Kariem Hussein shows Strellson’s latest summer fashion 2019

Summer is here and is showing its most beautiful side. We’ve teamed up with Kariem Hussein – the European champion in the 400-metre hurdles – to show you the best outfits of Strellson’s current summer fashion 2019.

About Kariem Hussein

1.92 tall, blue eyes and a sympathetic smile, already at the first handshake it becomes clear: Kariem radiates something calm, friendly and down-to-earth. He grew up as the son of a Swiss woman and an Egyptian dad on the countryside near Lake Constance and became enthusiastic about football and other sports at an early age.

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2014 – the highlight of the European Athletics Championships 2014

At the age of twenty, the young athlete decided to switch from football to athletics. After a hard and focused training session, he managed the coup in Zurich in 2014: he became European champion in the 400-metre hurdles. He charmingly explains to us that in this sport, his body size is quite suitable for him.

Kariem recently completed his medical studies, proving he is more than just good-looking and disciplined in every respect.

Kariem Hussein shows the latest summer fashion 2019 by Strellson

Strellson – the company based in Kreuzlingen – can look back on over 30 years of history and has meanwhile developed into a global brand and perhaps something of an insider’s tip. Fact is: there is a lot of style and quality at a top price.

1st Maritime Looks & Yachting

With these outfits you can’t go wrong when it comes to summer fashion 2019. The looks are ideal for a leisurely stroll along the shore, a sailboat trip or a glass of rosé on the water. The combination of blue and white fits so wonderfully into the theme of yachting and is definitely one of our favourites.

Tip: The shorts can also be combined with an apricot-coloured shirt, which adds a little extra freshness to the look.

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2. Sporty & casual

If you prefer a sporty and crunchy look, choose a short Sports Crush pants and shirt. The outfit looks cool, easygoing and is perfect for all those who like it casual.

Tip: Strellson also has some great swimming trunks on offer – check it out!

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3. Coffee or dinner at the restaurant

Kariem shows with this great look that summer fashion 2019 can be a bit classic. The outfit is perfect for a coffee in the late afternoon or an evening dinner on a cosy terrace.

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