Blancpain GT3 Sports Club With Karim Ojjeh

Blancpain GT3 – Introduction

Following my story with the former Le Mans champion Karim Ojjeh, he phoned me up and asked if I wanna join his GT3 race. My decision didn’t take long of course, I couldn’t wait joining the team to attend their race. 

What does ‘GT3’ actually stand for?

You might face a little of a jungle if it comes to GT3 racing. There is a simple reason: there are quite some different categories.

GT3, known as Cup Grand Touring Cars and commonly referred to as simply GT3, is a set of regulations maintained by FIA for grand tourer racing cars. It’s all about auto racing series throughout the world. The GT3 category was initially created by the SRO Group as a third rung in the ladder of grand touring motorsport, below the Group GT1 and Group GT2 categories.

The Blancpain GT Series runs over 10 events with 5 endurance cup and 5 sprint cup races.

The objective of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, five events centred around the Total 24 Hours of Spa, is to take GT3 cars into endurance racing formats of three hours with two mandatory pit stops.

The Blancpain GT Series is mainly reserved for GT3 cars, applying the principles of ‘Balance of Performance’ or as they call it ‘BOP’ and a driver categorisation system. 

Circuit Paul Ricard ¦ Day 1

Back to my story, we headed off to Southern France – direction Marseille with his McLaren 570s. Few hours later, we arrived at the Circuit Paul Ricard hearing the cars doing the first test laps from far away – an unforgettable memory.

I got to understand what might expect me here, mesmerizing!

Blancpain GT3 Sports Club ¦ Day 2 – Day 3

Being part of a race and staying on a track for 3 days is definitely a very special and unique experience. There is a certain energy and fascination that connects everything. You have to imagine, most of the teams are pending quite a bit of their lifetime on a track.

Blancpain GT3 ‘Sports Club’ Explained 

The Blancpain GT3 Sports Club offers Bronze drivers a chance to race modern GT cars. Most of the men participating here are former racing drivers. Equally, practice and qualifying sessions followed by non-pitstop 25-minute Qualifying and 40-minute Main Races ensure maximum track time.

Karim Ojjeh & The Boutsen Ginion Racing Team

What amazed me the most: how everyone and everything works together here. The GT3 Sports Club is a perfectly working watch movement whilst every part does it job which a staggering precision and dedication.

I stopped counting how many times Karim was in a conversation with the technicians, what to adjust or improve. Karim is somehow never done. Even if he won, he is wants to do it better. 

All of us can learn something from racing here, it’s the unbelievable strong will and the never-ending path to a better performance. Sounds like a good life lesson? Yes, to me it was. 

Thanks a lot to the Karim & the Boutsen Ginion team for the amazing event. Hope to see you guys soon!


Gentleman Driver Collection & Interview With Karim Ojjeh

Meeting Karim Ojjeh – Former Le Mans Champion

Gstaad on a Saturday morning. The small village showed its most beautiful glance, the sun was out on a rather warm winter day.  I was very excited to meet a former Le Mans Champion & the founder of KO-Racer – a Gentleman Driver Collection.

Honestly, I meet a lot of people in my job, but for a very long time I haven’t met a gentleman like Karim. His whole charism is already super fascinating. A tall and good-looking man welcomed us with a strong handshake, a clear voice and this very powerful aura. I realised, I’m meeting a champion.

gentleman driver collection

karim ojjeh

Karim, tell us something about your life and your career?

I actually started racing very late, at the age of 36,  because I decided to first concentrate on my family and education. So, I went to college and law school. In 1992, I took my wife to Laguna Seca in the US and that’s how my fascination for racing started.

What particularly fascinated you?

They were teaching us how to break and go around the corners. Honestly, I was totally exhausted physically and mentally after the first day. It requires so much concentration to race. That’s when I started to understand what racing actually meant. My fascination is all about the kick, but more than anything it’s the amount of concentration it requires – that is inspiring.

Losers have excuses, winners have a plan.

But the year it all starter was 2002, right?

Indeed, I started Formula Palmer Audi at that time. In 2004, I came 3rd in the championship. My mentor than suggested I move to prototypes.  What I’ve learned from one of my mentors is that nothing works without your team. It is like a watch movement, every single step and procedure has to work in order to get the whole thing moving.  So in 2005, I started prototype racing in Le Mans until 2011. First time we went to Le Mans we finished second. In 2008, I decided that I wanted to win Le Mans and gave myself until 2013 – so I did it, but in  2011!

What happened then?

After that fantastic year, I did the same as Nico Rosberg, stopping on the highest point of my career. There was nothing for me to prove any more – the monkey was of my back! On the other hand, I said to myself: what shall I do now, having acquired all this experience? So I negotiated with ASM and began racing GT3 with the McLaren MP4-12C GT3.  I still race GT3.

le mans champion

Karim Ojjeh presents his own Gentleman Driver Collection

KO-RACER is a new sportswear brand dedicated to gentlemen drivers. Designed to reflect the image of racing cars, KO-RACER clothing targets urban, sophisticated, thrill-seeking men. Certified Merino wool, the brand’s T- to Race shirt collections combines top quality with elegant design for a sporty clientele with high standards.

What’s your idea behind your new brand?

It’s associating you with the car. It doesn’t matter what car you drive, it can be any sort of sports car. I want to get your head into the car. So that you understand that it’s not the car, but you driving the car. It’s all about the emotions. 70% of driving is the mental aspect.

There is a unique number on the label, why is that?

Sustainability and traceability is important to us. We want you to know where your product is from, in order to make sure you understand that we deliver quality. You can track each single shirt with its own code here.

racing clothes

The quality feels great, what material is it?

Merino!  It’s a natural fiber challenging the best. The elements that makes it the top challenger: fine, versatile, natural, breathable, insulating, useable across all seasons (keeping you warm in cold temperatures and cool in warm/hot temperatures), soft, comfortable, light … you name it. The result, simply put: the best natural, precious, versatile, luxury fiber for all seasons. It feels like a second skin.

racing fashion

merino shirt

ko racer

What about the logo?

I asked my helmet designer – who has painted my helmet since the beginning – to create a logo.  When my wife, whose usually a bit picky about design and fashion, saw the logo on a shirt, she loved the mixture of my initials and racing cars.

gstaad shop

helmet le mans champion

Why did you call it Gentleman Driver Collection?

We wanted to create something you can wear when driving a sports car. However, we don’t want people to drive too fast when wearing the shirt associating it with driving a race.

Last but not least, describe a gentleman.

Anybody that feels himself like a gentleman, can be one.  Again, it’s in the mind.  It’s as simple as that.

Besides, he took me on a ride with his McLaren 570s….

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Formula 1 Night Race With Singapore Airlines

My Journey With Singapore Airlines

Traveling is definitely one of my big passions. My whole life, I’ve been flying to the most beautiful spots on earth, because life is a wonderful path of adventures. Most of the time, I considered flying as a necessary instrument to bring you from A to B in the cheapest way possible. But let me tell you, flying Business Class with Singapore Airlines doesn’t feel like flying anymore, it’s far beyond that. I’ve traveled 30 countries now, but the flights to Singapore were the best two I had in my life, literally.

From the very moment you’re entering the airport, until you arrive at your preferred destination, it’s a totally different adventure. One of many outstanding facts, is the extraordinary service you’re experiencing when flying with Singapore Airlines. The cabin crew provides a lovely and terrific service to their customers.

The seats are the widest you can get in a business class booking, and with a height of 1,93 I had no issues sleeping like a baby – completely stretched. The food is fantastic, you’re being served with haute cuisine beef tenderloin. You can imagine, the flight of over 10 hours felt like heaven on a plane and unfortunately, it was over very quickly.

Remember waiting bored at the airport on an uncomfortable seat? Not happening when flying business class with SIA. You get the access to stay in their lounge with a delicious meal and a comfy seat.





Singapore Formula 1 Night Race

The F1 Night race is probably the most spectacular race during the year. On such a race week-end the city turns into a big Formula 1 party. On our way from the airport to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, I already saw Singapore’s skyline and the lights of the track.

Later in the evening – even from far – you hear the first warm-up of the cars, which makes you excited to attend the race. Thousands of people are coming to see their favourite teams and drivers to corner around the racetrack. Rosberg was leading the run, skipped a pit stop at the very end to save some time, which allowed Ricciardo to get closer. A lap more and the race would have ended differently. It was very exciting and it’s the reason I love sports so much!





Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt is located closely to the shopping district in Singapore, a perfect Hotel to stay for any sorts of occasion. There is everything you need: comfort, space, a fantastic service, a large pool and brilliant spa treatments. A Hotel with the highest possible standards. I almost didn’t trust my eyes, the Deluxe Room is almost as big as my flat!

After three days of action, it was time to get a ‘Damai Spa Treatment’. The one-hour massage was superb, relaxation to the fullest.




The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M

The stylish OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M – Master Chronometer – pays homage to OMEGA’s dive watch heritage. It’s the ideal smart casual watch for such an event.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean, with its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, features a polished black ceramic dial with Arabic numerals and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Mounted on the 43.5 mm stainless steel case, is the world’s premiere black ceramic bezel with orange rubber. The diving scale of the bezel is crafted with Liquidmetal.

Other features include an alveol screw-in caseback and a black structured rubber strap with orange stitching and lining.

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Master Chronometer is water resistant to 600 metres / 2000 feet / 60 bar, and has a helium-escape valve. The OMEGA Master Chronometer calibre 8900 at the heart of this timepiece can be seen through the transparent caseback.



Discover Singapore

Of course there is a huge list of must-have-seen in Singapore. We went to see the Thian Hock Keng Temple, Marina Bay Sands and I cruised through the city with a Lamborghini Gallardo by Ultimate Drive.





I will never forget my trip to Singapore. Attending a F1 race and flying there with the best rated airline was unbelievable in every way. Thanks for having me, I’m sure you will read more soon!


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Red Bull Alpenbrevet 2016

Red Bull Alpenbrevet 2016 – Our Experience

Friedrich Nietzsche ones said:

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.



Nietzsche’s quote is not more than the truth. I think it’s one of the most important facts of a man’s life. Never lose your child, never forget your humor and never stop playing tricks. We all grow older and we’re probably also getting a bit more serious. At the end of the day it’s those events we tell our kids about. Those when we were free, without doubt and sorrows. When we were boys.



With Jonny Walker

Red Bull Alpenbrevet is exactly the type of event where your hidden child is allowed to play the whole week-end. It literally belongs to the best days in my life and I am more than glad I could spend them with my beloved brother.

The aim was, to drive 120km over 3 mountain passes with a moped, disguised as crazy as possible. We decided to show up in a top gun dress. That sounds pretty insane, no… it is insane. The whole race started on a sunny Saturday morning in Lugano. The weather was just perfect and people were all in a fantastic mood. Mopeds arrived from everywhere and people started to prepare their Red Bull race. They have investigated weeks and months just to participate this event.

After a furious start of the race we completed the first mountain pass which was also the most difficult one. Half of it was hard pedaling work, pretty tough!

The whole route took us 8 hours to complete. At the end we were pretty exhausted but that was worth it! Thanks to Red Bull and Elena for organising everything – we’ll be back next year for sure!


Guesthouse Castagnola

During our trip we stayed at the Guesthouse Castagnola. It’s a cosy and beautiful B&B a bit outside of Lugano, hosted by a lovely couple. The room is very modern with high-class material and a huge bed. There is air con and wifi available and the breakfast is really yummy. Thank you so much for the time, it was a great!



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Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon- meine erste Oldtimer Rallye

Neulich nahm ich an meiner ersten Oldtimer Rallye teil – die Silvretta Classic Rallye im Montafon.

Wie jedes Kind träumte ich schon damals davon eines Tages einen Oldtimer zu fahren – oder ja sogar einen zu besitzen. Das Thema Oldtimer steht natürlich für jeden Gentleman hoch im Kurs. Es geht über das Sammeln der Fahrzeuge hinaus, dahinter versteckt sich ein Mythos, eine Passion fürs Leben. Es ist vielmehr als nur Autofahren.

SIC_4C_ohne Sponsor_2016

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon (c) Montafon Tourismus GmbH - Motor Presse Stuttgart _1

silvretta classic rallye

Meine Silvretta Classic Rallye ging an einem Samstag um 05:00 los. Früh morgens machte ich mich auf den Weg Richtung Partenen – im wunderschönen Montafon gelegen. Die Sonnenstrahlen drückten durch die Wolken als ich immer weiter ins in das Alpental fuhr. Natürlich kamen viele positive Erinnerungen hoch, wir waren ja bereits vergangenes Jahr im Löwen Hotel und verbrachten eine wunderbare Zeit.

presse silvretta classic rallye

Silvretta Classic Rallye – Die Fahrt

Ein paar Tage vor dem Rennen kontaktierte mich die Motor Presse Stuttgart, um nachzufragen, womit ich gerne mitfahren möchte. An dieser Stelle ganz herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung!

Nun, meine Wahl traf auf einen amerikanischen Oldtimer – den Cadillac 1958 Series 62 Coupé. Schon früh faszinierten mich amerikanische Oldtimer und noch heute weiss ich, dass ich eines Tages einen besitzen werde.

Was ich vor der Rallye nicht wusste, es war der grösste, längste und schwerste Teilnehmer der Silvretta Classic Rallye! 2,3 Tonnen Eigengewicht, 6 Meter Länge und 2,3 Meter Breite sind Masse eines LKWs! Der Cadillac hat einen typisch amerikanischen V8 Motor mit stolzen 300 PS, die Du nie brauchst, denn viel gemütlicher ist es, damit durch die Gegend zu cruisen. Man stelle sich vor, der Cadillac kommt mit einer simplen 3-Gang Automatik zurecht und verbraucht etwa 30L/100km – typisch US Oldtimer.

cadillac 1958

cadillac 1958 series 2

Der Besitzer erzählte mir, dass es nur noch etwa 300 Stück dieses Modells gibt, seiner ist noch komplett in Originalzustand. Auf die Frage, wann er seinen Cadillac fährt: „natürlich bei praktisch jedem Wetter, dazu ist er ja da“.

Mit meinen 1,94m hatte ich jede Menge Platz auf der Rückbank, ein riesiges Fahrzeug – unglaublich! Über nasse Strassen, durch grüne Wälder, über die Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse düsend bis zum See. Die Gegend ist unendlich schön, türkis blaue Stauseen umgeben von Bergen und kurvigen Passstrassen. Wo immer wir entlang fuhren, die Menschen winkten auf allen Strassen. Während der Fahrt unterhielten wir uns über den Mythos Oldtimer, seine weiteren 16 Modelle und was es für eine Ehe bedeutet wenn der Gentleman ein solches Hobby pflegt. Inmitten dieses Abenteuers lässt es mich nachvollziehen wie viel Hingabe diese Passion bedeutet.

Meine Begeisterung hätte grösser nicht sein können, Oldtimer soweit das Auge reicht… Laute Motoren und so viele Schönheiten auf einem Platz! Natürlich mischen vorne einige richtig ambitionierte Fahrer mit, aber am Ende des Tages gilt: dabei sein ist alles!

oldtimer rallye

silvretta classic cars

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon (c) Montafon Tourismus GmbH - Motor Presse Stuttgart _2

silvretta rallye

silvretta see

Einmal mehr habe ich eine Menge Interessantes gelernt, beispielsweise dass es einige Prüfungen gibt, die man während einer solchen Classic Rallye zu bestehen hat. Immer wieder hatten wir Zeitmessungen und Prüfungen, also nicht ganz easy das Ganze! Hier ein Beispiel:

Die OMEGA Globemaster

Meine Wahl war nicht schwer, für einen solchen Event geht nichts über eine elegante und klassische Uhr. Aber was verbindet einen Oldtimer mit der OMEGA Globemaster? Ein Oldtimer wird aufwändig gehegt und gepflegt, jedes Detail wird sorgfältig beachtet. Eines Tages schliesst sich der Kreis und der Vater vererbt dem Sohn seinen Oldtimer. Genau so ist es mit einer mechanischen Uhr, sie verliert den Wert nicht. Auch die Uhr wird sorgfältig restauriert und aufbewahrt, irgendwann wird man älter und vererbt sie in die nächste Generation. Und dies über Jahre hinweg. Es ist ein ideeller Wert, etwas das nie zu Ende geht und seinen Mythos und seine Geschichte wie eine Schatztruhe in sich wahrt. Wir leben in einer Zeit die sich kontinuierlich verändert, ständig werden Neuerungen präsentiert, aber wird es dadurch besser? Ich denke, es gilt die wahren Werte im Leben zu erhalten – diejenigen, welche über Generationen weiter existieren und die wir im Herzen tragen.

omega globemaster

omega globemaster cadillac

Genau das ist es, was mich diese Tage so sehr berührte. Hier geht es nicht um finanzielle Werte der Fahrzeuge, sondern um die Passion, die Freude am Leben, um sein grösstes Hobby, worin man so viele Stunden investiert. Es geht darum, seinen Traum zu leben.

Die Stimmung war wirklich atemberaubend. Im Nachhinein kann ich Euch versichern, eines Tages an einer Oldtimer Rallye teilzunehmen – mit meinem Fahrzeug versteht sich. Ich habe zufriedene, entspannte Menschen getroffen, welche alle Dasselbe tun: Ihre Passion leben.

Montafon – die Region

Die Urlaubsdestination Montafon ist ein Eldorado für Naturliebhaber, Genießer und Sportler

Unberührte Bergwiesen und berühmte Gipfel – das Montafon hat alles, was den Bergurlaub zu einem echten Erlebnis macht. Und das für alle. Für Familien, Sportbegeisterte, Kulturinteressierte, Naturliebhaber und Genießer. Authentizität spielt dabei in allen Bereichen eine große Rolle.

Eine Region auf ganz natürliche und genussvolle Art zu entdecken. Im Montafon – einem Alpental im westlichsten Bundesland Österreichs – ist dies ohne Vorbehalte möglich. Die herrliche Landschaft des 39 km langen Tales mit elf Orten bietet genügend Platz für umfassende Freizeit- und Sportmöglichkeiten. Die insgesamt ca. 20.000 Gästebetten liegen zwischen 650 und 2.032 m Seehöhe. Das Angebot an Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten könnte vielfältiger nicht sein: Ferienwohnungen, Gasthäuser, Privatzimmer, Hotels oder direkt auf dem Bauernhof.

Die unberührte Landschaft ist Balsam für die Seele. Das Zusammenspiel der Natur mit Kunst und Kultur eröffnet neue Blickwinkel.


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The New McLaren 570GT – Along The Roads Of Tenerife

Introduction Of My Story

It’s one of these days when suddenly the phone rings and you’re asked if you wanna join the McLaren team on Tenerife to drive the new McLaren 570GT. My adventure started with a smooth flight, of course I was totally excited to smoke across the island and discover this beautiful car.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

Arrived At The Ritz Carlton Suite

The team booked the supreme suite with the new 570GT standing in the middle of deck. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, so I had to ask how they have managed to get it up there? Well, there was no helicopter on the island with enough power – at the end of the day the have used a huge crane to lift it on to the top of the Hotel – crazy!


mclaren ritz carlton

Over these days we had a very lovely team and wonderful food. Where ever and when ever we had all the support and help needed. I’d like to share a big thank you with the McLaren crew.

The New McLaren 570GT

With their new model – the 570GT – McLaren is presenting their yet most comfortable sports car. So what’s different? Basically the whole concept of building a sports car has been refined and made more luxury. The 570GT contains a touring deck with 220 litres of storage space, a panoramic roof, comfy beautiful leather seats and a Bowers & Wilkins sound system! The McLaren 570GT is an ultimate sports car experience. One that’s perfect for daily use, longer journeys and weekends away.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren is of course using a carbon-fibre chassis to make the model light and protecting. Yes, the result of using carbon-fibre is exceptional crash protection, outstanding dynamics and an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio.

So let’s talk about the performance! McLaren is using their twin-turbocharged 3.8 – Litre V8 which produces pretty mad 562BHP and 600NM torque. The sound of the 570GT is a bit less loud compared to the other models – that ensures the common theme of building a comfortable sports-car.



The seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox belongs to most responsive gearboxes I’ve experienced so far. Pretty sick how detailed you can adjust every single detail. There are two options, both separately adjustable from each other. So you can switch the engine in sports mode but keep the handling in normal mode which is ending up in some fancy driving cocktails.


Interstellar Travelling – Along The Roads Of Tenerife

The journey we had on this island, was beyond anything I have seen and felt. The diversity of our ride across the roads was otherworld-like. And that’s why I wrote some style of a poem to express what we have discovered.

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

Deep in the Ocean of Time
Right into the layers of space
Dwelling through infinite dimensions

I’m here, paralyzed, under the vibrant sky.
Let go of past judgments
and embrace new paths of thoughts

Stormy waves across the coast
Along green woods and bendy roads
Up to the prideful volcano

Suddenly I’m reaching another planet, I’m diving into another universe
Lost in an abyss, only glimpses of far away stars, out of reach.
Is time an illusion, an interval or a passage?
Breathless by the emptiness and silence
On the darkside of the moon.

Rights by Ian Kuah –

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

McLaren 570GT Launch 2016 Tenerife

The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase

The moon inspires mankind since we exist, it speaks his own secret language. My mother once told me that one of my first words as a baby was ‘moon’ – and I always looked up astonished by it’s mystery.


The OMEGA Speedmaster Moonphase means so much more than just a time indication to me. It’s my personal fascination for precision and perfection.

As well as beautifully measuring every moment on earth; this timepiece follows the phases of the moon, which makes perfect sense given that the Speedmaster was the first watch ever to be worn on the lunar surface.


A brief astronomy lesson: a lunar month is not 30 days, but slightly more than 29.5 days. A difficult time-span to manage for a standard gear train, but OMEGA’s Moonphase is up to the task.

The ‘Master Chronometer’ movement is the yet most precise movement, tested at the industry’s highest level. And that’s exactly the reason why it harmonizes so wonderfully with the 570GT.

Interview with Wayne Bruce

Wayne Bruce is the Global Communications and PR Director. Lucky me, I had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions.

So you’re obviously not Batman, right?

No, it’s Wayne Bruce – not Bruce Wayne. But they call me ‘Man-bat’ in the UK

What was the goal by developing the McLaren 570GT?

It’s the most luxury McLaren that has been built yet. Means you can easily take it for a longer journey without any issues. It does take the brand into the ‘Gran Turismo’ territory for the first time in history, but it’s still very much a McLaren.

Some words about the future?

Sure, we just announced our business plan for the next 6 years. A few key points:

McLaren will stay self-funding and independent.

We’re going to invest a large proportion of our profits into future products which results in 15 new cars – half of them hybrid engines.

Describe a perfect gentleman

Of course he drives a silver McLaren 570GT (smiles). Being a gentleman is about politeness, understatement, tolerance of others and letting others go first.

Driving the McLaren 650S

After these endless roads and the tremendous beautfiul ride, I took the McLaren 650S to review a slightly faster and crisp model. I made some stopover at Los Gigantes.


Now you have a chance to see me going mad in this car. And as well explain the details.

I’m very much looking forward to my next adventure with McLaren, I’m pretty sure we will have a look into the McLaren production soon!

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Maserati Snow And Ice At The Chedi Andermatt

Maserati Snow And Ice – At The Chedi

In recent days this year I got asked to attend an event I have been wanting to be part of for so long: The Drifting Experience at Maserati’s “Snow and Ice”.
As you probably know from your own time scheduling, unfortunately I was booked out for the whole week already. To my and Mona’s favour, I could ask her to displace myself. This is why you will experience the journey through her perspective.
Enjoy, Ralph

Maserati Winter

The Maserati’s & The Chedi’s “Snow and Ice” Winter Experience

Driving up the winding road to Andermatt got me highly excited about the fun day ahead with Maserati.
I was mighty impressed by the astonishing Chedi with its well-composed mixture of luxurious materials and the solid wooden design. This architectural masterpiece had a majestic impact on me during the whole stay.
After the arrival I made sure to spend some time relaxing at the beautiful Spa. Besides the always obliging staff, the delicious food and the spacious Deluxe Room I was given, the Spa area was absolutely sensational.
Chedi Andermatt Pool
To close that pleasing arrival day, we got spoilt by Nenad Mlinarevic’s exquisite dinner. Nenad combines different ingredients and textures – that you wouldn’t imagine could work together – in an incredibly surprising but agreeable way. For desert, as an example, we tasted the combination of razor-thin salted dark chocolate with a Jerusalem artichoke flavoured ice cream and dried pear flakes. To be honest, tasting the single components wasn’t what I’d call “mouth-watering”, but the flavours and textures combined added to a very delicious whole. 
Nenad Mlinarevic

Maserati Snow Video

Ghibli vs Quattroporte and All Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive – two hard decisions when it comes to selecting your favourite Maserati Model in the snow.

Maserati Ghibli snow drifting
Maserati Ghibli S Q4 snow driftingVerbrauch: kombiniert 9,7 l/100 km; innerorts 14,1 l/100 km; außerorts 7,1 l/100 km // CO2-Emissionen: kombiniert 226 g/km // Effizienzklasse: F //Abgasnorm EURO 6
Posted by Maserati Schweiz on Thursday, 21 January 2016

As a passionate AWD Driver I found the Ghibli Q4 (AWD) the most handy and forgiving vehicle of the four. It is about half a meter shorter than the Quattroporte line and therefore has a wheelbase that is more compact. This shorter distance between the front and back wheels lets you control the Ghibli Q4 quite easily compared to the Quattroporte Q4. Even in Sport Mode and when turning off the Electronic Stability Program the Ghibli Q4 reacts almost immediately to your actions, whereas the Quattroporte Q4 with its nearly two tons, is a lot more inertial.

The Quattroporte Q4 took considerably  longer until it swerved, but when it did, it was harder to keep control over the machine due to its weight.

Maserati Andermatt

Especially when drifting a slalom it is important that you don’t only concentrate on the curve that you’re in but you actually think about what happens two curves ahead. You need to know how the car is going to react to your stearing, accelerating and slowing down on snow and ice to be able to drift into the following curves flawlessly.

Maserati Ghibli Drift
Whether with the Ghibli or the Quattroporte, driving a rear wheel drive teaches you not to overeccelerate nor to overstear. Especially when you start moving, accelerate subtly otherwise the rear wheels start spinning as the whole power is being transferred over the back axis.

Omega Maserati
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m
Equipped with one of the world’s most advanced mechanical movement, the Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial is stylish, sporty and prepared for an active lifestyle. This luxurious model features a pearled mother-of-pearl dial with 11 diamond indexes.

When you are about to hit a sharp curve, shift down and turn earlier and less than you would on a normal road. Having turned early, by the time you reach the curve the Maserati rear wheel drive slides nicely into the bend and doesn’t crash into the wall behind. By breaking in the curve – especially with the heavy Quattroporte – you transfer the Quattroporte’s weight from the rear to the front of the car to ensure your steering controls the car. As it is well-known, the performance of a rear wheel drive especially on ice is completely different to an AWD. It swerves a lot more, so you often have to countersteer to keep it on track.

Maserati Logo

If I can leave you with a piece of advice, always be aware – whether you drive a front, a rear or an all wheel drive – the car’s breaking duration on ice is significantly longer than on asphalt. When you need to slow down immediately while driving straight ahead, slam on the brakes without releasing until you stand still. The car will swerve slightly but it will stay on track. If you need to slow down when you’re in a curve, only tap the break and release it again, otherwise the vehicle will swerve heavily and you might lose control over the car.

Maserati Snow & Ice
Thank you The Chedi Andermatt and Maserati Switzerland for taking us on this exciting adventure. The Snow and Ice training was not only extremely entertaining but also very instructive. Thank you Maserati Team for teaching us how to drive safely whether on asphalt or on ice. I highly recommend this experience with Maserati’s luxurious sports cars to anyone.
Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed.
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Finali Mondiali ¦ Mugello Racetrack

Firenze – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A place where romance, delicious food and Italian history meets. The ideal place to travel with your partner and spend an astonishing time. Florence is the capitol of Tuscany, a big wine region in the north of  Italy.
Firenze travel report
Florence Architecture
Once you arrive, you start to understand why a couple of the biggest genius in human history have spent quite a some time in this fabulous city (Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei are a a couple of examples). The buildings are shaped in Renaissance architecture – what a lovely place.
Firenze Photos
Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge that survived the 2nd world war. Today it’s mainly used to sell jewelery (made this one with the world famous gelato).
Gelato Florence
No doubt it’s already a handsome place to visit, but there is more to tell. 
Ferrari is organising races all over the globe and the finali mondiali at the mugello race track took place. 
Ferrari Mugello
Wrist shot of the Hublot Big Bang  ¦ Ferrari Speciale Grey Ceramic
Hublot Ferrari Grey Ceramic
The hotlap I made was one of the ultimate experiences in my life. The driver pushed the car the it’s limits, it was better than any rollercoaster! Unfortunately there are no pictures of this experience.
Mugello Ferrari
What a fantastic atmosphere. It was my first time to be part of such a race. There are Ferrari cars literally everywhere. The race and the whole show perfectly reflects the passion and brand-mania for Ferrari. There are flags all over the place and pretty much everyone has a Ferrari logo on the jacket. It was extremely hot (in November), noisy and super crowded. It’s a spectacular event and thanks to the Hublot crew we had a great program and loads of cool ‘behind the scenes’ options you defintely don’t get as a normal visitor.
Safety Car Hublot
A few of my personal highlights at the Finali Mondiali… 
I met a real Italian Gentleman – Beppe Schenetti. His whole charism and warm oppenness to everyone is the Italian way and I love it.
Beppe Schenetti Ferrari
Another highlight of my journey was to meet Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel. The places were so packed with journalists from all over the world – I was not able to take a good catch of Sebastian Vettel. The two Formula One drivers passed their trainings on the track.
Kimi Raikkonen Interview
Ferrari’s pit stop, crazy how quick!
 What a wonderful journey! Thanks to Hublot for the invitation and the brilliant support
Wrist Shot Hublot