Bergland Hotel Sölden

Bergland Hotel Sölden

On a sunny Friday morning, we packed our stuff into the Range Rover Sport and drove up to Sölden. The Bergland Hotel is nestled directly in the town of Sölden. You can park your car in front of the building, whilst the staff arranges your luggage and shows you the beautiful room.

Since the movie ‚Spectre‘ was filmed in Sölden, the town is pretty proud to be part of the whole Bond-Mania. Of course, the Bergland Hotel has also quite a lot of Bond posters which gives it a nice ambiance. After a busy day, you enjoy relaxing at the spa or having a wonderful and delicious dinner in their restaurant. The rooms are comfortable, yet roomy and really cosy.

Sölden is located close to the Italian border in the beautiful 65km long Öztal valley, in Tyrol, Austria.  Beautiful Sölden and its magnificent scenery make the perfect hideaway to let your body, mind and soul relax. Besides relaxing, Öztal offers a broad choice of summer as well as winter activities you can perform, such as hiking, climbing, biking, skiing, glacier skiing, and much more.


UNDATIERTES HANDOUT - Bergland Hotel Soelden. Im Bild: Suite Bergland (PHOTOPRESS/Bergland Hotel Soelden/Anton Klocker)

UNDATIERTES HANDOUT - Bergland Hotel Soelden. Im Bild: Badezimmer (PHOTOPRESS/Bergland Hotel Soelden/Anton Klocker)

Bergland Hotel Spa

As Spa lovers we highly appreciated the outright and diverse spa area with its finnish sauna overlooking the Öztal valley. Once a day you get to enjoy a slackening scented sauna infusion by the experienced sauna master including peeling and useful advice on ‘how to sauna’. 

We felt in very close touch with nature lying on the comfortable hay beds, looking over the beautiful valley and scenting the freshly cut hay that fulfills the spacious and private relaxation chambre. Pure bliss unlike anywhere compareable!


ICE Q Sölden

The world famous ICE Q Restaurant is located 3,048 metres above sea level. Surrounded by over 250 superb three-thousand metre mountains. A masterpiece of architecture, where freedom reaches for the stars. It is not less than the breath-taking shooting location for the James Bond Spectre movie. Where innovative architecture meets futuristic design, is the place where sophisticated gourmet delights combine with fine wines and dreamy panoramic views to create one exceptional symbiosis. The ICE Q contains a panorama terrace where you get to experience what is unique.



Range Rover Sport – By SIXT

No doubt, the Range Rover Sport is the ideal car to drive up to the mountains. It’s roomy, powerful and looks very sexy. SIXT car rental services are available all over the world. You can easily rent your beloved car, by requesting it on the SIXT page.

The sun was out on an amazing Autumn day, which was an ideal chance to drive up to the glacier.

Glacier Road, 1377 – 2800 meters over sea level

Öztal Glacier Road with its 15km length is one of the highest roads in the Eastern Alps. The road connects Sölden at 1377 meters over sea level with the glaciers Rettenbach and Tiefenbach over 2800 meters. 

Plenty of breathtaking views, the unique glaciers and the moonlike scenery on top of the mountains make the summer jurney with the powerful Range Rover Sport up the glacier road incomparable.


Range Rover Sport – Highclass Road Trippin’

Range Rover Sport

On the scout of the ideal high-class SUV, you cannot miss the Range Rover Sport. After a diet it’s 400 Kg lighter than its predecessor, the HSE SDV6 is built on a strong, stiff structure. Using Land Rover’s aluminium body technology and lightweight architecture the driving experience feels less bulky and more agile now. On top of that the Range Rover Sport turned into a superb sporting seven-seater. 
Living in Zürich makes you feel like you get them out of the Kellogg’s Pack – they’re literally everywhere. Of course I was curious why, so I did a road trip through the city as well as testing it on all sorts of terrains – of which some were rather difficult. The aim was to really put it to the acid test.
Driving amongst the Swiss roads was a unique experience. Our country with its diversity is the ideal place to try new extremes. Though predictably ballistic on road, the Sport can do the business off tarmac as well: it’ll wade through 85cm of water, gravel, mud and snow.


Range Rover – The Drive

Considering you’re driving a 2 tons vehicle the Range Rover is surprisingly agile, yet sharp to drive. Due to the powerful 3 litre Turbo Diesel the car produces 306 brake horsepower and loads of talk to manage every type of ground. Another advantage is that the Sport proves to be a fabulous long-distance vehicle, quiet and refined even at autobahn speeds.


Range Rover HSE – My Impression

Driving this superb car, you’re starting to understand why everyone owns one in Switzerland. The four wheel drive brings you up to every ski resort. Containing 5 seats and a huge boot, you can easily go on holiday with your wife and kids. A never ending list of options throws you into a lounge room feeling. One of the fancy options is the seat cooling, available for all seats! 


Proceeding my road trip, I reached beautiful hills and mountains all over Switzerland. Not for a second I’ve missed anything in this car. Took the Range Rover Sport to some terrific sunsets, foggy dusks & roads covered with colourful leaves. 

Range Rover Sport HSE SDV6 Rating

Daily Use
Super practical car, ideal for everyday use in all sorts of terrain.
Not a cheap car. Especially the maintenance is rather expensive. Still, I think it makes sense for what you get.
Appeal & Design
The Sport is pretty sexy for an SUV. I love the air ducts on the bonnet. I’d like to see a bit more masculine exhausts for the next model.
It’s a very luxury car, not really a race car. Pretty sharp to drive and solid power.
Well it contains a pretty big diesel engine. Consumption between 7 – 10 litres in my case.
Awesome car, you should go for it!