Talisker Whisky – Made By The Sea

Talisker Whisky – Introduction

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to interview Andreas Walch, listen to the impressive history of the Talisker distillery and taste a few whiskies. Founded in 1830 by the MacAskill brothers, an interesting story follows with different owners until 1960 when a fire destroys a big part of the distillery.

However, since I’m often led by emotions, I wanted to pick up the part that inspires me the most.

Talisker Whisky – My Inspiration Of The Sea

Rán is the female god of the northern mythology, half human and half fish. She stands for the varying moods of the sea. The sea has inspired humanity back to our very roots and has an influence since ever. Also, other mythologies, for example the Greek ones, prove that we’re talking about a great power here.

In meditations, you can learn to be like the sea. Silent and calm when necessary, stormy and powerful when required. But finally, you learn to let go and accept the inner peace – like the sea.

The sea has a great inner power and silence, it’s finally showing the harmony of the two aspects. It’s called entirety.

Talisker Whisky – Made By The Sea

The Isle of Skye is renowned for its rich, varied landscape. With its soft, serene shores and a astonishing view to the Cuillin mountains. Talisker Skye is the distillery which reflects the entirety of the sea at its best. With a smoky sweetness, maritime notes and a spicy edge, it makes you feeling the taste of the sea.

The oldest working distillery on the Isle of Skye, Talisker is an alluring, sweet, full-bodied single malt that’s so easy to enjoy, and like Skye itself, so hard to leave.

Pictures Of My Conversation

I learned a lot during my conversation with Andreas. Of course I tasted a bit of the whole collection and finally mixed my own cocktail.

Pictures and rights by Christian Schmid – Fotowerk132

talisker collection

talisker 10 years

talisker whisky

talisker made by the sea


whisky bar

Talisker Skye Rider – Mixing My Own Cocktail

Okay, I’m not very experienced with Cocktails – I usually order straight. But Andreas showed me a new version – called ‘Talisker Skye Rider’. The Skye Rider is definitely one of the cocktails I’d order at the bar.

skye rider cocktail

whisky cocktails

Talisker Skye Rider – How to mix it

Pretty easy to mix at home, let’s do a little ‘how to’:

  • Ingredients
  • 4 cl Talisker Skye 1 cl Maple Syrup Ginger Beer
  • Topping
  • Slice of lime
  • Preparation
  • – Fill up the cocktail glass with ice cubes – Add the Talisker Skye Whisky plus the maple Syrup – Fill up the glass with ginger beer – Mix the whole drink and top it with a slice of lime -> you’re done.


Pure, Selected, Simplicity: South Africa Wine of Tomorrow

South Africa Wine – Olivedale

It is not easy to create outstanding quality in a world full of brands. Uncovering the purity needs additional activity that allows selection. In this regard, serving taste needs artists which provide their ideas about the productsSo, coming to South Africa in the mother of tastes of the new world and to write about gentlemen’s behaviour requires some thoughts. Why cover a wine venture which intends to reach for the stars? A winery that likes to be discovered like a Lady? 

Indeed, South African wineries form part of the new world’s best out in the top of the world. Whereas Pomerol, St. Emilion, Pauillac and so forth seems to be established and sold to everywhere; sun, stone, and quality in Argentine, Australia, California, and South Africa hammer down establishment. Having said this, do we really believe that boutique wineries can exist alongside extreme wine farming? Here, it all focuses to the maître sur place. A creepy soul creates a creepy taste or the other way around. His or her elixir you consume or detest. A piece of soul. A capturing of a momentum of nature transferred into a bottle. It requires an insane person, an autist, an artist, a conductor of nature. This is what Olivedale wine cellars found with Carl van Wyk. 

Text & editor rights: Dima Euler

South Africa Wine – Purity of the product

I met him during my work in South Africa. In the middle of the grapes, in an eremite like cottage, he invited me for dinner. A highly intelligent man graduated in different fields, prepared a steak and salad between handmade furniture, accompanied by the finest tones of Johann Strauss. His background is a pilgrimage determined by the pursuit of finding the thrill in purity. Refusing monetary success in exchange for having the liberty to create. Ever seeking the simplicity of quality, exceptional taste, and honesty. So he aims his wines. “You shall never not to finish something you start”, so, think carefully of what you are doing. Not as obvious as it connotes, it seems like producing wine requires a lot of suffering. Herein lies the journey which mirrors the bouquet. Jt is Olivedale Chardonnay, Semilion/Verdelho/Chardonnay, Rose, Shiraz/Mouvedere/Grenache, Tempranillo, Sterk Jan Droe Wit, and Queen of Africa Edel Laat Oes. 

Verdelho, a white wine grape grown throughout Portugal and most associated with Madeira wine. 
Chardonnay, very neutral grape, with many of the flavours commonly associated with the grape being derived from such influences as terroir and oak. Pressed whole bunch and naturally fermented in oak barrels, this wine shows elegancy and flavours of tropical fruits. 
Semilion, golden-skinned grape used to make dry and sweet white wines. 
Shiraz/Mouvedere/Grenache or GSM is commonly used for a red wine consisting of a blend of Grenache, Shiraz (Syrah), and Mourvèdre. It originated from those used in some Southern Rhône wines. Grenache is the lightest and produces a pale red juice with soft berry scents and a bit of spiciness. Shiraz provides the full body. Mourvèdre for the structure, style, and acidity. The red fruit and dried prune flavours is the result of the 3 clones of shiraz that was used to sculpture this blend into a smooth red wine. 
Tempranillo, a black grape variety widely grown to make full-bodied red wines.  The terroir and climate of Olivedale brings the best out of this relitave native cultivar. This serious wine has a natuarally higher tanin, but finned to perfection in french oak barrels. 
Sterk Jan Droe Wit, and Queen of Africa Edel Laat Oes are Semilion driven sweet desert style wines, harvested out of the deep red soil of Darling’s hills and sculptured in Swellendam. This exceptional natural fermented wine was matured in oak barrels and bottled 292 days later


south africa wine

South Africa Wine – Selected market 

Olivedale has about 100 000 plants. The winery produces about 75 000 bottles in 2017 whereas in 2016 only 50 000 were produced. Organic certification seems not to be an issue. He disclosed that he established one of the first organic wineries in South Africa but rejects labels today. He farms in accordance with nature and not a policeman. He believes that markets like Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong will understand his product. Carl hereby relies on the education of the consumer who discovers the good product. It will not require any marketing but good taste and honesty to uncover the best. He admits that this view may be the reflection of a romantic fool but the only way to get the maximum outcome of a product without the reflection of the others. “The market will find our product.” 

Adaptability was the keyword – South African winemakers produced the best product from a challenging 2016 crop by means of good decision-making and state-of-the-art technology. The grapes ripened at lower sugar levels in general, which is positive with regards to wines with lower alcohol. The acidity levels were low, which necessitated adaptations in the cellar itself. The smaller berries that were produced will lead to good colour and intense flavour in this year’s red wines. This South Africa wine also appear surprisingly good, with great structure and good flavours. 

South Africa Wine – Simplicity of the taste 

While opening a very well decorated wine, he told me about the problems of medals. Medals are a reflection of history which is drafted by the victors. Awards honour a good wine but no awards have no meaning at all. It depends from the availability of the laurates. In his view, today’s consumers have the luxury to scale down to the essence of taste. In a lifestyle driven economy, what counts is getting rid of unnecessary dependencies. Real luxury lies in avoiding what seems to be available. A life without financial constraints. A taste independent from money.  

Table: Biggest Producer World Wide according to International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) 

Rank  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 (provisional) 2015 (forecast) 
Italy 48 525 42 772 45 616 54 029 44 229 48 869 
France 44 381 50 757 41 548 42 134 46 804 47 373 
Spain 35 353 33 397 31 123 45 308 38211 36 600 
United States 20 887 19140 21 650 23 590 22 020 22 140 
Argentina 16 250 15473 11 778 14 984 15197 13 358 
Chile 8844 10464 12 554 12 820 10 500 12 870 
Australia 11420 11 180 12 259 12 310 12 020 12 000 
South Africa Wine9 327 9 725 10 569 10 982 11 316 11 310 
China 13 000 13200 13511 11 780 11 178 11 178 
10 Germany 6 906 9 132 9 012 8409 9 202 8 788 
11 Portugal 7148 5 622 6327 6 231 6195 6 703 
12 Russia 7 640 6980 6 220 5290 4 880 4880 
13 Romania 3 287 4 058 3 311 5113 3 750 4069 
14 Hungary 1 762 2 750 1 818 2 618 2 555 2 873 
15 Brazil 2 459 3460 2 967 2 710 2 732 2732 
16 Greece 2 950 2 750 3115 3343 2 900 2 650 
17 Austria 1 737 2 814 2 125 2 392 1 999 2 350 
18 New Zealand 1 900 2350 1 940 2484 3204 2350 
19 Serbia 2 382 2 244 2175 2 306 2332 2332 
20 Bulgaria 1 224 1 237 1 442 1 755 747 1 538 
21 Moldova 840 1 520 1470 2 570 1 630 1 630 
22 Georgia 1 034 1 108 830 997 1 134 1 134 

unit in 1000 hl / Source: http://www.oiv.int/public/medias/2256/en-communique-de-presse-octobre-2015.pdf

The cellar can be reached under the address Olivedale, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa and +27 28 512 3728. The wines are to be expected by the end of the year. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/olivedalevineyards.

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Bang & Olufsen – The Art Of Living

Bang & Olufsen – The Art Of Living

Nowadays, the art of living has become an important trend of our society. Living is not any more just buying a house or a flat, it’s about the integration of our own wishes and tastes.

The arguments? Uniqueness, harmony of forms, shapes and colours. The Danish designers of Bang & Olufsen just turned multiroom experience into some exceptional masterpieces.

Pictures and rights by www.sebastienrohner.com / Studio http://www.50mm.ch

B&O – The Masters Of Design

The Danish brand Bang & Olufsen was founded 1925, just another 8 years to their 100 year anniversary. And ever-since, the Danish designers are famous for their remarkable feeling when it comes to design.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1

The Beosound 1 is literally the most extraordinary loudspeaker I have ever seen. It fits into simply every environment I can imagine. It’s manufactured of aluminium, the forms and shapes remind us a bit of a rocket.

The result of this masterpiece, is a distinctive 360° sound-experience – Pavarotti’s ‘E lucevan le stelle’ leaves you speechless for a moment that feels like eternity. And to accomplish, the Beosound 1 contains a battery, so you can leave it wireless for 16 hours.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5

The Beoplay is design-wise more of an understatement. A powerful loudspeaker, which is designed to be replicated around the home. Place it anywhere and let it blend in and stand out. Beoplay M5 combines warm fabric and cool aluminium for a visually stunning appearance and comes in grey or black or choose your favourite colour to match your interior.

Bang & Olufsen Multiroom – Smart Living

Multiroom is the technology that spreads the acoustic to different rooms. The aim here? Stream your music to any room or every room without walking too much. The big advantage: there is not a millisecond time difference, comparing the speakers. It’s pretty hands-on to handle:

  • Download the app (available for apple or android)
  • Add your loudspeakers
  • Do the fine-tuning
  • Start your streaming service (like Spotify, iTunes etc)

The result? An unmistakable & harmonious sound experience.

Bang Olufsen Multiroom

Why Music Is So Important

Music is the balm for our souls and hearts.

Music helps us to relieve from stressful days, lets us dream about the infinite universe, dance through never ending nights. Music lets us cry when we’re sad and laugh when we’re happy.