Willy Monfret – A Perfect Match Of Fashion And Music

When it comes to the name Willy Monfret, something rings a bell. I’m sure, many of you now think about the name and how to classify it. If you’re always up-to-date in terms of the most known DJs and therefore nightlife fancier, you’ll definitely know this name. His tracks are supported by DJs such as David Guetta, Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and he’s famous for his lead roles in the music videos “Right Thru Me” (2010) and “The Pinkprint Movie” (2014) by Nicki Minaj. 

If you’re more a fashion lover, there’s also no way to miss the name of this young guy. He’s been booked for names like Karl Lagerfeld, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle, Maxim and has been seen on covers of popular magazines like GQ, Men’s Health and Préférences. Willy was born and raised in Paris, studied Business Management and was an athlete, running for the French national team, before he started his successful model and music career.
Last weekend, he visited Switzerland for another performance in his tour around the globe. Although his time schedule is too full, we had the honor to meet him in the Radisson Blu hotel lobby before his performance and enjoyed a very inspiring chat about his work.

Photos by Diana Kottmann

How long have you been working as a model and which brands did you work for so far?
It’s been almost ten years now. During this time I’ve been working for brands like Armani, L’Oréal, Diesel, Levis, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and so on.
What do you like most about your job?
It really depends, because there are different sections in modeling as runway, campaigns and TV commercials. For doing this, you need some acting skills, you have to show yourself and move around. So, I’d say TV commercials.

How do you combine your work as a model and as a DJ?

Sure, these are two different kinds of jobs. But for me it’s a fusion, because they both go together. Working as a model is a daytime job while the DJ performances take place during the evening and night. So I have castings and model jobs during the week and live performances at the weekends. As a model, you’re often going out to bars and nightclubs in the evenings, so the party scene is part of the fashion industry. That’s why it goes well together.

What does fashion mean to you?
I’d say it’s your personal style. It’s a way to express yourself in clothes, accessories, and attitude.
How would you describe a perfect gentleman?
A gentleman is open and social to everyone. In a situation with a lady, he certainly opens the door and takes care of the woman in every second. I’d say, he’s the one who knows what you want, before you actually ask for it. That would be the perfect gentleman, I guess.
 You live in Miami during the winter. Where are the differences in terms of fashion/style to Switzerland?
Miami is different. There’s more beach life, there are more colors in the fashion trends in general. It’s also the US – they are more into aesthetic things like big boobs, big butts. The fashion is different as well as the models. The market concentrates more on commercials in swimwear, lingerie, sports, fitness, beachlife style and surf style in general.
What are you next plans?
This year, I’m very focused on productions, new tracks, new releases, and new collaborations with other artists. I’m spending more time in the studio. In addition, fashion as a whole is a part of my life. I’m doing different castings, going to the fashion weeks and so on. 

On April 5th (Easter Sunday), Willy Monfret will be back in Zurich for the Fabulous Fashion Night in the night club Alice Choo. That’s definitely worth a visit!

The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography

For the first time I was sitting in a Land Rover. I had the honor to test the Evoque during one week and I enjoyed it to the fullest. After this experience, I can truly admit to the fact that the cars they’re producing are simply brilliant. In fact brilliant in each dimension: technique, workmanship, performance, and price/performance ratio. As soon as you’re opening the car door, you can see and feel the passion they put in every detail.
range rover schweiz
What does The Evoque stand for? The Evoque is sort of a narrowed SUV, kind of the little brother of the Range Rover. Honestly, the Evoque convinces in every detail and I’d say he gets rid of this ‘little brother’ image in a formidable way.
It is a simply fantastic car. Certainly it is a bit smaller and the engine is not as powerful as the Range Rover Sport for example. But with its charm, wonderful interior design and the plenty options it comes up with, it is a really good car by with you can enjoy your rides entirely.

Photos by Diana Kottmann

Evoque Autobiography

Its front is vast, and with its headlights it looks like a huge mad cat in the dark.

Under the bonnet, there’s a hidden a 2 Liter Turbo Diesel, which is producing assertive power for every situation. With 420NM & 190HP it is the most powerful model, which is currently available on the market.
The engineers have sharpened up the steering and upgraded the suspension. The nine-speed automatic gearbox is working really well. Another really magnificent fact is that it’s only consuming 7,2 Liters per 100km, even if you like to drive a bit racy.
Land Rover Evoque

The rear is definitely smaller than the Range Rover, and the trunk doesn’t allow that much space. Still this is the ideal car if you like high standards and living in a city like Zürich.

Let’s talk about the interior and the infinite options of this car. Honestly, I’ve never had that many options before. The Evoque contains features like seat cooling, it shows you exactly how fast you’re allowed to drive, and there’s a seat heater in the back. Additionally, the GPS is outstanding and works very exact. You can enter the Evoque, and start the engine easily. Compared to older Land Rovers, the handling is simple and effective. 
Evoque Interior

The following pictures are impressively showing the love for the detail they definitely have. It combines dark chocolate brown leather with the white double seam, which looks and feels really high-class!

Range Rover Material

Seats Double Seam

Last but not least, there’s another thing that was really fabulous. The panoramic roof brings all the light of this beautiful world into this wonderful car. And that feels just divine. 
Range Rover Panoramic Roof

All in all, I’m convinced of the car and its performance. I’d suggest it to every one of you, if you count on high standards and the design it shows. Honestly, it was a big challenge to give this lovely car back to the seller. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.

Outfittery Review – Well Done!

Outfittery Logo

-> Outfittery Gutschein (Voucher) 50 CHF ¦ GENTLEFITTERY40

Outfittery Test

Last week, I had the big pleasure to test „Outfittery“. This name describes a young curated shopping platform, which provides a unique online shopping experience for men. The target group is especially men, who are not willing to visit different shops on a regular basis. Anna Alex and Julia Bösch founded the company in 2012 in Germany. First, they started with the name „Shop Paul Secret“ before they changed the company name to „Outfittery“. Their targets were to integrate personality in e-commerce and to clothe men who are not interested in shopping. There’s a personal outfit expert who chooses pieces of clothing individually for each man. The customer gets the whole choice and has only to pay for the pieces he keeps while the service (consultation, delivery) is free of charge.

Outfittery Process

First, you have to fill in the short online questionnaire and answer questions about your style and the sizes. In the meantime your style gets analyzed. Your personal outfit expert contacts you afterwards on the selected appointment date. He’s going to choose the combination on the basis of your questionnaire. As soon as you received the articles you choose the ones you really like and send the rest back to Outfittery. 

Outfittery Bestellen

So what are the kinds of questions, which will be asked in the questionnaire to get your perfect combination at last? It starts with a question about the brands you like and you’re allowed to tick multiple brands of the suggested ones. It follows questions about your favorite shoe style or which outfit you’re wearing in your free time and so on. The multiple choice function allows you to focus on the different products and styles you like and you don’t have to value or think about which of the articles you like more.

After you filled in all the questions you get a result, which shows the “perfect” combination on the basis of the articles you have chosen. The employees keep in touch with you via phone, which works really well and perfectly on time. Pia was my personal shopper and she did a great, competent job.

 outfittery output
To show you the result I got from Outfittery at its best, we looked out for a nice location and a suitable ambience, which complements the outfits. The first outfit I tried is my favorite one. I like the color match of rose and blue very much. The outfit combines casual/streetstyle in a really good way. The new (leather? Brown..) bracelet I’m wearing is from Doubleufrenk and matches perfectly with the two colors.

Photos by
Diana Kottmann

streetstyle zürich


accessoire herren

The second outfit is a bit more conventional than the first one. The combination is a plaid shirt and blue trousers. This outfit would be perfect for an after work meet&greet with some colleagues. I liked the material of both pieces very much.
karriertes hemd

dress to impress

Outfittery Service Review

I met fantastic, competent & lovely people from this company. It is all very relaxed and friendly. During your online shopping, you still get this sort of a familiar feeling that you don’t find often. The service they provide is fast and reliable. The phone calls with the personal shopper was on time and friendly. The packet arrived within the indicated time. The brands they come up with are absolutely great. You find articles from Strellson, Levis and other well-known brands. I’m gonna wear the shirt soon again as I liked it that much. Outfittery is the perfect solution for men who are not motivated or simply too lazy to go shopping. It’s efficient and you don’t have to waste time in waiting in queues and so on. As a fashion lover I absolutely enjoy the shop atmosphere and see the articles in front of me, touch the different materials, but I definitely fell in love with some of the pieces they’ve sent to me. 

Geneva 85th International Motor Show

As diamonds are a woman’s best friend a man’s best friend is his car. I guess not many would disagree with this fact. Sure, there is an exception to every rule. But I’d say the majority of us are simply fascinated by the endless variety, the special charisma and for sure the still improving and changing technologies which cars impressively show. Driving leads us to breathtaking moments that change into emotional memories and therefore stay with us for a very long time. 
To get some new ideas and inspire yourself, the world famous International Motor Show in Geneva is the place to be. The event plays in the highest league of this kind of events. The whole ambience is beyond words. This week, I had the chance to visit the 85th Show. 
genf frühling
The sun was shining and showed Geneva in all its beauty when I arrived in the early morning at the Palexpo hall. I was one of the first visitors and enjoyed it to the fullest. Knowing that there will be hundreds of visitors and an increase of the room temperature in a few hours, I just strolled around and had enough time to have a look at many of the cars in detail. I’d recommend you to do exactly the same, because at the week-ends there’s normally a huge rush. 

Bentley Flying Spur

One of the first cars, which caught my eye, was the Bentley Flying Spur. The new Bentleys look simply divine. The company has kept the shapes and forms of the past Bentleys but combined it with a big portion of harmony, power and elegance. At the end of the day, they remain true to their principles – only with a step into another more impressive direction. 
bentley autosalon genf
The Flying Spur is masculine and classy. I can’t see a better combination than this. The violet/beige color combination could be called as risky but I have all the respect for this godly elegance. 
interior bentley flying spur
Bentley GT Speed
The rear of the Bentley GT Speed with the double exhaust and the straightforward lines underneath is impressive.
bentley genfer autosalon
McLaren 675LT
Holy cow! This is crazy power on 4 wheels! The 675LT is limited to 500 Pieces. And with a price of 356.696 Euro you need to use the petty cash.
It has a 3,8-Liter-V8 enginge with is producing 675HP & 700NM. With a weight of 1230Kg it is complete madness!
mclaren 675LT

McLaren 650S

Same enginge as the 675LT, producing 650 HP.

This is the convertible model which reminds me of driving along the french riviera, with this breath-taking sound of the McLaren.

mclaren 650s

Lamborghini Huracán
They call it the Huracán.
Based on the maya mythology it was the god of wind, storm and fire.
And that’s exactly what you discover in this mental car. It is utterly fearless, a hurrican in the desert, an unleashed fearless power machine. Absolutely love it!
lamborghini huracan
Rolls Royce
This is simply the infinite class. Wherever your eyes go, the most exclusive materials are not good enough. This is high-end, handmade extra-class!
They come up with features like a sky full of stars. Not in the stand but in the car! This is what I call endless beauty. You can even feel the passion and tradition, which lies in all this work. Utterly beautiful.
rolls royce schweiz

rolls royce fahren

Last but not least: The event is also famous for the beautiful models, which work during the whole fair. Here you can see one of the Pirelli Models – awesome!
pirelli girl autosalon

Kingsman Movie ¦ Manners maketh man

Manners are a relevant instrument in the repertoire of every Gentleman. They work like a weapon in the daily practice and they are just as a perfect fitting suit – a constituent element of a Gentleman’s’ life.

Besides that, manners are the foundation of “Kingsman”, a movie that specifies the quintessence of being a Gentleman. In order to become and being a Gentleman neither your ethnic roots, despite your age or your gender are of any relevance. Becoming and being a Gentleman involves and signifies always a ripening process. You have the choice and only you have the obligation for your own life. It’s a development in which miscellaneous aspects flow together and grow into a powerful unity. In any case it contains the consciousness for fine materials of selected suits which lay emphasis on the true  character as well as the estimation of high-class beverages like a Dalmore 62 Single Hiland Malt Scotch which let us taste the past, the present and the future on the tip of your tongue at once.

At a deeper level it means much more than that. The word “gentle” includes also being respectable, disciplined and nonchalant. The essential conditions for the modern Gentleman aren’t just his manners nor his appearance but first and foremost his values. These aren’t visible all the time and many virtuous actions may remain hidden but nonetheless these virtues are the central theme of being a Gentleman. Loyalty, reliability and solicitude are only a short outline of a wide range of moral courage which are part of a Gentleman and the connection for a fight for the greater good in “Kingsman”. The movie combines these noble characteristic features with ingenious action-scenes which raise the gear of a gentleman on a higher level of technical functionality. Tied up with intelligent, humorous dialogues it leads to a smart action-comedy about the modern Gentleman in the nature of British attributes at its best.

Or summarized in the words of Harry Hart (Colin Firth) quoting Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Kingsman, in theaters from 12th March.

© 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
Text by Nicole Huminski

With Nicole @Kingsman Swiss Premiere