Open-Air adventure at its best: the McLaren 720S Spider

The thrill is guaranteed here: the new McLaren 720S Spider comes up with a convertible top speed of 200 mph, 720 bhp and a dry weight of 1332 kg. With such a lightweight achieved, the British car manufacturer once again proves its role as market leader in lightweight construction and technical innovation. The introduction of the McLaren 720S Coupé has already redefined the expectations in the super sports car class, now the topless version follows, which makes a lot of anticipation for the summer.

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720s spider

720s spider mclaren

Light, fast and powerful: the McLaren 720S Spider

Lightweight construction as a USP

How can you possibly achieve such a low dry weight? The roof mechanism has been revised, the McLaren-typical carbon fibre chassis is used and a light, stiff and extremely strong Monocage II-S carbon fibre core ensures the low weight difference. The Spider version therefore weighs only 49 kg more than the Coupé, a technical masterpiece in every respect.

mclaren convertible

mclaren 720s spider

Endless power

The same engine is used as in the Coupé, which delivers 720hp and 770Nm torque, which throws you from 0-100km/h within 2.9 seconds. Depending on your mood, you can choose between comfort, sport or track mode, whereby the Mclaren 720S Spider adapts to the setting and quickly evolves from a touring car to a racing car.

Sophisticated design

The motto hasn’t changed: Maximize output – minimize drag. The basic design principles are basically the same as for the Coupé, although the Spider has a retractable hardtop instead of a glass roof. Nevertheless, the 720S Spider convinces with a relatively good all-round visibility (Mclaren promises a 12% improvement compared to the previous Super Series).

Also convincing in the interior

Inside, there’s plenty of luxury and comfort: Alcantara, glass, carbon fiber, nappa leather, a Bowers & Wilkins audio system and a 8.0-inch touchscreen. In terms of space, 150 litres of storage space is available under the hood & 58 litres of additional luggage space when the roof is closed.

How is it to drive?

The ride through the picturesque Black Forest in the Mclaren 720S Spider was once again a special experience. Thanks to its low dry weight, you can corner it through tight curves like a go-kart.

The rest is a open-air adventure par excellence: noises, smells and the entire environment have a much more intense effect and ensure a unique driving experience. Otherwise, there’s a lot of action, sound, lightning-fast steering, vicious acceleration and G-forces like on a roller coaster – the McLaren 720S Spider feels like a jet.

A few figures at a glance

  • The roof of the Mclaren 720S Spider can be opened or closed within 11 seconds – up to a speed of 50 km/h.
  • The 4.0-litre McLaren V8 twin turbo engine generates 720hp and 770Nm of torque,
  • Acceleration from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds – like the 720S Coupé; 0-200km/h 7.9 seconds; top speed with closed roof 341km/h – with open roof 325km/h
  • Price from 311,500 CHF

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