19-inch wheels with great ease.

To help make the parking easier, technologies like a reverse camera, proximity sensors and rear cross traffic alert system warn the driver ahead or on either side. All that you need to ensure while parking the car is that you have enough space for the wide doors to open.

Lexus RC F Design

Lexus RC F Front

Lexus RC F

Lexus RCF


The weight is one of the most noticeable issues. The RC F is 225kg heavier than most of its top rivals. Even though it can be handled with plenty of grip, due to its weight it is harder to control the vehicle. Besides, the breaks show the signs of stress and mid-corners adjustments become harder to enforce.

Regarding your investment, you might want to consider this to be more of a Grand Tourer (GT) car than an attacking sports coupe.

Lexus RC F – Interiors

The interiors of RC F reflects simplicity and calmness in contrary with its exterior looks – noisy, polarising and complicated. The welcoming and supporting front seats gives an upmarket feel to its user. The car has got enough noise insulation and is technologically updated as it assists the driver electronically by keeping him/her alert of any incoming dangers.

The car has enough storage space to accommodate a suitcase and a few smaller bags, but concerning this, it doesn’t quite keep up with the BMW M4 or Audi RS5.

The RC F’s cabin is designed with plenty of interesting details such as LFA supercar-inspired gauges and gadgets like a G meter.

As it is a sportscar, passangers sitting at the back do not have plenty of room as the curved roofline and pushed back front seats use up most of the space. The dashboard contains a lot of buttons. Functions of these buttons could be easily carried out through touchpad, thus making the presence of the buttons redundant.

The Lexus RC F accommodates a main 7-inch screen, mounted conveniently high on the dash. Though the screen looks smarter, the touchpad that is used to control it needs getting used to.

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Lexus RC F Rear

Lexus RC F – ‘Priced Possession

The RC F isn’t cheap when compared to its rival cars. Lexus also offers a carbon version of RC F in which the roof, spoiler and bonnet are made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic panels. Opting this model can save 9.5 kgs.

The option list also includes an upgraded torque, a sunroof and an adaptive cruise control. The tracking system which is also included in the option list helps the owner recover the car if it gets stolen.

Lexus RC F – Safety Concern

The Lexus RC F features eight airbags, and this includes knee bags for the driver and the front passenger. The advanced stability system in the car will help the driver regain the control over the car. The blind spot monitors and LED headlights promote safe driving. As Lexus has a good record with respect to crash safety, there is no reason to be sceptical about the model.

Overall, this is one of the luxury cars that offer excellent performance and daily drivability.

RC F offers plenty of performance, LFA-inspired interiors and extremely gorgeous looking exteriors. This makes Lexus RC F an extremely enjoyable car to drive.

A Gentleman’s Closing Word

I had a lot of fun with the Lexus RC F, it’s absolutely genius at cornering and delivers very solid power in all sort of situations. I can’t wait to drive the GS F!

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Hotel Paradies – A Relaxing Hideaway

Hotel Paradies – Our Journey

For the first time in our lives we drove a vintage Ford Mustang to spend a week-end in Graubünden. The sun was out and we started our trip towards ‘Engadin’ in the late afternoon. A perfect day to ride convertible in a relaxed mood towards our destination – ‘Hotel Paradies’.

It requires some patience until you arrive at a place called ‘Ftan’, a hidden village very close to the border to Austria. The Hotel is wonderfully nestled in a terrific and quiet rural environment. It’s surrounded by mighty mountains and deep canyons where the water shines in a very unique way. On the way there, we came past plenty of tiny, sweet villages with a typical ancient Swiss architecture.

Hotel Paradies Lobby

Hotel Paradies – About The Place

The Hotel comes up with a warm and charming atmosphere. The fireplace in combination with the antique furniture turns it into an even cosier venue. During spring and summer you can spend your time outside on the sun terrace – ideal to smoke a cigar and enjoy the peaceful time. Our Hotel suite was huge, almost bigger than my flat. The free-standing bathtub, a rain shower plus the private garden and terrace make you feel like queen and king. The spa is up on the rooftop with loads of space – sauna and steam bath get nicely prepared whenever you like to use it.

Hotel Paradies Garden

Hotel Paradies TerrasseHotel Paradies Suite

Freestanding Bathtub

Hotel Paradies Spa

Hotel Paradies – The Food

Impossible to not talk about the outstanding, paradise-like food we had. It was extraordinary delicious. The ingredients for every single course get carefully selected from regional and organic food – astonishing. Each plate is manually prepared and marvellously decorated. The meat is from animals that had plenty of space and healthy food. The chef told me that he often selects them by himself. We were very happy with the huge wine selection – especially local ones from ‘Bündner Herrschaft’ – I had to take a case home.

Hotel Paradies Food

Hotel Paradies Daniel Stütz

Chasa Da Fö – Cooking Cottage On 2’200m

Saturday evening, we were invited to join a cooking class very high up in the Mountains. The whole course was guided by Daniel Stütz  – one of the greatest cooks I have met so far and besides that, just a lovely person and a big all-knowing oracle what ever question you have.

We cooked the whole dish on a wood stove and he kept explaining every single detail. There are more cooking classes coming up!

Chasa Da Fö

Chasa Da Fö Kochkurs

Schweizer Alpen

Chasa Da Fö Kochen

Vintage Ford Mustang – The Ride

Oh trust me, I was kicked back to my times at the Silvretta Rallye. We had a great time with this vintage Ford Mustang. Thanks to my business partner we rented our first oldtimer. A 65′ convertible Ford Mustang. In case you’re close to Zurich – RENT YOUR OLDTIMER HERE

Vintage Ford Mustang

1965 Ford Mustang

A Gentleman’s Closing Word

‘Hideaway’ describes this place in it’s best possible way. It’s a marvellous spot to let your soul go and find peacefulness and silence. The food is hand selected and prepared with a lot of love – which makes this Hotel a real paradise.

Ford Mustang 1965

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Villa Honegg And The New Jaguar F-Pace

Villa Honegg – Arrival and Welcoming at the Boutique Hotel

After being welcomed by the Director Mr. Durrer himself , the 5-star Superior Hotel felt like a home to us for the following days. With its 23 beautifully furnished rooms and the splendid spa area, at Villa Honegg you find privacy and relaxation in a unique setting. The staff remembering your name and preferences and us getting to know the other guests made our stay even more special.


Villa Honegg – Innumerable reasons to stay

From the picturesque view over the breathtaking infinity pool and the courteous personnel to the boutique hotel’s homey and spacious rooms, Villa Honegg is the perfect place to stay for honeymooners, business people, adventure seekers, families or weekend-travellers like us.

Villa Honegg’s location in the heart of Switzerland above Lake Lucerne is very central and close to tourist and business destinations like Zurich or Lucerne. Nevertheless, the boutique hotel on Bürgenstock is remote enough to relax and switch off immediately after the arrival.


Villa Honegg Infinity Pool

Breathtaking View from the Terrace

The atmosphere on Villa Honegg’s terrace is absolutely mindblowing regardless whether at dusk or dawn. As the terrace faces east, the morning mood during breakfast or brunch (for all brunch-lovers: Villa Honegg’s substantial à-la-carte breakfast menu is available until 2pm!) – or even during an early morning swim at the infinity pool – is just divine. However on clear days, yet at dinner you get to watch the sunset from Villa Honegg’s dining terrace as the vibrant purple-red play of colours mirrors on the rocks across Lake Lucerne.

Would you like to visit this astonishing place? Book your room HERE



villa honegg room

Jaguar F-Pace Introduction

For the first time in Jaguar’s history, the brand has recently presented their new SUV. The F-Pace might arrive a decade later than it’s competitors – but frankly, who cares – SUV’s are still a massive trend all over Europe.

The front remembers of the other Jaguar models, it’s the look of an angry cat with its wide and sharp expression. As the model just came out, some people are seeing it for the first now that I am driving it and the reactions are immensely good! Jaguar designers should be celebrated for their curation of the F-Pace’s details!

Jaguar calls the F-Pace ‘a performance cross-over for people who love driving’ – and they’re absolutely right. I love to drive this car and every time I start the engine there is an excitement coming up. The new model competes directly with the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan and of course the BMW X3. You can trust me when I tell you – it does it very well.

Jaguar SUV

Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace First Edition

I’m currently driving the most powerful diesel version of the Jaguar F-Pace. It’s a turbo charged 3.0 litre Diesel producing 300bhp and 700Nm torque!

Aluminum construction creates a rigid structure; sharp steering and fantastic body control – that ends up in much driving confidence. The interior is roomy and plenty of space is available for ski week-ends, or journeys of big families – no problem!

There is a huge list of features which are simply amazing and I’d like to mention them:

  • The huge panoramic roof brings a lot of light into the car, it can be opened any time
  • Extra large 22′ wheels? Come on, a cheeky and masculine detail of the F-Pace!
  • The touch screen got bigger, it’s easy to use and there is so much to configure
  • Ambiance light glows in the night and whilst driving through tunnels – a very luxury and fine made detail

Jaguar F-Pace Rear

Jaguar F-Pace Front

Jaguar F-Pace Wheels

Jaguar F-Pace – Interior

The F-Pace’s interior is tactile and attractive. It looks and feels classy in a way only Jaguars does. Therefore it is far more special to sit in than a BMW X4 or Porsche Macan. What’s more, it’s easy to use. The satnav is just fantastic and works like a Swiss movement.  F-Pace has an extensive range of handpicked leathers and sophisticated finishes. These premium materials give F-Pace one of the most comprehensive interior choice in its class. This is your perfect opportunity to create a space that reflects your individual style.

Jaguar F-Pace Interior

A Gentleman’s closing words

We have spent a truly wonderful and relaxing week-end at Villa Honegg. On the road with the Jaguar F-Pace, one of the best SUV’s I drove so far. Thanks to the lovely team at Villa Honegg, we were treated in a typical Swiss way – the customer is king. The nobel-prize-worthy producers of the Jaguar F-Pace have done their job in the best possible way! What would a gentleman want more than such a perfect week-end?


OMEGA – Official Timekeeper Of The Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio De Janeiro

Rio 2016

Tomorrow is a big day for Rio De Janeiro – the Olympic Summer Games are going to start. The world is totally excited about this upcoming sports event and trust me, I’m going to have my TV on a bit more often than usual. Athletes from all over the world have prepared for weeks, months and years to compete at the Olympic games. An Olympic medal is the ultimate dream of every sportsman. A life full of devotion and dedication can be changed to gold within a heartbeat. OMEGA is delivering the service to measure a very tiny difference of success or failure – the instrument that measures this small but very important detail. Imagine, timekeeping requires 450 tons of equipment and over thousand people to accomplish such a service.

London 2012_timekeeping room

Olympic Games 1932 – The Legacy Begins

1932 was a defining year in the history of sports measurement. For the very first time, a single private company was entrusted with keeping time across all events at the Olympic Games. That honour went to OMEGA, who supplied one timekeeper and 30 high precision chronographs which had all been certified as chronometers by the Observatory at Neuchâtel. In this first occasion as Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, OMEGA was able to capture results to the nearest 10th of a second. The brand’s expertise was highly appreciated by the officials in Los Angeles and was also invaluable when it came to confirming 17 new World Records. The event was also notable for having the first Olympic Village, as well as the first medal podiums at an Olympic Games.


OMEGA And The Olympics

On 26 occasions since 1932, OMEGA has fulfilled the prestigious role of Official Timekeeper at the Olympic Games. Now, as the world’s attention turns to Rio de Janeiro, the brand will once again assume its duties, with the same commitment and passion that has stood the test of time.

Under OMEGA’s watchful eye, records have been set and broken, history has been witnessed, and legends have been made. No matter the year, the Olympic Games always deliver a multitude of great moments in time. Now, as the world’s attention turns to Rio de Janeiro, the brand will assume its duties for the 27th time. Surrounded by the colour and culture of this vibrant city, the brand will work with the enduring commitment and passion that has sealed our unrivalled reputation. But behind the action, are the technologies that have captured and recorded every second.

In the pool, OMEGA has developed many systems that make victory indisputable. These include, among many, the first semi-automatic timer for swimming events, and the famous touchpads positioned at both ends of the pool lanes.

Out on the track, OMEGA has been responsible for the research, development and manufacture of the most famous devices used in precision sports timing, among them the Scan’O’Vision photo-finish cameras, starting blocks, false-start detection technology and high-speed video systems.

With athletes now becoming faster and stronger, OMEGA is dedicated to matching their desire, and will continue to advance the technologies it contributes to the Games. This will ensure that whoever stands on the podiums now and in the future, will do so with the most precise knowledge of their medal-winning performance.

London 2012_New starting block 2

London2012_swimming timekeeping_4

2012 – 2016 The Trusted Timekeeping Of Today

Looking at the Olympic Games today, it is clear to see that OMEGA’s timekeeping has evolved to become a highly-sophisticated system that leaves no result in doubt. In London in 2012, OMEGA introduced three new pieces of “futuristic” equipment including new starting blocks used by sprinters and shortdistance runners; the innovative Swimming Show that instantly ranks the top three finishers in the pool; and the high-precision Quantum Timer used in athletics and water
sports that has an enhanced resolution of one millionth of a second. Added to this, there are even more devices now being used such as the light and electronic sound “starting pistol” with its bright red colour, and the OMEGA Scan’O’Vision MYRIA that captures 10,000 frames per second in a photofinish. Over 84 years, our reputation has been cemented by dedication and passion. For the athletes who compete in Rio 2016, every result is now in very safe and experienced hands.

Discover The OMEGA Olympic Collection At Les Ambassadeurs in Zürich (from 3.-29.8.2016)

On the occasion of the Olympic games in Rio, a special exhibition of OMEGA will be held from 3rd to 29th of August 2016 at Les Ambassadeurs in Zurich. Come by and see how OMEGA has been capturing the dreams of the athletes fighting for victory for more than 80 years as an official timekeeper of the Olympic games.

OMEGA Olympics

The Evolution Of OMEGA Timekeeping

As athletes become faster and stronger, OMEGA has also advanced its own strengths and abilities in the world of Olympic Games timekeeping. Three technologies in particular have seen a great evolution that proves just how far we’ve come.

Progress Of A Starting Pistol (1948 – 2010)

1948_starting pistol

2010_starting pistol

Advancement Of The Photofinish Camera (1948 – 2016)

1948_Racend Timer

Camera Scan'O'Vision Myria_2

Photoelectric Timing (1948 – 2016)


2016_photoelectric cells

How OMEGA Times The 100m Athletics Event

pk_RIO_illustration 100M EVENT 1

pk_RIO_illustration 100M EVENT 2


pk_RIO_illustration 100M EVENT 3

How OMEGA Times The 100m Freestyle In Swimming

pk_RIO_illustration 100M FREESTYLE SWIMMING 1

pk_RIO_illustration 100M FREESTYLE SWIMMING 2

Closing Word

Timekeeping at the Olympics is an important piece of history. OMEGA is putting a lot of effort into the Olympics and I absolutely appreciate the hard work and effort. I’m looking forward to all the emotions and great times of the Olympic Games.