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Swiss Caviar – Best Quality From The Mountains

Some time ago, caviar had a somewhat opulent reputation in society, whilst this unique speciality can now be found on the menu of practically every Michelin restaurant. The company Kasperskian, which produces the finest Swiss caviar in the picturesque Valais, proves that it doesn’t necessarily have to be Russian. What is caviar? Caviar is occasionally […]

10 Reasons For A Mechanical Watch

The watch – a personal companion My fascination for watches began very early and still shapes me today. My first timepiece was an OMEGA Speedmaster, the first watch on the moon – or as Neil Armstrong so beautifully put it: “This is a small step for a human being, but a huge leap for mankind. […]

Best Investment Watches – Popular Brands And Models

Passion, dedication, devotion and a piece of history For many of us, a watch is a daily companion and often also a piece of history: from the moon landing, the fascination for flying to motor sports – watches are associated with many great events. These events influence not only the value of a watch, but […]

The OMEGA Seamaster Diver Celebrates 25 Legendary Years

The legendary OMEGA Seamaster Proffessional Diver was first presented 25 years ago. This timepiece initiated OMEGA’s return to the world of diving watches and also sparked the brand’s long-term partnership with James Bond – two years later it was seen in the famous film ‘Goldeneye’ as an important gadget of 007. 25 years of the […]

Muscular Mens Fashion – 5 Tips From An Expert

JsTIEls Muscular Mens Fashion – 5 Tips Hello together my name is Jürg, on IG also known as @jsTIEls and today I write about muscular mens fashion. Allow me to introduce myself: I’m 32 years old and discovered my love for fashion a few years ago when I worked as a car salesman and the […]

6 Reasons For Swiss Whisky

The officially documented history of whisky begins in the 15th century in Scotland, although experts still argue today as to whether whisky is a Scottish or Irish invention. The Langatun distillery, which produces excellent Swiss whisky, proves that whisky does not always have to come from the north. The origin of the Langatun Distillery In […]

English Fashion – How To Get Dressed Right

What do we associate with the term ‘English fashion’? Probably most likely the elegant, stylish gentleman with a tweed jacket, cap and hunting rifle over the shoulder. Today we show you how to get dressed right and that it also works outside of Britain. It is not without reason that London has developed over the […]


10 Days Digital Detox In South Africa

If you were born a few years before the turn of the millennium, you can still remember the good old days without the Internet and mobile phones – we used the home phone or the bell to meet our friends. Nowadays it seems almost impossible to survive a few days without internet and smartphone – […]