McLaren 570S Spider – Is This My Future Car?

McLaren 570S Spider – Introduction

Yep, once again I drove my favourite car brand: The new McLaren 570S Spider. We took their new model on the roads of Barcelona, an ideal place to have some pleasure with the 570s Spider.

The good news? McLaren continues to manufacture high-class, precise and fun to drive cars that look like spaceships. Brilliant.

The two-seat, rear-wheel drive 570S Spider is the third bodystyle in the McLaren Sports Series portfolio, lining up alongside the Coupé and the GT. Compared to the Coupé, the 570S Spider adds a neatly integrated, retractable hardtop that when lowered delivers an even more immersive and exhilarating driving experience. The two-piece roof – which is engineered using technology proven in the McLaren 650S and 675LT Spider models – is constructed of lightweight composite panels and creates a purposeful, sleek appearance whether closed or lowered.

It’s the 4th model I drove and trust me I remember the first ride in a McLaren like it was yesterday. The more often I drive them, the better it feels and now I decided: I want a McLaren and I will get one.

mclaren spider

mclaren convertible

mclaren open roof

McLaren 570S Spider – What Is So Convincing About It?

Power & Weight Distribution

The Spider is just 46kg heavier than the 570S Coupé, and that’s all in the roof mechanism. That means a lightest dry weight of 1,359kg for the Spider, a huge amount less than the  Audi R8 Spyder (253kg difference), 911 (311kg heavier) or the Mercedes AMG (301kg on top). And, well, light cars tend to be very quick, don’t they?

With a tiny little weight gain of just 3%, the same power and very little else changed from the Coupé, the Mclaren 570S Spider is the perfect summer car. 

Advanced Technology & Precision

The two top arguments of the brand on my perspective: progress in technology and infinite accuracy. What do I mean by that? Well, I drove all of fancy cars but McLaren is definitely leading the field when it comes to sit in there and feel what an unbelievable performance and accuracy a 570S Spider delivers.

The straight electro-hydraulic steering works beautifully, with a tactility and precision some makers can only dream of. The gearbox is yet again a technological masterpiece.

I’m often being asked: Does it get boring at any time, or sort of normal after driving plenty of supercars? I smiled and said:

Not at all, not in any way. It’s the other way around: you’re getting more attached, more experienced . You become a better driver.

When cornering on the beautiful roads of Barcelona, I managed to not brake for a very long route. I didn’t drive quick, I just wanted to see how much you can do with the engine doing the breaking-work.

Alright, back to my point… Technology. Let’s sum up a few fancy aspects of the McLaren 570S Spider

  • The roof can be opened or closed up to 40km/h
  • It takes only 15 seconds to do so
  • A dry weight of only 1359kg thanks to the carbon fibre and an advanced roof technology

mclaren dihedral doors

mclaren spider hardtop

mclaren inside

mclaren interior

But There Is Power Too, I Assume?

Oh lord yes. McLaren is using their 3799cc twin-turbo charged V8 which produces 570hp at 7500rpm. And thanks to its lightweight, the 570S is made and designed to corner it amongst some epic roads.

McLaren 570S Spider – Specs

Engine: 3,799cc, twin-turbo V8
Transmission: 7-speed SSG automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 570@7,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 443@5,000-6,500rpm
0-100km/h: 3.2sec 
Top speed: 204mph

A Few Reasons Why The McLaren 570S Spider Is My Future Car

There are a couple of things I’ve learned in life:

  1. Set your dreams and goals as precisely as you can
  2. Work hard 
  3. Don’t limit yourself
  4. Keep the focus
  5. Bad things happen, keep fighting and working hard and you can achieve everything.

So there are a few reasons why I want a McLaren: 

  • You don’t see them at every corner, it’s still something special
  • The summer-feeling in this Spider was incredible
  • The spaceship-like look is super cool and I simply love the dihedral doors.
  • Precision, advantage and high-quality harmonized in this brand
  • Nothing else has beaten it so far

mclaren superseries spider

mclaren lifestyle

mclaren steering wheel

Carl F. Bucherer – Patravi TravelTec FourX Titanium Case – Ref 00.10620.21.93.01

The Idea Of Owning a McLaren – What It Means To Me

The intension to buy a supercar is a bit more than a childhood dream, it’s a statement. You might find a lot of supercars with a variety of messages and feelings, but my idea and goal of owning a McLaren is different. McLaren speaks a different language. It’s precision in its very roots – a sustainable supercar for a successful entrepreneur. Believe it or not,  you can get home without waking up all your neighbors – my ultimate gentleman’s car.

My little investigation looks feasible

The prices are starting around 200’000 EUR, quite a bit of money – but doable. I found a used Coupé for 180k, insurance 3’500 per year. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress! The model is available in three different colours: Vega Blue, Sicilian Yellow & Curacao Blue (the one shown in this article).
mclaren 570s spider colors

McLaren Sports Series

Recently you chased the new McLaren Sports Series through the black forest in Germany, tell us something about it?

We drove the three models which lately have been presented by McLaren. It’s called the ‘Sports Series’ and brings supercar performance to the luxury sports car world. More powerful and lighter than other sports cars, the Sports Series offers a class-leading power-to-weight ratio and just feels fantastic to drive.

The McLaren Sports Series is the third and final product family to join the recently announced three-tier model range from McLaren Automotive.

The Sports Series introduces unique McLaren DNA to the sports car market. Each model has been designed and engineered by a team of experts at the iconic McLaren Technology Centre alongside the Formula 1™ team operations, and every car is hand built in the same state-of-the-art McLaren Production Centre as the Super Series and Ultimate Series models.




It’s all Greek to me, tell us in numbers!

Sure let’s start from scratch… McLaren presents their latest model range: 540C Coupé, 570S Coupé and 570GT. At the end of the day it’s pretty easy. The number is the amount of horsepower, the character explains us the type of car. Let’s get it more clear:

540C -> 540 Horse Power – C stands for Club.

570S -> 570 Horse Power – S stands for Sport

570GT -> 570 Horse Power – GT stands for Grand Touring or Grand Tourer

Okay, that makes sense… but can you actually feel this difference when driving it?

Totally. Of course, they’re all super fast cars. That’s what the brand is about. Compared to the former models, we’re now talking about their little siblings.

The 540C is and feels like a comfortable version. It’s a modest model… less power, less noise and comfortable to drive.

The 570S is definitely a beast! It’s super fast, the exhaust noise is mind-blowing and cornering is master-work.

The 570GT which we drove in Tenerife is a typical Grand Tourer, very comfortable to drive, more space added. Still, one of my favorite models.

A very interesting fact: McLaren is using the same engine for all of their models, which delivers a power-range between 540hp – 1000hp (McLaren P1 GTR).




Wow, how is that possible?

The Sports Series uses the typical seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox and their 3.8-litre twin turbo V8, with 30 percent of components bespoke to the new model, produces 570PS (562bhp) and 600Nm (443 lb ft) in 570S Coupé and 570GT. Retrieving a power-range like this, i’s a matter of adjusting the engine in a different way. And of course, remove weight or refine aerodynamics etc…

Some words about the design?

The Sports Series introduces the McLaren design language to the sports car segment for the first time, with taught, ‘shrink-wrapped’ body lines marking it out from the competition. Design cues and learnings from the Ultimate Series and Super Series models ensure the Sports Series looks every part a true McLaren, but with a clear identity of its own. Unique design features include the iconic dihedral doors more typically associated with supercars, while elegant flying buttresses and a concave rear window distinguish 570S Coupé and 540C Coupé models. A subtly revised aerodynamic package and a dedicated wheel design further mark out the 540C Coupé from the more powerful 570S Coupé. The 570GT, meanwhile, presents a glasshouse with clean and sleek lines leading to the rear of the car. A unique aerodynamic package has been tailored to work in harmony with the elegant silhouette of the 570GT.

Impressive, what about the inside?

The interior design of the Sports Series carries the exterior design approach through with key features including floating elements to add to the sense of depth, while organic shapes and curves bring delicate tension without aggression for a welcoming and ergonomic layout.

The Sports Series offers the widest selection of ‘By McLaren’ designs to date, with 10 in total. Of these, five have a focus on contemporary luxury, while the other five have a sportier focus.

Not much of a surprise there is absolutely everything you’d expect in such a car.

I guess that’s pretty expensive?

The price for a 540C starts at 177’000 CHF, the 570S at 201’000 CHF and the 570GT at 212’000 CHF

Is that arguable?

Of course. It’s a high class brand which puts around 30% of their revenue into engineering. Every single detail has been studied and improved by the best technicians on the planet. Only the best materials are being used (chassis is made of carbon fibre for example). They’re constantly improving their models and trust me, I’m looking very much forward to drive the next one soon!



The New McLaren 570GT – Along The Roads Of Tenerife

Introduction Of My Story

It’s one of these days when suddenly the phone rings and you’re asked if you wanna join the McLaren team on Tenerife to drive the new McLaren 570GT. My adventure started with a smooth flight, of course I was totally excited to drive across the island and discover this beautiful car.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

Arrived At The Ritz Carlton Suite

The team booked the supreme suite with the new 570GT standing in the middle of deck. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, so I had to ask how they have managed to get it up there? Well, there was no helicopter on the island with enough power – at the end of the day the have used a huge crane to lift it on to the top of the Hotel – crazy!


mclaren ritz carlton

Over these days we had a very lovely team and wonderful food. Where ever and when ever we had all the support and help needed. I’d like to share a big thank you with the McLaren crew.

The New McLaren 570GT

With their new model – the 570GT – McLaren is presenting their yet most comfortable sports car. So what’s different? Basically the whole concept of building a sports car has been refined and made more luxury. The McLaren 570GT contains a touring deck with 220 litres of storage space, a panoramic roof, comfy beautiful leather seats and a Bowers & Wilkins sound system! The McLaren 570GT is an ultimate sports car experience. One that’s perfect for daily use, longer journeys and weekends away.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren is of course using a carbon-fibre chassis to make the model light and protecting. Yes, the result of using carbon-fibre is exceptional crash protection, outstanding dynamics and an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio.

So let’s talk about the performance! McLaren is using their twin-turbocharged 3.8 – Litre V8 which produces pretty mad 562BHP and 600NM torque. The sound of the 570GT is a bit less loud compared to the other models – that ensures the common theme of building a comfortable sports-car.



The seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox belongs to most responsive gearboxes I’ve experienced so far. Pretty sick how detailed you can adjust every single detail. There are two options, both separately adjustable from each other. So you can switch the engine in sports mode but keep the handling in normal mode which is ending up in some fancy driving cocktails.


Interstellar Travelling – Along The Roads Of Tenerife

The journey we had on this island, was beyond anything I have seen and felt. The diversity of our ride across the roads was otherworld-like. And that’s why I wrote some style of a poem to express what we have discovered.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

Deep in the Ocean of Time
Right into the layers of space
Dwelling through infinite dimensions

I’m here, paralyzed, under the vibrant sky.
Let go of past judgments
and embrace new paths of thoughts

Stormy waves across the coast
Along green woods and bendy roads
Up to the prideful volcano

Suddenly I’m reaching another planet, I’m diving into another universe
Lost in an abyss, only glimpses of far away stars, out of reach.
Is time an illusion, an interval or a passage?
Breathless by the emptiness and silence
On the darkside of the moon.

Rights by Ian Kuah –

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase

The moon inspires mankind since we exist, it speaks his own secret language. My mother once told me that one of my first words as a baby was ‘moon’ – and I always looked up astonished by it’s mystery.


The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase means so much more than just a time indication to me. It’s my personal fascination for precision and perfection.

As well as beautifully measuring every moment on earth; this timepiece follows the phases of the moon, which makes perfect sense given that the Speedmaster was the first watch ever to be worn on the lunar surface.


A brief astronomy lesson: a lunar month is not 30 days, but slightly more than 29.5 days. A difficult time-span to manage for a standard gear train, but OMEGA’s Moonphase is up to the task.

The ‘Master Chronometer’ movement is the yet most precise movement, tested at the industry’s highest level. And that’s exactly the reason why it harmonizes so wonderfully with the 570GT.

Interview with Wayne Bruce

Wayne Bruce is the Global Communications and PR Director. Lucky me, I had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions.

So you’re obviously not Batman, right?

No, it’s Wayne Bruce – not Bruce Wayne. But they call me ‘Man-bat’ in the UK

What was the goal by developing the McLaren 570GT?

It’s the most luxury McLaren that has been built yet. Means you can easily take it for a longer journey without any issues. It does take the brand into the ‘Gran Turismo’ territory for the first time in history, but it’s still very much a McLaren.

Some words about the future?

Sure, we just announced our business plan for the next 6 years. A few key points:

McLaren will stay self-funding and independent.

We’re going to invest a large proportion of our profits into future products which results in 15 new cars – half of them hybrid engines.

Describe a perfect gentleman

Of course he drives a silver McLaren 570GT (smiles). Being a gentleman is about politeness, understatement, tolerance of others and letting others go first.

Driving the McLaren 650S

After these endless roads and the tremendous beautfiul ride, I took the McLaren 650S to review a slightly faster and crisp model. I made some stopover at Los Gigantes.


Now you have a chance to see me going mad in this car. And as well explain the details.

I’m very much looking forward to my next adventure with McLaren, I’m pretty sure we will have a look into the McLaren production soon!

Geneva 85th International Motor Show

As diamonds are a woman’s best friend a man’s best friend is his car. I guess not many would disagree with this fact. Sure, there is an exception to every rule. But I’d say the majority of us are simply fascinated by the endless variety, the special charisma and for sure the still improving and changing technologies which cars impressively show. Driving leads us to breathtaking moments that change into emotional memories and therefore stay with us for a very long time. 
To get some new ideas and inspire yourself, the world famous International Motor Show in Geneva is the place to be. The event plays in the highest league of this kind of events. The whole ambience is beyond words. This week, I had the chance to visit the 85th Show. 
genf frühling
The sun was shining and showed Geneva in all its beauty when I arrived in the early morning at the Palexpo hall. I was one of the first visitors and enjoyed it to the fullest. Knowing that there will be hundreds of visitors and an increase of the room temperature in a few hours, I just strolled around and had enough time to have a look at many of the cars in detail. I’d recommend you to do exactly the same, because at the week-ends there’s normally a huge rush. 

Bentley Flying Spur

One of the first cars, which caught my eye, was the Bentley Flying Spur. The new Bentleys look simply divine. The company has kept the shapes and forms of the past Bentleys but combined it with a big portion of harmony, power and elegance. At the end of the day, they remain true to their principles – only with a step into another more impressive direction. 
bentley autosalon genf
The Flying Spur is masculine and classy. I can’t see a better combination than this. The violet/beige color combination could be called as risky but I have all the respect for this godly elegance. 
interior bentley flying spur
Bentley GT Speed
The rear of the Bentley GT Speed with the double exhaust and the straightforward lines underneath is impressive.
bentley genfer autosalon
McLaren 675LT
Holy cow! This is crazy power on 4 wheels! The 675LT is limited to 500 Pieces. And with a price of 356.696 Euro you need to use the petty cash.
It has a 3,8-Liter-V8 enginge with is producing 675HP & 700NM. With a weight of 1230Kg it is complete madness!
mclaren 675LT

McLaren 650S

Same enginge as the 675LT, producing 650 HP.

This is the convertible model which reminds me of driving along the french riviera, with this breath-taking sound of the McLaren.

mclaren 650s

Lamborghini Huracán
They call it the Huracán.
Based on the maya mythology it was the god of wind, storm and fire.
And that’s exactly what you discover in this mental car. It is utterly fearless, a hurrican in the desert, an unleashed fearless power machine. Absolutely love it!
lamborghini huracan
Rolls Royce
This is simply the infinite class. Wherever your eyes go, the most exclusive materials are not good enough. This is high-end, handmade extra-class!
They come up with features like a sky full of stars. Not in the stand but in the car! This is what I call endless beauty. You can even feel the passion and tradition, which lies in all this work. Utterly beautiful.
rolls royce schweiz

rolls royce fahren

Last but not least: The event is also famous for the beautiful models, which work during the whole fair. Here you can see one of the Pirelli Models – awesome!
pirelli girl autosalon