Finali Mondiali ¦ Mugello Racetrack

Firenze – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A place where romance, delicious food and Italian history meets. The ideal place to travel with your partner and spend an astonishing time. Florence is the capitol of Tuscany, a big wine region in the north of  Italy.
Firenze travel report
Florence Architecture
Once you arrive, you start to understand why a couple of the biggest genius in human history have spent quite a some time in this fabulous city (Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei are a a couple of examples). The buildings are shaped in Renaissance architecture – what a lovely place.
Firenze Photos
Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge that survived the 2nd world war. Today it’s mainly used to sell jewelery (made this one with the world famous gelato).
Gelato Florence
No doubt it’s already a handsome place to visit, but there is more to tell. 
Ferrari is organising races all over the globe and the finali mondiali at the mugello race track took place. 
Ferrari Mugello
Wrist shot of the Hublot Big Bang  ¦ Ferrari Speciale Grey Ceramic
Hublot Ferrari Grey Ceramic
The hotlap I made was one of the ultimate experiences in my life. The driver pushed the car the it’s limits, it was better than any rollercoaster! Unfortunately there are no pictures of this experience.
Mugello Ferrari
What a fantastic atmosphere. It was my first time to be part of such a race. There are Ferrari cars literally everywhere. The race and the whole show perfectly reflects the passion and brand-mania for Ferrari. There are flags all over the place and pretty much everyone has a Ferrari logo on the jacket. It was extremely hot (in November), noisy and super crowded. It’s a spectacular event and thanks to the Hublot crew we had a great program and loads of cool ‘behind the scenes’ options you defintely don’t get as a normal visitor.
Safety Car Hublot
A few of my personal highlights at the Finali Mondiali… 
I met a real Italian Gentleman – Beppe Schenetti. His whole charism and warm oppenness to everyone is the Italian way and I love it.
Beppe Schenetti Ferrari
Another highlight of my journey was to meet Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel. The places were so packed with journalists from all over the world – I was not able to take a good catch of Sebastian Vettel. The two Formula One drivers passed their trainings on the track.
Kimi Raikkonen Interview
Ferrari’s pit stop, crazy how quick!
 What a wonderful journey! Thanks to Hublot for the invitation and the brilliant support
Wrist Shot Hublot

All You Need To Know About Whisky – Interview With An Expert

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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
Mark Twain
I clearly remember when I’ve tried my first whiskey, my grandfather served a beautiful dinner and after this yummy dish he asked me to try my first gentleman’s whiskey – an emotional lifetime memory. A few years later I’m still a whiskey lover and I kept collecting bottles over the years. Sad but true, most of it is already gone – but life is simply too short to wait for a good drink. My passion for whiskey was my motivation to organise an interview with the expert Christoph Nyfeler (Art Cigar & Whiskyworld)

We met in his cigar lounge to talk about the topic. Clearly a relaxed and smooth atmosphere, thanks as well Christian for the great shots!

Bourbon tasting

Can you explain us the roots of Whiskey?

Well if we go very far back, it was during the 5th century, when a French monch called Patrick brought the art of distilling from France to Ireland.
Ireland comes up with a different type of agronomy which is the reason that rather corn is growing than fruits. The monchs then brought it to Scottland. The first official documentations date back to the 15th century, the Scot immigrants brought the knowledge of distilling whiskey to America during the 17th / 18th century.

Smoking Cigar
What was the role of Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels was responsible for the big american trend of bourbon. From a small backyard distillery, he has raised the probably biggest whiskey brand in history. He was the one enhanced the american whiskey production and famousness. If he wouldn’t have been there, we would speak about a different approach today.

Gentleman Jack Test

Can you explain the difference between Bourbon, Whiskey, Single Malt?

Whiskey is the umbrella term for a distillate that is produced of grain. It requires a minimum age of 3 years in oak barrel. The bourbon casks are burnt and roasted which is the reason that bourbon whiskey dominates with caramel or chocolate tastes – those tastes are extracted from the barrel’s wood. A wonderful example is the Gentleman Jack, it contains exactly those flavours. Roasting of the casks is a typical american production method. Additionally bourbon is made of minimum 51% corn. The name is originated in the old bourbon county where Kenntucky & Virgina is. 

Single Malt is the rather delicate choice, the production doesn’t require additional roasting.

Scotch Whisky is always from Scotland.
Gentlemans Jack Review
Talking about grain, what types are used for a whiskey?

4 types of grains are used: corn, rye, wheat & barley
There are whiskeys from America, Scotland, Ireland & Japan. Can you explain the differences?

The art of distillery is based on the scotch method. At the end of the day the production method is the same. Currently there is a trend for Japanese whisky.

The American bourbon though is a bit different. As the scot immigrants came to the states, the country produced rather gin and rum. Loads of grain is growing in the north of the US, might be one of the reasons for the typical local method of producing whiskey. It is also a difference what type of water the brand is using to produce their whiskey. In Scotland nature provides springs, in the US they usually have to work with filteret water. Jack Daniels though, has an own spring called “Cave Spring”.

Interview Whiskey Expert

Tell us something about the correct way to drink & degust a whiskey
Whiskey contains more alcohol than wine which can influence your tasting experience. That’s why your nose shouldn’t be too deep in the glass. 
A common mistake is to drink it too fast. Take it easy, and keep the whiskey in your moulth to gain the full experience. If you taste a bourbon you can use a bigger glass, whilst Single Malt smaller glasses are preferred
Gentleman’s question, are you allowed to drink a whiskey on ice?
Rather not. Whiskey should be consumed straight to feel the flavour.
Avo Cigars Whisky

How can I combine a whiskey?

Cigar is of course a perfect match. On the other hand, you can cook with whiskey. Fits perfect to a lamb rack marinade. 
Another option is to combine it with cheese, a proper modern way.
Traditionally whiskey can be consumed with a dessert, preferably pure chocolate (more than 70% cacao content)

Is mixing whiskey allowed? If yes, how?
Yes it is. You can add water for example. Other options are coffee (Irish Coffee, Whisketto) or you simply mix a gentleman’s cocktail like a Manhattan.

Last but not least… Why the spelling differences (whisky, whiskey)

The differences are as following:

Scottland, Canada & Japan

USA & Ireland
There were more Irish immigrants in the U.S.- that’s the reason why the spelling is the Irish way.

A few words about the fashion

– Blazer by Massimo Dutti in beige


– Pants by Zara

Cigar Lounges Schweiz

Great wrist shot with Avo Cigars & HYT H1 AIR RC44
HYT Watches Logo
Avo Logo

Baselworld – What A Watch Exhibition

Since I am following my passion to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry, I have decided to visit the biggest and most extraordinary watch exhibition in the world. As you may know, Switzerland is World’s leading watch producer. I really think we should be proud of this fact and its my aspiration to spread it further and talk about our pride.

Picture by Andrea Monica Hug for Chic in Zürich

March 18th was a an utterly beautiful day, the sun was shining and Switzerland was showing all its prettiness and facets. Shortly after entering the exhibition, it was already a very special occasion to feel the vibe of such an international day, with all its glitter and glance.

Pics by Petra Burek

basel rooftop bar

For the very first time in my life, I was attending a press conference. I’ve learned and read a lot about how press conferences work, but attending one in real life as a media representative is a story on its own. The press conference itself was initiated with a rather sad message. They honored the first minutes to Jacque Dûchene, the former leader of the exhibition, who passed away. After this emotional start, they continued with further topics as smartwatches and the influences on the market and the exhibition itself as well as the challenging enduring economical situation, caused by the decision of the SNB to discontinue the minimum exchange.

baselworld pressconference

After this impressing press conference, we continued our visit. Believe me, it is just impossible to see everything during one day. We were running around a whole day and had many interesting chats with different people. That is why I have decided to share some of my favourite and memorable moments with you.

Hublot Press Conference

The rush to the conference of Hublot in the morning was huge, the room was jam-packed. People were outside watching the screen. I loved this atmosphere as it is incredible how many journalists from all over the world were waiting to get even one single picture of the whole speech.

hublot pressconference

We somehow managed to make it upstairs, and it was so crowded! Many people were standing there and talked to each other. Luckily, we had the honor to take some pictures with the Ambassador of Hublot (and very famous model) – Bar Refaeli
bar refaeli baselworld


HYT was presenting the most complicated watch they have ever invented. It contains a linear fluid which is a revolution in the watch industry.Of course, the technology was explained in detail during the speech of Lucien Vouillamoz.

HYT H3 Baselworld

As it is simply impossible to explain all the great details to you, I would recommend to have a look at the HYT H3 Trailer.

HYT Engineering

I am well aware, the post about Baselworld could easily fill 10 pages, as we have much more material. At the end of the day, I would like to keep it short this time.

Be excited for more coming up very soon.


Werenbach Watches – Made Of Parts From Space Rockets

WERENBACH was founded in 2013 by three friends. Patrick Hohmann is the young company’s managing director.
Werenbach Uhren

The material used for WERENBACH watches originates in Soyuz rockets that are launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. 

Soyuz Rocketweltallraketen

 I like the black edition of SBS Chronograph. A really classy watch!

Case: SBS – Aluminium, made from the shell of a Soyuz rocket.
Coating: EloxalDiameter: 43 mm.Height: 16 mm.Weight: 85 g.Luminous material: Super Luminova GL white W2Waterproof: 10 ATMStrap: Leather with textil lookEdition 2013: 40 pieces.More information here
Werenbach Watches

From left to right

Temo Sayin – owner of Mediahirsch
Myself – blog founder
Petra Burek – very talented artist
Maximilian Baumann – works for Radio24, 20min etc…

I’m suited up by Strellson in Bordeaux Red & Black. The suit is slim fit taylored.
Thanks to my friends from Gentlemen’s Clinic for the event organisation!

Geneva Video – HYT Quai du Mont-Blanc

So happy to present you the results from the video project in Geneva.
It reminds me on a cool James Bond trailer, check it out!

Like many great ideas, the inspiration for HYT started with Man contemplating nature.

The Hydro-Mechanical Horologists’s story has evolved over time and near water.
In 2002, the scenery that caught Lucien Vouillamoz’s imagination was that of the Swiss lakes – the ones of Neuchâtel, Bienne and Morat.
In 2014, on the shore of the Léman Lake and facing the mythical Jet d’eau of Geneva, is born the H1 Quai du Mont-Blanc, an homage to our partnership with Montres Prestige, HYT’s first ambassador of the brand in Switzerland, located on Quai du Mont-Blanc.

After indicating the time with a yellow fluid – the brand’s DNA – HYT has taken on a new ‘red fluid’ challenge: the colour of passion, of Geneva and of Switzerland. The liquid adjustement was not as simple as one could think and took eighteen technical months to perfect. Its classical minutes dial preserves the heritage of the traditional haute horlogerie whilst seamlessly integrating the perfection of the high fluid technology. With its proprietary unique caliber, the H1 Quai du Mont-Blanc movement is further enhanced by the beautiful Côte-de-Genève finitions.

Limited edition of 22 pieces, a nod at Geneva, the 22nd Canton of the Swiss Confederation.