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Livigno – Italian kingdom of snow and sun

Livigno Sommer 2019

Livigno – The adrenaline madness at 1800 m above sea level of the Italian Alps

Have you ever been to Livigno? Livigno is located on 1816 m.a.s.l. of altitude in the highest plateau of Europe and in the second highest in the world after Mexico City. The small town is located in the Italian province of Sondrio in Lombardy, only 15 minutes by car from the Swiss border, on the Lago di Livigno.

Val Federia & Lago di Livigno

Val Federia & Lago di Livigno

Livigno – personal experience close up

A personal confrontation of fighting anxieties and facing some serious physical challenges was the main motivation of the 5 day Trip to Livigno.

The schedule was all about early mornings, long active hikes and extreme adventures with high level of adrenaline. One would think it does not sound like a relaxing weekend in the mountains – but believe me, these 5 days have left me the most relaxed and recharged like never before.

On the very first day one of the organisers has called Livingno ‘a magical place you won’t want to leave once you have experienced it’, which I did not pay too much attention to until I started to open myself up for the power of this place on 18000 m.a.s.l.

The offer of activities in Summer is probably even beating the winter season because it seems endlessly rich for each kind. From classic mountain biking to spiritual meditation walks, I have tried it all.

Biking - Livigno Alps

Biking – Livigno Alps

Val delle Mine – Climbing adventure

Meditative Hiking with Yoga

Another unforgettable experience was the meditation on the hight of  2800 m which started with a special ride with the gondola to the Carosello 3000 before 6am in the morning, followed by silence with a small tour to Monte de Rezze 2958m. Firstly welcomed by the breathtaking  panorama and finally the meditative walk with asana yoga insoles, trying to connect to mother Earth and primarily turn off all distraction which we all are surrounded by in this fast-moving world.

Yoga with view over Bianco ridge, Livigno peaks and the Piz Paradisino 3302m

The latin word ‘Humus’ means soil. The words human, humility and humus all come from the same root. When humans lose contact with soil, they are no longer humans  –  Satish Kumar (Siol – Soul – Society)

Yoga at  Monte de Rezze 2958m

Yoga at Monte de Rezze 2958m

First summit experience with indescribable emotions

The most challanging and probably one of the hardest adventures in my life was to climb a really recommendable and provocatively unreachable summit with a 360° panorama. In fact an amazing panorama over the Veltlin, view of Lago Livigno, the Stilfserjoch National Park, the Ortler-Cevedale & Bernina Group and finally a feeling of fulfilment.
An experience that is worth all the sacrifices that happened along the way (and I’m talking about painful sacrifices).

Balancing act facing the Cima Cavalli

Balancing act facing the Cima Cavalli

Sum up of an incredible adventure  

Bella Italia in the alpine paradise, breathtaking views, extreme adrenaline kicks crowned by incomparable valtellinese cuisine as a well deserved feast. My personal achievement CIMA CAVALLI 2937m, which has shown that it is worth edging the personal limits in order to feel strong and almighty for a moment. 

Lago di Livigno view welcoming back

Lago di Livigno view welcoming back

After all, Livigno is indeed quite a magical place!

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