Kingsman Movie – Manners maketh man

Manners maketh man

Manners are a relevant instrument in the repertoire of every Gentleman. They work like a weapon in the daily practice and they are just as a perfect fitting suit – a constituent element of a Gentleman’s’ life.

Besides that, manners are the foundation of “Kingsman”, a movie that specifies the quintessence of being a Gentleman. In order to become and being a Gentleman neither your ethnic roots, despite your age or your gender are of any relevance. Becoming and being a Gentleman involves and signifies always a ripening process. You have the choice and only you have the obligation for your own life. It’s a development in which miscellaneous aspects flow together and grow into a powerful unity. In any case it contains the consciousness for fine materials of selected suits which lay emphasis on the true  character as well as the estimation of high-class beverages like a Dalmore 62 Single Hiland Malt Scotch which let us taste the past, the present and the future on the tip of your tongue at once.

At a deeper level it means much more than that. The word “gentle” includes also being respectable, disciplined and nonchalant. The essential conditions for the modern Gentleman aren’t just his manners nor his appearance but first and foremost his values. These aren’t visible all the time and many virtuous actions may remain hidden but nonetheless these virtues are the central theme of being a Gentleman. Loyalty, reliability and solicitude are only a short outline of a wide range of moral courage which are part of a Gentleman and the connection for a fight for the greater good in “Kingsman”. The movie combines these noble characteristic features with ingenious action-scenes which raise the gear of a gentleman on a higher level of technical functionality. Tied up with intelligent, humorous dialogues it leads to a smart action-comedy about the modern Gentleman in the nature of British attributes at its best.

Or summarized in the words of Harry Hart (Colin Firth) quoting Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Kingsman, in theaters from 12th March.

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Text by Nicole Huminski

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