AXE Magazine Launch – Berlin

AXE Magazine Launch – Berlin

Lately, I traveled to Berlin to join the launch of the new AXE men’s magazine. Very Berlin-like we celebrated the party at a so called ‘Kiosk’ where you can eat and drink until late in the evening. It’s a pretty cool concept, not the typical bar place – it’s all based on self-service directly at the fridge. The mood was great and as announced some famous people showed up. Albino-model Shaun Ross, the German blogger Willy Iffland and many more creative people.  After a few drinks the DJ turned up the music and the whole place was a big party. I had a great time in Berlin, met a lot of friendly and creative people. Launching a high quality magazine is not an easy job, but I think AXE made a really good job here.

AXE Magazine – What is it about?

The magazine is all about style, lifestyle, people and of course it’s available at selected cafés, bars and boutiques. You should absolutely try to get an issue! It’s for free of course.


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AXE Men’s Care – Find Your Magic

AXE – Find Your Magic

The pursuit to find your magic, your thing, your destiny, is probably a lifetime journey. The fashion and lifestyle industry is celebrating a ‘back to the 80ties’ trend and I think it’s just awesome. A Gentleman doesn’t require the hardest sixpack, but much more his own individuality, his own style.

AXE Find your magic

Picture by Christian Schmid –

Today’s world offers you the great opportunity to do your own thing, to rock the world in your own way. It’s sort of modern woodstock-feeling, freedom and self-realisation. I mean, some of the most successful CEO’s are still wearing nerd shirts and society loves it. AXE delivers some really amazing products and after I have tested them every day, I must say: the result suits their slogan.

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Picture by Christian Schmid –

The whole thing reminded me of a fight club quote, I have adjusted it a bit to make it gentleman’s-like:

“You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your khakis. You are all singing, all dancing magic of the world.”

On the path to find ourselves, we keep having challenges, struggle and pain. But hey, who decides to give up? The only escape, is the escape ahead.

AXE – The Men’s Care Products

Over the last weeks, I have used and tested all the shown AXE Men’s care products


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AXE Signature

AXE Bodywash

These premium body wash products are simply great. Even after hours of using them, you can still smell the scent of ginger, vanilla or mint (dependent which one you’re using). Quick side note: if it’s saying ‘body’ on a wrap, don’t use it for your hair:)

Conclusion: job very well done!

AXE Mens Care

AXE Triolgy

AXE Deodorant

Since I have received them, I’m using the Deos every day. The protection is great, smells really nice and no sweat spots discovered.

Outcome: great stuff, I’ll keep using it!AXE Urban

AXE Styling Gel

The brand comes up with several levels of strength to model your hair. Since my hair is pretty rebellious, I’m going for the hardest one!

Result: holds the hair, does not glue too much and can calm very resistant hair

AXE Fragrance

I have used the fragrances from time to time.

My feedback: great to use here and there – or after your workout

A Gentleman’s Closing Word

I’m really satisfied with the AXE products, I will definitely keep using some. And last but not least, I’m going to fly to Berlin for the launch of the AXE magazine, can’t wait!