Fashion trends 2019 – With style into summer!

Twice a year various exhibitors, fashion enthusiasts, fashion brands, spectators, peacocks and photographers are traveling to Florence. It’s time for Pitti Uomo 96 – the biggest fashion fair for men and benchmark for fashion – a good reason to show the coolest fashion trends for the summer of 2019.

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Fashion trends 2019 – With style into summer!

Florence showed its best side last week: it was sunny, around 35 degrees warm and the alleys full of people in good mood. Every 6 months we can look forward to a good glass of wine, a few steaks and fancy looks – the Italian town is simply wonderful.

Today’s fashionable man is allowed to take risks and show some courage for colours and unusual looks. This summer, we’re showing our favorite outfits we’ve seen in Florence. The common theme? It’s all a bit about South American flair or styles you might see on a South African safari.

Linen is the must-have for the summer

It’s hard to miss: Linen as far as the eye can see. Linen consists of a natural fibre, which is obtained from flax and radiates a pleasant naturalness. At warm temperatures the fabric has a cooling effect and is therefore comfortable to wear. Linen fabrics are of high quality and finely woven but still robust.

Tip: Linen often creases quickly, there are mixtures of linen and cotton that are less susceptible.

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fashion trends 2019


havanna look

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Havanna Looks – Flower Shirts & Shirts

The styles remind of good old Havana with its vintage cars, colorful houses, palm trees and the never-ending evenings in the light of lanterns with rum, cigar and salsa.

By the way: are the sandals back? You can often see it at this year’s fair. Conclusion? It suits the ‘Havana Look’ very well!

The colours of summer 2019: white, beige, brown & green

The Pitti is teeming with imaginative looks in all colours and shapes! But with these 4 colours you can’t do anything wrong with fashion trends 2019 in summer: White, beige, brown and green could be seen everywhere at the Pitti 96 – by the way, they also combine perfectly!

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Cigars – smoking is allowed!

The trend from last year continues and inspires the photographers – smoking cigars is away from the ‘Wall Street image’ and fits perfectly to the fashion trends of 2019! The Davidoff Churchill with its spicy wood and leather notes over the creamy, sweet accents is definitely our favourite.

winston churchill cigar

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smoking a cigar

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smoking in style

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