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Bang & Olufsen – The Art Of Living

Bang & Olufsen – The Art Of Living Nowadays, the art of living has become an important trend of our society. Living is not any more just buying a house or a flat, it’s about the integration of our own wishes and tastes. The arguments? Uniqueness, harmony of forms, shapes and colours. The Danish designers of Bang […]


5 Reasons Why Cigars And Whisky Are Such A Harmony

1. The Meditation Aspect Some of you might be thinking: Am I reading right? Yes, you are. And it’s actually the most important fact about the ceremony of smoking a cigar and pair it with a good whisky. It’s called being conscious. We’re often stressed out, because life brings a lot of responsibility and challenges. But […]

A Gentleman’s Journey With Carl F. Bucherer

My Journey With Carl F. Bucherer onday morning, I packed my duties and drove with the classy Jaguar F-Type up to Honegg. Of course, some beautiful memories came up on my way… Last time, we spent an unforgettable week-end at the Villa Honegg. The sun was out on this spring day – and since I’m deep in love […]

Why I Love The Jaguar F-Type SVR So Much

What’s the best car I drove so far? Yes, that’s probably the most popular question I’m being asked by my followers. But it’s not so easy to answer. There are plenty of amazing cars and at the end of the day it’s all about your taste and needs. Let me explain that a bit… Arguments like […]

Review Of The Wilkinson Hydro 5

Why I usually use a wet shave option remember when I was a boy and my father showed me how to shave for the very first time. It’s an emotional memory, I’ll keep forever in my mind. Back then, he explained the whole thing with a wet shave which might be the reason that I […]

Is The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Finally A Quality Car?

Alfa Romeo – Introduction No doubt, Alfa Romeo is producing beautiful cars since decades. Usually, their models are like a tremendous piece of art that simply suits into every sort of environment. Especially the old ones like the Giulietta Berlina or the 2600 sprint just look fantastic. But let’s say, the have a bit of […]

Winterfahrtraining With Volvo Switzerland

Introduction A gentleman, at least from my perspective, stands for a couple of values. Values like sustainability, safety, endurance or the attention for other humans. And it’s exactly the ideology Volvo represents. What ever car we’re driving, it is also a statement. Owning a Volvo stands for restraint, understatement and a lot of love for […]

Porsche Macan – Why is it such a success?

Porsche – Facts and Figures Guess where you can find one of the highest Porsche frequencies in the world? Yep, it’s Switzerland. Walking through Seefeld in Zürich, you start to question yourself, if literally everyone owns a Porsche. And since the Macan has been presented, it almost feels like a Porsche-madness. But that’s what we see, […]