Men’s Styles For Late Summer

styles for men

Men’s Styles – Introduction

Late summer is arriving, a nice chance to show some men’s styles. The heat is not that intense anymore, the evenings start to get a bit colder. The ideal season to dress up and wear some nice clothes.

Certainly, there are a lot of options. Today we’re presenting three men’s stlyes which all suit into the ‘smart casual‘ world. 

Pictures & Rights by Vision Of Touch

Dapper men’s styles – How-To

Honestly, those are all reasonable ready-to made men’s styles. Easy to buy, not a big budget required. I usually go to my tailor to adjust a few details. So at the end of the day, you see pretty basic stuff here but, dapperly combined.

A few points you have to look after

  • Slim fit is your cut, it harmonises the shapes and forms.
  • The seams of your desired jacket have to suit your shoulders
  • 1-2 cm of your shirt are visible at the end of the sleeve
  • Get rid of your socks when it comes to wear loafers
  • Make sure you go for a common theme (will explain that after)

Dapper men’s styles – The Looks

Look No. 1

It’s pretty much all blue here, a very elegant alternate to black and it beautifully fits to brown.

men's style

massimo dutti shoes

jacket massimo dutti


Massimo Dutti ca. 200 CHF

Massimo Dutti ca. 60 CHF

Massimo Dutti ca. 180 CHF

Outfittery ca. 80 CHF

Look No. 2

Beige is a very chic colour during autumn season. The nice fact about it, you can combine it to so many other colours. 

men's style ideas

navyboot shoes

beige jacket

Massimo Dutti ca. 200 CHF

Massimo Dutti ca. 60 CHF

Navyboot ca. 180 CHF

Suitsupply ca. 100 CHF

Look No. 3

Red and white go very well together, this is sort of a pastel red – a nice choice in this season. 

men's styles

aquila shoes

polo pants

Aus Florenz ca. 180 CHF

Polo Ralph Lauren ca. 180 CHF

Aquila ca. 480 CHF

Suitsupply ca. 100 CHF


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