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007 Steps To Turn You Into James Bond

James Bond Guide – Introduction

When you think of James Bond, a few things will cross your mind – a classy appearance, relentless charism, and raw sex appeal. It’s no surprise that millions of men want to emulate the world’s most famous spy. Nevertheless, 007’s manners and skills aren’t just for spies, you should use them as well. Read on to discover how Bond’s habits of greatness can turn you into the ultimate gentleman and a few accessories you will definitely need.

007 Steps To Turn You Into James Bond

Why is James Bond the most famous spy in the world? Because he knows when to make the right move. He’s able to deal with every sort of situation, decides on a course of action and delivers without a glitch. He has this very particular confidence, but if he requires advise, he is not too hesitant to consults the experts. The best leaders in the world know the difference between when to take action, and when to stop and ask for advice.

001 – The Rules

In order to learn from 007, we have to follow a few rules and manners.

Dignity & respect
Treat everyone and everything with certain respect and dignity. There is a universal law even Bond has no power, it’s called: ‘causality’. Action – reaction. If you’re respectful, you can expect to have a better life.

Be humble
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you earn. There is always a way to be humble and stay down to earth.

Deliver compliments
Mark Twain said: ‘I can live for two months on a good compliment’. A valid matter for every human fellow.

Take responsibility
If you agreed to do something: deliver it. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, you will raise your motivation to keep your word and take responsibility.

Do things charming
Bond is so likeable because he is charming. To be charming, you need to interact with people and learn the art of conversation.

002 – Get An OMEGA Watch

For more than 20 years, OMEGA is the official supplier of James Bond’s watch. In each of his movies, the watch has an additional function to get him out of a difficult situation.

Inspired by Bond’s rank and regalia, OMEGA has created the “Commander’s Watch”. The timepiece salutes the ensign colours of the British Royal Navy, with touches of white, blue and red found throughout the watch, creating a suave and stately look.

On the wave-edged caseback, the stripes of the Commander’s naval insignia are featured on the rotor of the new OMEGA Calibre 2507. There is also a central 9mm “bullet” design which adds to the 007 touch. The stainless steel model is limited to just 7,007 pieces.

OMEGA Seamaster Diver, Ref:

003 – Dress Impeccably

Dressing well is a gift to others. It shows self-respect; a man who cares enough about himself to make an effort. Bond is always dressed up properly. Pretty often he shows up in a tailored suit, with its matching waistcoat.

004 – Drive An Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin is the official Bond partner since more than 50 years. The new DB11 definitely belongs to the best-looking cars in the world. This model is probably the start of a whole new chapter for the company, pretty much everything has been renewed. Stiffer aluminium chassis, a twin-turbo charged V12 & a new infotainment. 

The new 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 makes 608bhp and 700nn of torque, so for something weighing 1,770kg dry (10kg more than the DB9), 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds is pretty impressive. However, it doesn’t have the same depth of sound character as its 6.0-litre naturally aspirated predecessor.

So, in case you’re looking for an all-classy handsome grand tourer, this is your future James Bond Car. 

005 – Check-in at The Chedi Andermatt

Opened in December 2013, The Chedi Andermatt can be found at the crossroads of three mountain passes, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is accessible via three Alpine passes: the Oberalp Pass to the east, the St. Gotthard Pass in the south and the Furka Pass in the west. Actually the perfect place to go with an Aston Martin DB11.

The Chedi Andermatt sets a new standard in design and hospitality in Switzerland. Alpine chic meets Asian nuances throughout the 5-star hotel. There are 123 appointed rooms and suites (from 52 square metres to 330 square metres). A tremendous balance of  using local elements with a keen attention to detail – large fireplaces, wood panelling, and terraces allowing the indoor and outdoor spaces to blend seamlessly together.

006 – Get Ready For Some Action

We teamed up with Cars With Luke and took the Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport & the Aston Martin DB11 to the Furkapass. An extraordinary experience and much fun to drive the cars up the mountain pass.

007 – Order Your Drink At The Bar

Although the Vodka Martini, “shaken not stirred,” is the drink that James Bond is best known for, it is not the only one by far. There are actually many mixed drinks which the famous spy has sipped through his adventures. One thing is for sure, he does have great taste in drinks. Yet, would we expect anything less from 007?

The 6 Best Chronograph Watches Below 10k

The Best Chronograph Watches – Introduction

The term ‘chronograph’ is composed of the two ancient Greek words ‘chrónos’ and ‘gráphein’. Which means ‘time’ and ‘write’. The term thus describes watches with an additional stopwatch function.

How do I distinguish a chronograph watch from others?

Chronographs are typically characterized by two pushers allocated next to the crown and a few additional small dials (called “totalisers”) on the main dial where seconds, minutes and hours are indicated. Starting the chronograph, seconds are shown by the large clockhand.

The evolution of the pilot watch

Unsurprisingly, this technique was used for aviation at the beginning of the 20th century. Accordingly, you will find a lot of pilot’s watches within the chronograph world. We will explain that in detail later.

When shall I wear a chronograph watch?

They are so to say the ideal ‘daily driver’. Your everyday-watch. A mixture of sportiness, elegance and a statement. The following watches are all easily combined with various dress codes such as Smart Casual or Business Casual.

The Best Chronograph Watches Below 10,000 CHF

The best chronographs below 10’000 CHF are a popular topic among our readers and definitely not easy to answer. All the timepieces listed below are an excellent choice in terms of beauty, quality and reliability. Once again the choice was far from easy. One or another brand listed here, offers other beautiful chronographs in the assortment. Our top 5 is deliberately not numbered because it should not be a ranking list.

Carl F. Bucherer – Manero Flyback

This handsome version of the Manero Flyback was presented at the Baselworld this year. It includes timeless elegance, sportiness and watchmaking at its finest. It is outstanding in terms of price/quality, since you get a very sophisticated movement for this amount of money.

die besten chronographen

5900.- CHF ¦ Ref. 00.10919.08.93.01

Manufactured chronograph movement – automatic calibre CFB 1970
Power reserve 42h

Stainless steel, diameter 43mm

Louisiana-Alligator-leather & folding clasp

A flyback chronograph is a complication watch, in which you can use the reset function without the need to first stop the chronograph. In regular chronographs you need to stop, reset, and restart the chronograph if you want to time an event after you have started the chronograph.

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase

The first watch worn on the moon and a must-have in every watch collection of a gentleman. The Speedmaster, which has been part of all six moon missions, is one of OMEGA’s most legendary timepieces. In line with the discovery spirit, this new speedmaster contains two small moons.

omega chronograph

9900.- CHF ¦ Ref. 304.

Manufactured self-winding chronograph with column wheel and Co-Axial escapement. Certified Master Chronometer, approved by METAS. Calibre 9904.
Power reserve 60h

Stainless steel, diameter 44,25mm

Alligator leather


IWC Pilot’s Watch  «Le Petit Prince»

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a recognized author and a lover of aviation. His book, ‘Le Petit Prince’, is a world famous bestseller. IWC takes the theme of Saint-Exupéry’s petit prince with a special edition and presents this beautiful double chronograph.

iwc chronograph

5400.- CHF ¦ Ref. IW377714

Self-winding mechanical chronograph movement (ETA)
Power reserve 44h

Stainless steel, diameter 43mm

Brown calfskin leather

Innovative display of the weekday.

Breitling Navitimer 01

Where shall we start? Official supplier of aviation. Inventor of the modern chronograph. A legend on the wrist.

breitling chronograph

8700.- CHF ¦ Ref. AB012012|BB01|447A

Calibre Breitling 01 (manufactured movement)
Power reserve min. 70 hours

Stainless steel, diameter 43mm

Polished steel

Jaeger Le-Coultre Master Chronograph

Lovers of mechanical watches will appreciate the simple design of this model. With its modern look and distinctive vintage accents, the Master Chronograph inspires everyone who is looking for a touch of genuineness.

jaeger le-coultre chronograph

8400.- CHF ¦ Ref. 1538530

Manufactured self-winding movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre : 751G
Power reserve 65h

Stainless steel, diameter 40mm

Alligator leather

Hour counter, Chronograph, 30-minute counter, Hour – Minute, Tachometer

Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open

A clear view of a legendary mechanism: The famous Chronomaster El Primero «Full Open» by Zenith is justifiably named by its heart, performance and precision thanks to its fully opened and skewed dial. This chronograph beats at a high frequency of 36’000 Vph, or 5 Hz, which makes it one of the fastest and most precise industrial chronograph.

Chronograph Watches

9900.- CHF ¦ Ref. 03.2081.400/78.C813

El Primero 400, self-winding movement
power reserve 50h

Stainless steel, diameter 42mm

Alligator leather

Central chronograph clockhand
12-hours-counter at 6 o’clock
30-minutes-counter at 3 o’clock


Opening Of The First Carl F. Bucherer Boutique In Lucerne

Carl F. Bucherer Boutique In Lucerne – Introduction

Once you have discovered Lucerne, you will know it definitely belongs to the most beautiful cities all over the world. It’s a picturesque town, nestled in the middle of mountains and a beautiful lake. It’s a typical Swiss energy with fresh air and a very clean environment.

Unsurprisingly, Lucerne is a big attraction to whom ever visits our beautiful country.

Nearly 130 years ago, Swiss entrepreneur Carl F. Bucherer opened a specialty shop for watches and jewelry in Lucerne. Now, Carl F. Bucherer opens an exclusive boutique in this gorgeous city, where it all began in 1888 – and to launch an equally exclusive watch to mark the occasion. The Manero Peripheral Boutique Edition, limited to 188 pieces, represents the traditional art of watchmaking and the brand’s commitment to embracing its heritage.

opening lucerne

Jörg Bucherer

Carl F. Bucherer Boutique – The Opening

The new boutique is located in one of Lucerne’s historic buildings, with its golden interior design, a characteristic of Carl F. Bucherer’s corporate language. 

With its latest boutique, the Swiss watch manufacturer offers visitors a new way to experience the world of Carl F. Bucherer. The interior exudes understated luxury, accentuated by the golden elements of the brand logo.

cfb boutique

Plenty of celebrities, media and the owner Jörg Bucherer, showed up at the Carl F. Bucherer boutique event. Later in the evening, Sascha Moeri presented an exclusive timepiece created expressly to mark this event: the Manero Peripheral Boutique Edition. This model is limited to 188 watches, an allusion to the year in which the company was founded.

The Manero Peripheral combines classic design with modern engineering. It is powered by the CFB A2050 calibre, which was launched in 2016 and designed and developed completely in-house.

manero limited 

Reference number
00.10917.08.53.88, Limited to 188 pieces

Automatic, CFB A2050 caliber, chronometer, power reserve 55 hours

Date, hour, minute, small seconds

Stainless steel, water-resistant to 30 m (30 atm), diameter 40.6 mm, height 11.2 mm

Louisiana alligator leather

Blue galvanized with red-gold-plated appliquéd indices

wrist shots

lucerne watch making

lucerne watch boutiqueOur Journey With Carl F. Bucherer

We were invited at the following day to attend a watch class and have a delicious dinner in the evening. Yet again, it was fascinating to learn about the Swiss watchmaking and let us tell you: there is more to come.

Our week-end continued with an adventurous voyage over the lake ‘Vierwaldstättersee’ direction to Pilatus where we attended ‘Pilatus on the rocks’.

We had a wonderful week-end with a lot of astonishing landscapes, a very cool concert in the evening in the middle of rocks and cliffs. We highly appreciate being part of this brand, and we cannot wait to explore the art of watch manufacturing on site.

cfb boutique
watch class

swiss watch parts

ceo carl f. bucherer

pilatus rocks

pilatus view
carl f. bucherer influencers


Atomic Blonde Premiere With Carl F. Bucherer

Atomic Blonde – Introduction

Happy me, I was invited to my first movie premiere – joining the Carl F. Bucherer team to watch ‘Atomic Blonde’ in Berlin. Following all the cool John Wick, Liam Neeson, Jason Statham action movies, David Leitch had the brilliant idea to produce an action movie with a leading actress.

Charlize Theron takes the starring role in Atomic Blonde, which also features such leading names as James McAvoy, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, and Til Schweiger.

Sounds amazing? An IMBD rating of 7.3 is an impressive number and trust me, the movie is absolutely worth watching but more about the story later.

Atomic Blonde Warm Up

I spent my afternoon relaxing at the Hotel lobby of ‘Das Stue’. The former embassy is an absolute stunner of a Hotel. I asked myself: what would an agent do? Smoking a cigar, reading the news seemed to be the ideal preparation for the action part afterwards.

gentleman's watch

copyright @swisswatches

men's watches

copyright @swisswatches

Manero Flyback – By Carl F. Bucherer

Of course such an event requires a matching watch. The Manero Flyback absolutely belongs to my favourite watches when it comes to combine it with a classy suit.

The Manero Flyback has something distinctly unique to offer for watch lovers: the sophisticated manufactured movement with flyback function. It enables the user to record consecutive times with the shortest possible interval between them.

This timepiece combines beauty, class and precision mechanics.

manero flyback gold

Manero Flyback Ref 00.10919.03.13.01 Rose Gold – Copyright @swisswatches

manero flyback steel

Manero Flyback Ref 00.10919.08.13.01 Stainless Steel – Copyright @swisswatches

Atomic Blonde – What Is It About?

Don’t worry, this is not the type of spoiler article – but still we can do a small recap:

Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), a top-level spy for MI6, is dispatched to Berlin to take down a ruthless espionage ring that has just killed an undercover agent for reasons unknown. She is ordered to cooperate with Berlin station chief David Percival, and the two form an uneasy alliance, unleashing their full arsenal of skills in pursuing a threat that jeopardizes the West’s entire intelligence operation.

atomic blonde movie

The Role Of Carl F. Bucherer

With David Leitch as director and Swiss actor Daniel Bernhardt as the villain, the latest Hollywood action thriller Atomic Blonde boasts two Carl F. Bucherer brand ambassadors in key roles. Watches from the Lucerne-based brand also play an important role – but you’ll have to watch the movie to nd out more details. Carl F. Bucherer also supported its brand ambassadors as the exclusive partner for the movie’s world premiere in Berlin. Among the highlights, a watchmaker’s bench appeared on the red carpet, where a Carl F. Bucherer watchmaker offered insights into this traditional craft.

Atomic Blonde – Closing Word

I really enjoyed watching the movie. There a few aspects I really enjoyed about it:

  • It’s a super powerful movie and it stands for a strong, talented and fascinating woman – encouraging!
  • The soundtrack flows into the whole story and kicks you into the Atomic Blonde world – staggering!
  • You will be able to feel how much struggle Charlize went through, big respect for that

After the movie we enjoyed a nice closing drink – and at the next day an exciting hotrod tour. I had a great time in Berlin which I will never forget!

cfb watches

manero flyback watch gentlemen cigar

A Gentleman’s Journey With Carl F. Bucherer

My Journey With Carl F. Bucherer

Monday morning, I packed my duties and drove with the classy Jaguar F-Type up to Honegg. Of course, some beautiful memories came up on my way… Last time, we spent an unforgettable week-end at the Villa Honegg. The sun was out on this spring day – and since I’m deep in love with my Patravi Traveltec FourX, I was super excited to see the new collection now being presented by Carl F. Bucherer at Baselworld

Today, I have the extraordinary honour to present two of my favourite timepieces of Carl F. Bucherer’s new collection.

What Inspires Me So Much About The Brand

Sustainability, is one of the most inspiring characteristics of Carl F. Bucherer. The name has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and passion since 1888. Founded in Lucerne, the Swiss family business has become an internationally renowned global brand characterized by its founder’s pioneering spirit and the cosmopolitan esprit of its home. Today, the company remains in the third generation of the family under Jörg G. Bucherer.

All timepieces and movements created by the independent watch manufacturer Carl F. Bucherer are developed and produced in the brand’s own workshops in Switzerland.

With its exclusive watch creations, Carl F. Bucherer epitomizes high-quality craftsmanship, unmistakable style and detailed sophistication.


Carl F. Bucherer brings color into play. The classic Manero PowerReserve sees the addition of two vivid models in limited editions. The manufacture model with integrated power reserve display features elaborate dials in bright midnight blue and luminous pine green.

The Manero PowerReserve is an authentic manufacture product. Its centerpiece is the CFB A1011 caliber automatic movement. It belongs to the CFB A1000 movement family, entirely designed as well as developed by Carl F. Bucherer, and first presented in 2008. Its special features include the peripheral oscillating weight winding in both directions, allowing the movement a power reserve of at least 55 hours – or more than two full days – when fully wound. The remaining power reserve is shown in a semicircular display at 3 o’clock.

Unique dials

This analog power reserve display is kept in visual balance with the digital weekday display at 9 o’clock and complemented by a big date and small seconds. This design gives the Manero PowerReserve a unique and unmistakable look. It has so far been available in silver and subtle black. Carl F. Bucherer is now launching two special colored dials – one in blue and one in green. Instead of offering a uniform color, the shade varies continuously, from a deep vivid shade on the edge to a brilliant light color in the center. This soft dégradé color on the dials is achieved by a highly intricate process, producing quite literally the color highlights of the watchmaking industry.

 Pictures and rights by David Biedert

cfb watch

cfb watches

manero powerreserve

  • Reference number: 00.10912.08.53.01 – Limited edition: 188 pieces
  • Movement: automatic, CFB 1011 caliber, diameter 32 mm, height 6.3 mm, 33 jewels, power reserve 55 hours
  • Functions: power reserve, big date, day of the week, hour, minute, small seconds
  • Case: stainless steel, domed sapphire crystal with antireflective coating on both sides, sapphire crystal case back, water-resistant to 30 m (3 atm), diameter 42.5 mm, thickness 12.54 mm
  • Strap: calfskin, stainless steel pin lock folding clasp – Dial: blue

Patravi TravelTec Black

Three time zones combined in one watch made in an exquisite and distinctive material: the Patravi TravelTec by Carl F. Bucherer in deep matt black, new for Baselworld 2016. The robust DLC coating transforms the GMT chronograph into a grand statement on your wrist, designed not to blend in but to impress.

Comfortable functionality, excellent readability, and technological sophistication make the Patravi TravelTec the ideal model for frequent travelers. This timepiece, new for Baselworld 2016, is guaranteed to steal the show: the Swiss watchmaker completely immerses the model in imposing black, emphasizing the diamond-like-carbon finish on the stainless steel case and wristband.

carl f bucherer watch

carl f bucherer watches

patravi traveltec black
cfb patravi traveltec

  • Reference number: 00.10620.12.33.21
  • Movement: Automatic, CFB 1901.1 caliber, chronometer, 28.6 mm diameter, 7.3 mm thickness, 39 jewels, 42 h power reserve
  • Functions: Chronograph: Hour, minute and second counters; three time zones, date, display of hours, minutes and seconds
  • Case: Stainless steel, DLC coating, screwed crown, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides, watertight to 50 m (5 atm), 46.6 mm diameter, 15.5 mm thickness
  • Bracelet: stainless steel bracelet with DLC coating, folding clasp in stainless steel with DLC coating

Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull – Presentation At Zermatt

My Journey To Zermatt

A few weeks ago, I packed my stuff and picked up the Porsche Macan to drive it up to Zermatt.  It was a truly perfect day for such an amazing trip. The sun was out, music at full volume – ideal to join Hublot’s presentation of the Big Bang Sugar Skull…

The Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull

It evokes fine lace whose pattern is drawn beneath the arabesque tracks left by skiers. This is the Big Bang Sugar Skull. With the mountain as a backdrop, the story of a new friendship has begun. A story that unites Hublot, Bischoff and AK SKI. The fusion of three traditions of Swiss expertise that share the same values: passion, performance, innovation, demanding standards, creativity and pleasure. The fine Saint Gall embroidery and its ancestral art made by the Swiss flagship company Bischoff and the skis by AK SKI, in a spirit of fusion, cut in rubber, proudly bear the Hublot SKULL emblem.

Hublot & Ak Ski – Swiss Fusion At It’s Peak

Francesca and Marco Kuonen are perpetuating the vision and passion of their father, Aldo. As lovers of fine materials, and as true aesthetes, time for the Kuonens is set by Big Bangs. So it was perfectly natural for Francesca to contact Ricardo Guadalupe in order to make skis in the name of the prestigious Manufacture. Nine months later, as the first flakes come and pose their white gold on the peaks, the ‘Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull’ limited editions and their alter egos – from the black strips, cut in floral arabesques from the block, to the coloured bases and their assorted poles—are just coming out of the workshops. AK SKI has revolutionised the world of winter sports by becoming the first manufacturer to use rubber on its skis. This material is also part of Hublot’s pioneering spirit. It is extremely elastic, it has an unbeatable stretch factor and resistance. Rubber brings together the performances and the destiny of the two Houses that have become friends.

Winter Is Here, And So Is Hublot

Winter is here and Hublot has taken over winter sports, the mountains and resorts. From Zermatt to Gstaad, from Courchevel to Verbier, Aspen, or even Kitzbühel, the Hublot boutiques are opening their doors to winter time. If you’re ready for a total Hublot look, get to Zermatt. The resort, which is emblematic of the ‘Swissitude’ held so dear by the brand, lives at the pace of the Manufacture. If you arrive by train, you just need to walk up Bahnhofstrasse to the Chalet-Boutique, inspired by a traditional barn, to become immediately immersed in the spirit of the resort. “With a Big Bang Sugar Skull on your wrist and skis on your feet”, you will hit the peaks by taking Zermatt’s cable cars, sponsored by Hublot, and the Hublot Express to the Gant-Blauherd slopes.

Capsule Collection

From Nyon to Saint-Gall, via Nidwald, these are the Swiss values of excellence, tradition and modernity that come together to give life to a capsule collection of 100 watches. Their 42-hour power reserve will give you all the time you need—and almost the desire—to ski or walk between the Hublot Chalet-Boutiques of Zermatt and Courchevel.

Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull Blue Cobalt

50 watches, machined into a 44-mm diameter case in matt black ceramic, housing a mechanical automatic winding chronograph movement. The emblematic skull is drawn in midnight blue on the skeleton dial. Its motifs are engraved on the bezel and embossed on a strap of calfskin sewn onto rubber. A chronograph whose small second counter and minute counter mischievously evoke the gaze of the skull.

Hublot Big Bang Sugar Skull Hot Pink

Bischoff’s master craftsmen prepared the silk organza embroidery in their workshops in Saint-Gall. Flashy floral arabesques sketching out a “skull” motif dress the ‘Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Hot Pink’ from its carbon-fibre dial to its ceramic bezel and its pink rubber strap. On the dial, layered sheets of fibre printed with transparent resin are affixed onto a base of carbon fabric. A process that grips the embroidery so as to give it an illusion of depth and the finesse necessary for it to be housed within the heart of the dial. A 41-mm diameter demonstrates time-honoured expertise encapsulated like a work of art and telling the time through 12 black diamond indexes. Limited to 50 pieces.

Hublot Boutique Zermatt – The Evening

After a delicious Fondue in the afternoon at Chez Vrony, we had a relaxed event at the Hublot Chalet in Zermatt. The Boutique is a very charming place in the middle of Zermatt, I truly loved the warm and cosy ambiance.


OMEGA And Orbis – A Non-Profit Dedication

Charity – Introduction

Here in Switzerland, we’re living an amazing life with no boundaries and limits. Life is good here and we’re far away from hunger, pain, war or diseases . We’re sort of living in a bubble. Even more, it is important to help and to support others. And I personally believe, we must work hard an help as much as we can. It’s our duty to help. So you can trust me, I’m already working on other charity projects, hopefully we’ll be able to present them beginning of 2017.

OMEGA, as an international brand with a brilliant reputation, is well aware of their duty to support and help others. I highly respect the dedication and commitment of OMEGA and the Orbis project. A beautiful story to write about…


OMEGA And Orbis

Since 2011, OMEGA has been a proud supporter of Orbis International, a non-profit organisation dedicated to treating avoidable blindness in some of the world’s most remote regions.

Founded in 1982, Orbis International has successfully carried out programmes in more than 90 countries across the globe. Not only has it performed millions of medical and optical treatments on board its Flying Eye Hospital, the organisation is also dedicated to training new eye care professionals who can continue the great work in the visited locations.

The partnership with OMEGA began with an insightful documentary called Through Their Eyes, and followed OMEGA brand ambassador Daniel Craig on his visit to the Flying Eye Hospital in Mongolia. The film proved to be such an effective tool in raising awareness of Orbis International’s life-changing eye care, that a new documentary, The Hospital in the Sky, was produced in 2015, this time featuring long-time OMEGA brand ambassador Cindy Crawford, who visited the Flying Eye Hospital with her daughter in Peru.

Other OMEGA brand ambassadors have backed this incredible partnership too. In 2015, a series of print advertising featuring Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Chad le Clos, Michael Phelps and Sergio Garcia was released to highlight the work of Orbis and celebrate World Sight Day on October 8th.

As well as raising awareness through film and advertising, OMEGA supports Orbis in several other ways, including the provision of teddy bears to young patients and the donation of vital funds. Three OMEGA De Ville Prestige watches have been created especially for the cause. Proceeds of their sales are earmarked for the organisation, giving customers a chance to select a fine OMEGA wristwatch and, at the same time, know that they are supporting a fantastic cause.

With so much success so far, the partnership between OMEGA and Orbis is set to continue for many years to come. With the unveiling of a brand new plane, the future is looking very bright.


Orbis – The New Flying Eye Hospital

Orbis proudly launched its brand new MD-10 aircraft. This updated jumbo jet serves as the newest Flying Eye Hospital and is  equipped to perform the latest and most advanced eye care operations.

The Flying Eye Hospital is the world’s only ophthalmic teaching hospital onboard an MD-10 aircraft. It features a state-of-the-art, fully accredited eye hospital with technology that can transmit live surgeries around the world in 3D. Equal parts teacher, envoy and advocate, the Flying Eye Hospital not only provides a platform to train doctors, but also serves as a powerful machine for raising awareness, creating change and bringing local governments and global organisations, major donors and everyday people, together in the global fight to end blindness.


The new MD-10 features significant upgrades to the DC-10 that has previously been used. On board, there are 12 dedicated rooms to aid in Orbis’s work. These include:

  • A Classroom equipped with 46 seats where in-country medical colleagues can watch and interact.
  • A cutting-edge Operating Room with full equipment and supplies.
  • A Patient Care and Laser Room for anterior and posterior procedures.
  • An updated Flight Deck.
  • An Administration Room for staff and volunteers
  • An IT /AV Room that provides the communications nerve centre of the plane.
  • An Observation Room where visitors can watch live footage of operations.
  • An Instrument Sterilisation Room that complies with the most stringent international standards.
  • A Pre and Post-Operative Care Room where patients are prepared for surgery, and also where they recover afterwards.
  • A Biomedical Work Area that houses the tools and parts necessary of surgery and donation.
  • Patient and Staff Changing Rooms.
  • And a Forward Work Area that houses modified aircraft galleys.

After its launch in LA, the first missions of the new Orbis Flying Eye Hospital commenced in September 2016, with visits in China and Indonesia.


The OMEGA Teddy Bear

Undergoing eye surgery can be a confusing and scary time for children. That’s why OMEGA and Orbis came up with a simple way to soften the procedure – a cuddly teddy bear.

OMEGA provides this friendly companion for every young Orbis patient. It makes it easier for doctors to explain what’s about to happen and gives comfort to the children before and after surgery.

As well as being a big hit with the children, the teddy bear has provided a playful way for OMEGA’s brand ambassadors to raise awareness for Orbis International and their fight against preventable blindness.

The cuddly toy also graces the design of the new Orbis watches. Used as an inspired pattern, the OMEGA teddy bear can be found on the dial and caseback of all three De Ville Prestige watches.


OMEGA’S De Ville Prestige Orbis Collection

OMEGA offers three De Ville Prestige timepieces that celebrate the brand’s partnership with Orbis International.

Along with the Orbis colour blue, the comforting touch of the teddy bear has been used as the inspiration behind this playful watch collection. In fact, the teddy bear logo on the vertically brushed caseback has been specially designed just for these watches.

OMEGA will donate a portion of the De Ville Prestige Orbis sales to the work of Orbis International. By purchasing these watches, customers will be helping to make a difference around the world.

Omega De Ville – Men’s 39.5mm Watch

The men’s edition of the new De Ville Prestige Orbis has a 39.5mm stainless steel case and is equipped with OMEGA’s Co-Axial Calibre 2500. The sun-brushed and lacquered blue dial features a subtle OMEGA teddy bear pattern as well as polished-domed Roman numerals. The watch includes rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and an Orbis blue central seconds hand. There is a date window at the 3 o’clock position and the watch comes presented on a handsome blue leather strap.


Omega De Ville – Women’s 32.7mm Watch

For women, a 32.7mm version has been created with a stainless steel case and an elegant polished Prestige bracelet. Also equipped with OMEGA’s Co-Axial Calibre 2500, the timepiece includes a white mother-of-pearl dial with an OMEGA teddy bear pattern. The dial also features polished-domed Roman numerals as well as eight sparkling diamond indexes. The rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are complemented by an Orbis blue central seconds hand, while a date window has been positioned at 6 o’clock.



Omega De Ville – Women’s 27.4.mm Watch

The 27.4mm stainless steel version for women is equipped with OMEGA’s Quartz Calibre 1376. The sun-brushed and lacquered blue dial features an OMEGA teddy bear pattern as well as polished-domed Roman numerals and eight sparkling diamond indexes. The hour and minute hands are rhodium-plated and the final watch comes presented on a polished Prestige bracelet.


“I feel truly proud to witness the incredible partnership between OMEGA and Orbis International. Eyesight is so important and it’s very inspiring to go to these remote regions and see how the treatments are changing millions of lives. For that reason, we are always honoured to support this organisation in every way we can.”

Raynald Aeschlimann – President & CEO of OMEGA

“OMEGA has been a tremendous partner for Orbis, providing generous support and helping us to raise our profile and bring the world together to fight blindness.  We are immensely grateful that Orbis will be benefiting from the sales of their beautiful new range of OMEGA De Ville Prestige Watches. Their provision of OMEGA teddy bears, which give comfort to all our young patients before eye surgery, is another example of their care, commitment and creativity.”

Bob Ranck, Orbis International President and CEO

“I have had so many opportunities to do great things, but my trip with OMEGA and Orbis was really special. To share an experience like this with my daughter and to see first-hand the work that the doctors are doing was incredible.”

Cindy Crawford – OMEGA brand ambassador

“I think that it’s important to do all that we can to draw attention to the invaluable work that Orbis is doing. By sharing this partnership, I hope we will be able to make more people aware of the issue of preventable blindness and to let them know how much difference they can make. I’m delighted that OMEGA feels as strongly about this initiative as I do.”

Daniel Craig – OMEGA brand ambassador

The OMEGA Speedmaster And The World Of Space Exploration

OMEGA Speedmaster – The First Watch On The Moon

Today, I’m writing about an important piece of history. OMEGA’s history with space exploration is more than that, but let me explain it…

Many cultures around the world have interesting myths about the Moon, reflecting it’s presence in the night sky and its impact on our lives. Since human kind started to explore, we have the desire to fly to the moon. Neil Armstrong’s quote couldn’t be better associated with my story today:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

At the same time, it’s a huge achievement to develop the first watch worn on the moon.



The Speedmaster Moonwatch

The source of many a myth and legend, the OMEGA Speedmaster has been the choice of astronauts and space agencies for half a century. This “common” object has become one of the most famous watches in the world and has been associated with the entirety of humankind’s half century of space faring, thus earning it the name “The Moonwatch”.


OMEGA’s history with space exploration began sometime in 1962 when a group of astronauts including Walter “Wally” Schirra and Leroy Gotdon “Gordo” Cooper privately purchased their very first flight-watches: the 2nd generation Speedmaster model with the reference CK2998. These privately owned chronographs were to be used on the upcoming Mercury program flights. And indeed, the very first time that a Speedmaster flew on a space mission was “Wally” Schirra’s own CK2998 during the Mercury-Atlas 8 (callsign: Sigma 7) mission.

Two and a half years later and after a series of what can only be described as radical, extreme and exceptionally brutal tests, the choice of the Mercury astronauts became the choice of NASA.

It was at the end of the Mercury program that the astronauts approached the Operations Director, Deke Slayton, and asked to be issued with a watch for use during training and eventually flight. This request was met with enthusiasm and as every piece of equipment from the Mercury program was being re-evaluated and re-designed for the upcoming Gemini and Apollo programs, the timing could not have been better. NASA had just employed a large group of engineers to test, select and certify equipment to be used by the astronauts.

On the 21of September, 1964, Slayton issued an internal memo stating the need for a “highly durable and accurate chronograph to be used by Gemini and Apollo flight crews”. This memo landed on the desk of engineer James Ragan who was no newcomer to finding equipment for hostile environments. He had been the engineer responsible for testing equipment for the US Navy’s “SEA LAB” program. Eight days later a “Request for Quotations” for wrist chronographs was sent out to different manufacturers. OMEGA’s copy of the Request was received by its U. S. affiliate in New York. Of brands contacted, only four responded so James Ragan asked each to supply three watches.



But What Tests Needed To Be Fulfilled?

The tests which ensued were designed literally to test the watches to destruction. The watches were subjected to temperatures ranging from 71° to 93° centigrade over a two day period, after which they were frozen to -18° centigrade. They were placed in a vacuumed chamber heated to 93° centigrade, and then subjected to a test where they were heated to 70° centigrade and then immediately frozen to -18° centigrade – not once but fifteen times in rapid succession! When this had been completed, it was time to subject the watches to 40 g shocks in six different directions, then submit them to high and low pressures, an atmosphere of 93% humidity, a highly corrosive 100% oxygen environment,  noise to 130 decibels and finally vibrated with average accelerations of 8.8 g. In the end only one watch had survived: the Speedmaster. Interestingly, after each test the watch would settle to an average rate which was largely within the NASA imposed limits of five seconds per day during normal use.

The result of this was the “Speedmaster” reference ST105.003 being declared “Flight Qualified for all Manned Space Missions” on the 1st of March 1965. Just three weeks later, on the 23rdof March, the Speedmaster went into space officially for the first time on the wrists of Virgil “Gus” Grissom and John Young during their Gemini 3 mission. The only modification to the watches was the addition of a long Velcro strap that replaced the standard steel bracelet which could not be worn over the space suit. Later that year Edward White wore his Speedmaster on America’s first space walk, during the Gemini IV mission.

Another four years passed and the Americans were preparing for the first lunar landing. The crew had been selected and the decision was made that Neil Armstrong would be the first man to walk on the moon’s surface. NASA had, by this point, adopted the most recent version of the Speedmaster, the ST105.012 and ST145.012 for the Apollo program; however, as NASA still had quite a few ST105.003 in stock out of the original procurement, this model was also routinely issued to the astronauts.



The First Watch Worn On The Moon

On the 21stof July 1969 at 2:56 GMT, Neil Armstrong stepped off the Eagle to become the first human to stand on another world. Roughly fifteen minutes later Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the Moon’s surface too and thus, during the legendary Apollo 11 mission, the Speedmaster Professional became the first watch to be worn on the Moon.

The next great moment for the Speedmaster in space came in 1970 with the Apollo 13 mission, when the watch was used to time the critical engine burns needed to ensure that the re-entry trajectory of the heavily damaged craft were correct. The smallest error would have meant that the capsule would either have bounced off of or burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere on re-entry. For The Speedmaster Professional’s role in the safe re-entry, the astronauts gave OMEGA the coveted Silver Snoopy Award that is accompanied with its certificate bearing the inscription “Manned Flight Awareness Award”, the highest distinction given by NASA and its astronauts to private persons or companies in appreciation for important services rendered for the American Space Program.



My Personal OMEGA Speedmaster

Of course, I own an OMEGA Speedmaster. Not only because of it’s most precise movement or it’s amazing look. The moon has inspired me since I’m able to speak. One of my first words I knew, was ‘moon’ – a story my mother loved to narrate. My Speedmaster now goes around the world…


Bucherer Blue Editions – An Iconic And Unique Collection

Bucherer Blue Editions – Introduction

Bucherer has recently launched their new, iconic and unique collection – called ‘Blue Editions’. A collection of utterly stunning timepieces which have been developed by 9 of the most prestigious watch brands in the world.

Bucherer manufactures its own watches under the brand Carl F. Bucherer, but now presents 14 timepieces of premium, manufactured timepieces in an exceptional collaboration with 9 of the biggest watchbands in the world. Only Bucherer can make it possible to establish such a high quality series as the Blue Editions. Once again, Bucherer proves the mutual respect, know-how and the pursuit of sophistication.

In appreciation of these partnerships, 14 yet unique and outstanding timepieces for gentlewomen and gentlemen have been created. The ‘Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS’ stands out as a creation of notable brands such as Audemars Piguet, Carl. F. Bucherer, Chopard, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, H. Moser & Cie., Panerai and Piaget.

‘Blue is the new black’. I think, I’ve heard that quote at Baselworld. Even if you go shopping, blue is everywhere. It is the new color of elegance and class. Blue has been an inspiration for many artists since ever. It reminds us on the sky or the infinite ocean.

Pictures and rights @Roger Reist www.rogerreist.com Ι Location Chateau Gütsch Luzern Ι Clothing Globus Zürich & own wardrobe





Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Blue is part of the legendary Royal Oak. Even at the introduction back in 1972, the dial appeared blue. After Bucherer’s idea, the Swiss manufacture brand created not one, they’ve created 3 beautiful timepieces of the Royal Oak which are made of different high quality materials.




Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, steel/rose gold, 42 mm, Manufactured self-winding movement, calendar indication & Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, steel/rose gold, 37 mm, Manufactured self-winding movement, calendar indication, bezel with 32 diamonds (total ca. 1.02 ct)

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral

Independence, tradition and innovation are part of Carl. F. Bucherer’s DNA. In harmony with the values of the Bucherer Group, the brand keeps manufacturing classic timepieces. The Manero Peripheral is the best evidence for the art of craftsmanship on its highest level.



Manero Peripheral, Steel, 40.6 mm, Self-winding movement, calendar indication, Small Second

Longines Master Collection

The «BLUE EDITIONS-Project» is the crowning event of a long term cooperation between Longines and Bucherer. The jubilee watches of Longines are reflecting a deep blue color which stands for elegance and eternalness. The Blue Editions model is available both for women and men (40 mm and 36 mm).



Longinges Master Collection, Steel, 36mm, self-winding movement, calendar indication

IWC Portugieser ‘Blue Edition’

IWC’s ‘Portugieser’ stands for a longtime tradition which leads back to the nautical instruments of mariner and explorer. The ocean-blue dial with the precision chronograph matches this history in a very beautiful way.




IWC Portugieser, red gold, 40.9 mm, self-winding movement, chronograph

Chopard Happy Sport

Which gentlewoman is not a fan of happy diamonds? This particular model is a beautiful harmony of sportiness, elegance and sincerity. Chopard shows their passion for graceful watches with the stunning happy diamonds.



Chopard Happy Sport, Steel, 30mm, self-winding movement, happy diamonds (total ca. 0.09 ct) and saphires (total ca. 0.15 ct.)

Chateau Gütsch Lucerne

Of course, such a beautiful collection requires the ideal place to be presented. Chateau Gütsch, which is located above Lucerne, a vintage but nicely renovated castle which looks like from a fairytale. We’ve spent an amazing night like
princess and prince, with a breath-taking view to Lucerne. The knight’s hall makes you feel like you’re in a different world.


OMEGA Watchmaking – Pioneers In History

OMEGA Watchmaking – Introduction

Today we’re going to talk about an important piece of watchmaking history. Since the watch industry has grown in Switzerland, OMEGA has taken an important pioneer role. Manufacturing a watch is a tough path towards perfection and of course, accuracy.

From OMEGA’s beginnings, their timepieces have recorded some of the most significant moments in the world (and in space). They have been worn by presidents and kings, astronauts and spies, movie stars and entrepreneurs. Behind each one is a legacy of horological quality and innovation.


OMEGA’s First Antimagnetic Watch

2013 OMEGA presented their first antimagnetic watch. The Seamaster Aqua Terra model equipped with the calibre 8508, is resistant to 15’000 Gauss. Instead of using an inner soft iron case Omega developed a movement based on antimagnetic components. Everyone knows that we are surrounded by magnetic fields and that they get more and stronger almost every year.

But let’s explain why: If a mechanical watch gets magnetised, the magnetic field has a severe influence on the accuracy of it.  Most mechanical watch movements are traditionally made of mostly metal, meaning they are susceptible to magnetic fields. The big challenge now was, to build an antimagnetic watch. A resistance of 15’000 Gauss is masterwork and requires a lot of innovation.

Besides – you can test pretty easy: take a normal watch and get a magnet. Holding it close, will make it stop. If you do the same with an OMEGA – it will have no influence.

OMEGA – The World’s First Master Master Chronometer

If it says ‘Master Chronometer’ on the dial of your watch, you can be sure it contains the most precise movement. OMEGA has built its reputation on revolutionary watch movements. And the Master Chronometer watches, which earn that designation by passing tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, put their COSC-certified chronometer calibres in the spotlight once again.





8 tests have to be completed in order to earn this certificate, which is officially proved by METAS (Federal Institute Of Metrology).

1. Function of COSC-Approved movement during exposure to 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla) magnetic field

This test examines the movement of the watch, placing it in two different positions and subjecting it to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss.

2. Function of watch during exposure to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field

In this test, the watch is subjected to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss.

3. Deviation of daily chronometric precision after exposure to 15,000 Gauss

In this test, the watch is subjected to a magnetic field of 15,000 gauss and its chronometric precision is calculated after 24 hours.

4. Average Daily Chronometric precision of the watch

This test is carried out over four days. During these days, the watch is placed in six different positions and two alternating temperature zones.

5. Power Reserve

This test checks the power reserve of the watch by proving that it continues to function at the limit of its expected capacity.

6. Deviation of chronometric precision in six positions

In this test, the watch is placed in six different positions and its chronometric precision is recorded in each one.

7. Deviation of chronometric precision between 100% and 33% of power reserve

In this test, the watch is placed in six different positions and its chronometric precision is recorded at 100% power reserve in each one.

8. Water resistance

This test submerges the watch underwater, gradually applying more pressure up the point of the stated water resistance.

Example of a Master Chronometer Certificate


OMEGA – The Seamaster ‘Deep Black’ Collection

A beautiful novelty is the creation of the ‘Deep Black’ Collection. In our universe, the Earth’s oceans are naturally linked to the moon in our sky. For OMEGA, the connection can also be found in their latest ceramic collection. From the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon that was first released in 2013, OMEGA has evolved its ceramic expertise to produce the Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Black”. This time, the craftsmanship has gone much further.

These four remarkable 45.5 mm timepieces are the combination of a GMT model and a diving watch. The true technical challenge was to produce a diving watch made entirely from ceramic and ensure that it could withstand the pressures of the ocean at a depth of 600 m / 2000 ft. / 60 bar. However, the goal has been achieved, and the result is a state-of-the-art creation that stands alone in the industry. Of course, the new ‘Deep Black’ collection contains the master chronometer calibre (8906)which is also resistant to 15’000 Gauss. Besides that, you’re getting a 4 years warranty.