#Yougotsomething – Show Us Your Something And Win!

Today, I’m teaming up with AXE, the team phoned me up and asked if I wanna join their campaign. After trying out the new products and being very happy with the new bodyspray and bodywash, I started to do my thinking. AXE YOU asks you to find back to your roots, to do your own thing – to find your something.

Who is perfect? Nobody is! But we’re all individuals, we’re unique. Each and everyone of us has his own something, something that makes you special. The path to find it, might be a long one – but I’m sure you can find it as long as you listen and watch your inner carefully.

Win 1000 CHF Voucher For Your Trip

Join us and comment your something into the article, please don’t forget to participate with your email address. The most creative participant wins 1’000 CHF voucher for your own trip!

#Yougotsomething – Win 1000 CHF for your Trip!

Together with AXE, you can win a voucher for your trip! There are a few ways to participate, show us YOURSOMETHING and:

  • Send us an email with your something
  • Use #gentlemangotsomething on Instagram and link the axe_offiziell account
  • Comment this article and explain us what makes you special

The most creative wins!

Yougotsomething – What Is My ‘Something’?

Traveling has always been an activity that I probably adore the most. I traveled over 30 countries meanwhile – and I admit, there is absolutely nothing that expands my character as much as traveling does.

Meeting other cultures, travel through deserts and never ending landscapes sometimes makes you never returning home. Traveling is a magical trip and it will lead you to inner peace. Go and listen to people who did a world trip, you will know what I mean.

Trust me, I keep packing my duties to travel. But sometimes, it’s time to return home.


caumasee flims

baden am caumasee

Flims – Where My Heart & Soul Belongs

The AXE team asked me to write about my ‘something’ – and it took me quite some time to find out. And since I’m not a very good skater or anything like that, I had to do some deeper thinking. Well, traveling is for sure my thing. But there is a special place I wanted to write about. It’s the place where I spent my childhood, and not only this – it simply belongs to the most beautiful places on mother earth.

rheinschlucht sonnenuntergang

wanderferien flims

Flims – Finding The Inner Peace

I hope you do have a place to find your inner peace. It’s this very moment when you arrive, and you’re completely relaxed. We’re all different, some of you might be discovering this feeling at a Techno Party – fine! It’s your something then.

My place to find meditation, is located up in the Swiss mountains. Flims is located in Graubünden, Switzerland. The village is nestled in the middle of trees, lakes and mountains. It’s the Seychelles of Switzerland, so to say.

Sky blue water, you can almost drink it directly from the lake. The air is balm for the soul and there is: silence. It’s a journey to become no-one.

schönste schweizer seen

Biking And Hiking In Flims

Spending a few days at the staggering place, you will have time to workout and relax. Loads of chances to do hiking, biking and enjoy free time at the ‘Caumasee’

Check their website, you will find some good advise.

biken flims

Send us your something

Review Of The Wilkinson Hydro 5

Why I usually use a wet shave option

Iremember when I was a boy and my father showed me how to shave for the very first time. It’s an emotional memory, I’ll keep forever in my mind. Back then, he explained the whole thing with a wet shave which might be the reason that I always did it like that. On the other hand, a wet shave just feels more complete and refreshing.

Pictures and rights by Christian Schmid – https://www.csf-321.ch/

The reason I’m testing the Wilkinson Hydro 5

The consumer magazine Saldo recently reviewed 10 different razors, to find out which one is rated best. 15 men were testing on arguments like handling, comfort, result or cleaning. Further, an endurance test was conducted by different men to shatter its boundaries. At the end, the Wilkinson Hydro 5 was rated best. That made my curious how good it really is.

I tested the Wilkinson Hydro 5 for a few weeks

1) The Packing

Okay, it looks cool but it’s a bit complicated to open. However, this type of packing protects the blades and keeps them away from children.

2) Its Design

The Hydro 5 looks very sharp, I like the colours and the aerodynamic look. The material feels very comfortable and gentle.

3) My Shaving Experience

  • The 5 blades are super sharp, but still I didn’t cut myself at any time
  • Shaving feels super comfortable
  • The skin is smooth and without any irritations after the shave
  • Big thumps up for its endurance

The Features Of The Wilkinson Hydro 5

  • There is a flip-trimmer which is an amazing idea! It helps a lot to achieve the perfect lines for my beard. Easy to handle and very precise.
  • The Hydro 5 is easy to rinse
  • Its Gel Reservoir is an interesting innovation that keeps your skin smooth and moisty

What about the price?

EUR 7,45 for the shaver & 1 spare blade

EUR 16,95 for 8 blades (EUR 2,11 per piece)

That is a bit cheaper than its biggest competitor.

My resumé?

+Reasonable price, sexy design, a very comfortable result and a great persistency

-The packing

Would I buy it?

Yes, it’s a great product.

AXE Men’s Care – Find Your Magic

AXE – Find Your Magic

The pursuit to find your magic, your thing, your destiny, is probably a lifetime journey. The fashion and lifestyle industry is celebrating a ‘back to the 80ties’ trend and I think it’s just awesome. A Gentleman doesn’t require the hardest sixpack, but much more his own individuality, his own style.

AXE Find your magic

Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

Today’s world offers you the great opportunity to do your own thing, to rock the world in your own way. It’s sort of modern woodstock-feeling, freedom and self-realisation. I mean, some of the most successful CEO’s are still wearing nerd shirts and society loves it. AXE delivers some really amazing products and after I have tested them every day, I must say: the result suits their slogan.

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.com

Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

The whole thing reminded me of a fight club quote, I have adjusted it a bit to make it gentleman’s-like:

“You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You are not your khakis. You are all singing, all dancing magic of the world.”

On the path to find ourselves, we keep having challenges, struggle and pain. But hey, who decides to give up? The only escape, is the escape ahead.

AXE – The Men’s Care Products

Over the last weeks, I have used and tested all the shown AXE Men’s care products


Picture by Christian Schmid – www.fotowerk132.ch

AXE Signature

AXE Bodywash

These premium body wash products are simply great. Even after hours of using them, you can still smell the scent of ginger, vanilla or mint (dependent which one you’re using). Quick side note: if it’s saying ‘body’ on a wrap, don’t use it for your hair:)

Conclusion: job very well done!

AXE Mens Care

AXE Triolgy

AXE Deodorant

Since I have received them, I’m using the Deos every day. The protection is great, smells really nice and no sweat spots discovered.

Outcome: great stuff, I’ll keep using it!AXE Urban

AXE Styling Gel

The brand comes up with several levels of strength to model your hair. Since my hair is pretty rebellious, I’m going for the hardest one!

Result: holds the hair, does not glue too much and can calm very resistant hair

AXE Fragrance

I have used the fragrances from time to time.

My feedback: great to use here and there – or after your workout

A Gentleman’s Closing Word

I’m really satisfied with the AXE products, I will definitely keep using some. And last but not least, I’m going to fly to Berlin for the launch of the AXE magazine, can’t wait!

ShaveART.ch – Die perfekte Online-Rasur für einen richtigen Mann!

Vor ein paar Tagen erhielt ich einen Anruf ob ich nicht mal wieder Lust hätte mich zu rasieren und die neuen Produkte von ShaveART zu testen.

ShaveART Nassrasierer

Nun mein Bart ist mir mittlerweile heilig und ich lasse normalerweise nur den Barber ran. Aber wie ich bin, habe ich immer wieder Lust auf neues und stürze mich gerne in alle möglichen Abenteuer.

ShaveART revolutioniert den Markt der Rasur, indem sie mit einem Preiswerten Onlineshop auftrumpfen. Es ist relativ simpel: Wir Männer sind viel unterwegs und haben immer weniger Zeit zum Einkaufen. Da ist eine Online Lösung gerade richtig.

Nassrasur Männer
Das ganze ist auch wirklich effizient und übersichtlich zu bestellen. Dafür gibt es von mir volle Punktzahl.
Man wählt sich also seinen favorisierten Nassrasierer aus, wählt Farbe & Anzahl klingen und schon ist die Sache getan! Hier bietet sich also eine bequeme Möglichkeit, sich mit viel Stil und Präzision zu rasieren.
Nun zurück zur Geschichte… Ich kam im Riverside Hotel an. Natürlich im Anzug und möglichst ‘unrasiert’. Das Hotel selbst ist eine tolle Location für Seminare und hat eine grosse Suite, wo wir auch die Bilder gemacht haben.

Hotel Riverside Suite
Natürlich musste erst mal die ganze Gentlemanbehaarung etwas gekürzt werden. Dazu eignet sich der Bartschneider von Carrera. Liegt gut in der Hand und sieht stylish aus – also perfekt. Die technischen Details & online Bestellung findest Du hier.

Bartschneider online
richtig rasieren

Während der Nassrasur hatten wir eine Menge Spass. Der Griff liegt sehr angenehm in der Hand und schaut auch wirklich trendy aus. Es hat Nassrasierer für jeden Geschmack.

Shave pictures
Mir ist vor allem aufgefallen wie unglaublich sanft und präzise dieKlinge schneidet. Man spürt wie hier fokussiert wurde und wie wichtig es ist, eine ausgearbeitete Klinge zu verwenden.

Rasierer online
Nach einer guten Viertelstunde war ich soweit – zurück im Anzug und ready für das Resultat. Wie ihr seht, habe ich eine wirklich saubere Linie hingekriegt – ohne jede weitere Hilfe von anderen Accessoires.

Carrera Föhn
ShaveART.ch ist die ideale Adresse für den modernen Mann. Hier bekommst du alles für deine perfekte Rasur: Luxuriöse Nassrasierer und Top-Qualitäts Klingen ab CHF 1.40 von ShaveART.ch sowie state-of-the-art Bartschneider von Carrera, alles bequem und herrlich nach Hause geliefert. Damit sparst du Zeit und erst noch Geld für die nächste Motorrad-Tour durch die Schweiz oder Kneipen-Tour durch deine Stadt! Dein Aussehen ist dir dabei wichtig -ShaveART liefert Dir das perfekte Werkzeug dazu! Überzeuge dich vom Umfangreichen Angebot!