How To Be Successful – Inspired By 9 Personalities

How To Be Successful – Inspired By 9 Personalities

It is part of the human DNA to seek for success, to realize oneself and to live our dreams. First of all, being successful means: working hard. But it takes a bit more than that. We thought it is inspiring to show some impressive personalities to support  you on your way to success, an inspiration in every situation of an entrepreneur or; in life.

The path to success sometimes seems tough and pretty often it means to take a step back. But don’t worry, success is learnable. In any case, there is a list of qualities that will help us on our way. We thought of choosing people who, in our view, have achieved something incredible.

9 Things We Can Learn From Successful People

Now, 9 personalities will follow, from whom we can learn a lot. Each character receives a quality that is particularly remarkable in our view. We’re well aware that they have worked extremely hard and there are many more attributes and qualities we could list here.

Elon Musk – Innovation

Elon Musk is probably one of the most innovative geniuses of the 21st century. And he doesn’t stop. Sailing around the world with some supermodels after he sold paypal? Nope. Meanwhile, he founded about 7 other companies such as Tesla or SpaceX. He keeps smashing standards and surprise society with his powerful innovations.


What we learn from Elon Musk
To think innovative and creative. There are no mistakes, only solutions. Beyond the boundaries, problems turn into challenges. Progress through free thinking. Take time to analyse everything. Look beyond the seemingly given dimensions.

Tim Ferris – There is always a way

Self-made millionaire and author of the book ‘The 4-Hour Work-Week‘. Not read it yet? Do it! He holds various records; besides most turns in tango, he is world champion in Chinese combat.

© robert maxwell

What we learn from Tim Ferriss
There is always a way, though it sometimes means taking a step back. We were all born with a lot of potential. We’re not even using 20% of our brain capacity, not mentioning the physical possibilities. We are capable of much more than we often realize.

Stephen Hawking – Believe in it

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest physicists in history and is highly ingenious. At the age of 20, ALS was diagnosed – the doctors gave him only a few years to live. He is now over 70 years old and still holds his presentations with a lot of humour and vitality, although he can not control any part of his body.

© Jason Bye

What we learn from Stephen Hawking
Not giving up is probably one of the most important, if not the most important feature of a successful person. Stephen Hawking proves impressively, even in an unimaginable state of health, to create incredible. Each of us carries his own backpack with individual feelings. Stephen Hawkins learns to believe in what we do and in ourselves. Not giving up, going on and on, even if it sometimes seems so hard and difficult.

Roger Federer – Stay humble

In other words, keep your feet on the ground. We all know the stories of successful people raising high like a rocket and then failing in gambling, drugs or similar. Roger Federer is probably the most famous athlete who stays humble with all that he has achieved.

© keystone

What we learn from Roger Federer
Reached the top of the mountain? The way down is much faster. Roger teaches us to be smart. Not resting on our laurels, but staying modest and continuing to fight hard for the next successes. It is also important that we always look forward to our successes and take nothing for granted.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Take care of your environment

Not only one of the greatest actors of all time, oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio (finally) travels the world and spreads his commitment to the environment.

© un photo

What we learn from Leonardo DiCaprio
We have one planet earth, we’re responsible to take care of it. Climate change is a fact and it follows long list of other challenges humanity is struggling with. That’s why it’s important to set a good example and take care of our planet. How you do it is up to you. It is important to understand that many other generations will follow after us.

Bertrand Piccard – Dream Big

Bertrand Piccard is the perfect example of an adventurer. He was the first human to fly around the earth in a hot-air balloon and in a solar airplane. To survive such crazy projects requires the ability to think and dream big.

© solar impulse

What we learn from Bertrand Piccard
An entrepreneur needs the ability to dream about the seemingly impossible. The way to success requires a visionary eye and a boundless mind. Dreaming big brings us into paths we might have never expected.

Eminem – Break the rules

Eminem is considered the most successful rapper of all time. His poetry and technique make him unique. He became famous simply by breaking the rules and taboos.

© gazettereview

What we learn from Eminem
This is not a call to become criminal or break any laws. Being successful means thinking beyond the goal. To bypass standards, to be different. To do something more than everyone else. To risk more than the others. To try again and again. To think further. A ‘no’ or ‘not possible’ doesn’t have to mean the end.

Cristiano Ronaldo – stay focussed

There is one thing we cannot deny: Despite all naysayers, haters and negative reviews he delivers a unique performance. He is the first guy showing up in training session and also the last one leaving it. At home, he built a training-like environment. He incredibly manages to ignore everything around and keeps performing at the highest possible level.

© getty images

What we learn from CR7
To become successful by focusing on ourselves and our goals. Ignore the naysayers. During our childhood we are conditioned by society. This is not possible, this is impossible, you can not manage this and that, etc. Through targeted mental training, you can get rid of these conditions and achieve a healthy mind that tells you: nothing is impossible or: everything is possible.

Bill Gates – Share

The richest person in the world leads by example: 4.6 billion will flow into his foundation in 2017. Gates donated around 5% of its assets, but it also made its largest single donation since 2000.

© wef forum

What we learn from Bill Gates
Imagine, you are the only person in the world and there is no way to share your luck and your successes. It would be useless. Sharing is always important, whether successful or not. The more we achieve, the more we can give to other people. Trust us, sharing feels great.

Michelle Obama – Together we’re strong

The former first lady gained a lot of positive attention with her enthusiasm she is the best possible companion. Day and night at the side of the president, she goes through thick and thin with him – no matter what happens. She makes him a better person.

© getty images

What we learn from Michelle Obama
Michelle stands for unity and strength. A best friend, a reliable business partner or even a strong partner is crucial for a successful, stable life. Every successful person we read about today would not here without their teams, their fellow human beings or their partner.

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James Bond In Andermatt

James Bond In Andermatt

Lately, I’ve teamed up with Omega, Aston Martin & The Chedi Andermatt to realise the biggest project in my blogger history. A unique and unbounded experience to drive the most beautiful car in the world to one of the leading hotels, with the ultimate Bond Watch – the Omega Seamaster 300 „Spectre“ (Limited to 7007 pieces). A part of ‚Goldfinger‘ was filmed in Andermatt, which was the reason we wanted to visit the place to experience it exceptionally Bond-like.

Pictures and rights by Andrea Monica Hug

james bond

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

James Bond Getting Prepared For The Journey

Starting this unreal journey, I’ve packed the Aston Martin DB9 GT with a few suits, turtle necks, sports gear, a Louis Vuitton bag and of course my super hot bond girl. Once you push the button to start the V12 engine, the sound just leaves you breathless. I can tell you it feels amazing to be on the road as an agent, in order of the British royal order. Driving amongst the Swiss roads, past beautiful lakes and bendy roads in a convertible DB9 GT lets you smile from the very moment you enter the car until you leave it

The Chedi Andermatt

The Egyptian Samih Sawiris had the idea to build one of the leading luxury resorts in the Swiss Alps. Trust me, he has achieved even more. The Chedi is a deluxe 5 Star Hotel, magnificently uniting tradition and modern aspects. The architect Jean-Michel Gathy harmonised the alpine chic design with Asian elements and thus sets new standards in Switzerland.
The elegant design with open fireplaces and a large lobby throws you into a haute-living feeling. Every single room has endlessly high walls, almost like walking into the coliseum – you can’t stop watching… marvellous.
The rooms are scoring with a large scale, every single option can be chosen with an iPad but that doesn’t change the cosy atmosphere with an eye watering view to the mountains.
The spa is irrationally good. A 2400m2 wellness area with infinite pools, Roman pillars, saunas & steam baths with plenty of massage options and other packages.

Chedi Deluxe Room
Chedi Lounge

James Bond’s Journey

After a mouth watering dinner, we have spent a beautiful night at the Chedi. Of course we got up early to drive up the Furkapass (the mountain pass where Bond was filmed). The sun was out, Andermatt showed it’s most beautiful side – a perfect day for a day ride with the Aston Martin DB9 GT. After we have dressed up to hunt the villain, equipped with all the fancy gadgets of a real gentleman. Bond is a very particular man, deliberate in everything, from the way he reveals his own name to his tailoring, the moment when dispatching villains and, of course, his excellent choice of timepiece. His Bond Girl is his equal, independent, strong and smart, with a certain attitude and elegance, sexiness.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Finished our preparations and leaving the Chedi, the trip from Andermatt towards the Furkapass begun. Despite the cold air we drove the Aston convertible with a roaring lion in the back, nice and challenging to manage the rear wheel drive on snow and ice. But hey, I’m James Bond – I can do it.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug
Chasing the DB9 GT over the Furkapass is more than exciting. Sloping curves with gravel, snow or ice with so much power requires a lot of concentration. Through tunnels and small valleys with all the different light influences plus the thundering engine is just magic.

Bond’s Best Choice – The Omega Seamaster 300 ‘Spectre’ ¦ Limited To 7007 Pieces

For many years now, James Bond has worn an Omega Seamaster for reasons I’ll explain. But the relationship goes further than a watch. Before the release of any new James Bond film there is always a thrill of anticipation about which accessories, from cars to cufflinks, 007 might favour this time. Bond might be a fictional character, but we have now seen an agent who has been built and shaped by experence. He is often struggeling, failing and then liberates back to his peak form. Thus, we have so many reasons Omega just straight fits to bond. It’s the most precise movement in history, yet very stylish and elegant and always keeps the confidence. It’s the ideal watch for a dapper gentleman.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

For the first time in history, the Seamaster 300 is limited to 7007 pieces which makes the whole event of owning a James Bond watch very special.

The Omega Seamaster 300 comes in a robust stainless steel case with a sleek, black and grey striped NATO strap. The strap provides a more flexible and robust wristband – it has originally been used by the British army.

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

 Inside, the watch is powered by the OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8400, a revolutionary movement that is resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss.
Omega’s quest for excellence, precision and style is not less than the perfect match for Bond.

Bond’s Car – The Aston Martin DB9 GT Volante

Aston Martin has invented and built simply the most beautiful car in the world – the Aston Martin DB 9.
Back in 1964 when ‘Goldfinger’ was produced, we witnessed the introduction of a new car for bond – the Aston Martin DB5, Signalling the start of a new relationship which spans eleven films and nearly 50 years of cinema history.
The DB9 is nothing else than purest class, and doubly delicious to those in the know for being the car that kick-started Aston’s renaissance. A brawny, sexy GT with a V12 under the bonnet.
The brutal V12 that produces 547 bhp has actually not much in common with a secret mission – it is equal to an earth quake or a heavy thunderstorm.
The whole set up and design of the DB9 GT is unrivalled. British elegance with ridiculous power and torque.
Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

Aston Martin DB9 GT Volante Rating

Daily Use
It’s rather a second car for the week-end. Pretty much no space in the boot and quite high consumption (it’s a V12)
Does Bond own a black Amex? I believe so.
Appeal & Design
It is the most beautiful car ever built. I love the DB9 so much.
Convertible plus a roaring V12 that produces 547bhp? Goosebumps.
The V12 is unfortunately not very eco-friendly
The word ‘gentleman’ couldn‘t be better associated with the Aston Martin DB9 GT. Therefore, best rating.

A big thank you for the lovely people at the Chedi and of course to Andrea for driving up and taking such amazing pictures! It’s an honour to work with brands like Omega and Aston Martin, I’m sure you will hear more in the near future! Finally, thanks to my girl for being the best bond girl ever!

Photo: Andrea Monica Hug

GQ Gentleman 2015 Finale

Dear Diary

A year ago, out of the blue, I have founded my blog. No idea what to expect and what life brings. 
I’m doing this because I love it, it’s as simple as that.

Andrea Monica Hug



GQ Gentlemen 2015

During the last 12 months so many dreams came true… and still it gets better and better, and better.

And now, I’m leaving Switzerland for a couple of days to travel to Germany. GQ, the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazine, is looking for an ambassador.

It’s more than an ambassador, it’s the GQ Gentleman 2015. I’m one of the finalists. Actually, I’m reading the magazine since pretty much 10 years and it’s for sure the biggest success this year to receive such an invitation. I can’t possibly be more happy!

Now let’s talk a bit what a Gentleman wraps up for such an event. And some outfit details.


It’s summertime, so we’re using blue and brown colours. To be precise it’s a navy blue that ideally combines with cognac brown or light brown. 

The suit & the shirt are from Joop, the shirt has a shark collar which looks very dapper.
Tie & pocket square are aligned in light blue.

Herrenglobus Logo


Swiss Fashion Blogger
Terrasse Zürich Garten
The shoes are double sewn-welted brogues from the brand Prime Shoes, distributed by Herren Globus.
Herren Globus Männermode
Wrist Shot
HYT H1 Air Classic
For the H1 Air Classic, HYT didn’t simply recreate a traditional piece. The brand remained loyal to its codes and to its hydraulic technology: large roman numerals, gold tone, optimal visibility and chocolate tons all served with an alligator strap.
Pink gold 5N and titanium case, 48,8 mm
Mechanical hand-wound, exclusive HYT calibre
Bridges hand-chamfered and adorned with côtes de Genève, rhodiumed bellows
HYT Air Classic


2nd pair of Oxfords by Massimo Dutti (the condition of your shoes remains better if you use a stretcher)

Collection of Camacho Cigars (conneticut, maduro, crillo etc.)
Using matches is the classier way

All the cosmetics are from Kiehl’s Glattzentrum

Tabacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Mens Accessories

Wish me luck, you will hear the outcome very soon!