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SIHH – IWC Schaffhausen, Come Fly With Me!

SIHH 2016 With IWC Schaffhausen

Fasten your seatbelts and let me take you on a journey to Geneva, where IWC Schaffhausen presented their new Pilot’s Watch collection. Flying has always fascinated me and as it was a gentlemen’s sport in the early 1930s it’s a perfect topic to write about. 

The dream of flying and the role of IWC Schaffhausen

The mankind’s dream of flying is more than two thousand years old. The pursuit and dream of flying is part of our nature. Ever since then, different cultures continued to research and enhance the technology towards the peak of perfection.  The Chinese started already several years BC to experiment with different forms of flying and Leonardo Da Vinci brought the dream of flying to Europe in the 15thcentury, when he already draw first drafts of flying machines.
Scientists always knew that riding horses, walking and shipping will not be the future means of transportation.  They knew that we are able to reach different spheres. Their ingenuity encouraged them to shatter the rules and to bypass the solid understanding of science. They knew there is more to discover – the sky wasn’t the limit.

UNDATIERTES HANDOUT - An improved Spitfire is pushed onto the runway by a group of pilots from the squadron (January 1944). (PHOTOPRESS/IWC)

The term “aviation” as we know it today came up first in 1863 by a French pioneer and the modern aeroplane with the characteristic tail we know today was established in 1909. From then on the myth of modern flying was born.  

In its early years flying was a gentlemen sport performed by well-educated and rich men and became very popular in the 1930s.

This is the time when IWC Schaffhausen – a pioneer in producing Pilot’s Watches started to produce their very first Pilot’s Watch. The first IWC Pilot’s Watches of the 1930s and 1940s set technical benchmarks, and their dial design determined the overall appearance that has remained so distinctive to this day. During the pioneering days of aviation, most pilots had to navigate with the help of pocket watches, because special wristwatches for pilots were still few and far between. By contrast, the first Special Pilot’s Watch, built by IWC in 1936, already featured a rugged glass, a rotating bezel with an arrowhead index for instantaneous legibility and an anti magnetic escapement, together with high contrast, luminescent hands and numerals.

From 1940, IWC started producing the Big Pilot’s Watch in accordance with military specifications. It featured an IWC-manufactured watch movement and large seconds hand. With a case measuring 55 millimetres in diameter and weighing in at 183 grams, until 2016 it was the most voluminous wristwatch ever made by IWC. In terms of precision, it met chronometer standards as well as the technical demands placed on a military navigation or observer’s watch back in those days. Amazing, isn’t it?

This original 55 mm watch was also the inspiration for the new IWC Pilot’s Watch collection presented at the SIHH 2016 in Geneva. IWC tried to stick to their heritage and produced a modern and elegant collection which still reminds you of the original watches produced in the 40ies. Let’s phrase it like Georges Kern (CEO of IWC Schaffhausen) in one of his interviews: “Why always asking for novelties instead of improving the existing products?” (Sonntagszeitungor as IWC says it: “Be Original”. 

The life of a pilot called Antoine de Saint-Exupéry & my favourite watches

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince” Ref. IW502701

Since 2006, IWC has been honouring the life’s work of French poet and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry with special editions of its Pilot’s Watches. Saint-Exupéry was already a legend in his own lifetime. People are fascinated as much by his books as by his adventurous life and his inherent passion for flying.

Saint-Ex is definitely one of my favourite writers. Not only because he was a pilot, but much more about the wonderful way how he tells the stories. I’m sure you all know his famous book “Le petit prince”.

Not very surprising that my absolute favourite watch of this year’s collection is the Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’. An extraordinary timepiece, I adore this watch. It’s limited to 250 pieces and comes with an IWC-manufactured mechanical movement with 7 days power reserve. One of the terrific details is the annual calendar which displays the month, date and day. Have a close look at the solid gold rotor at the back of the watch, which shows the famous image of the little prince standing on his tiny asteroid and regarding the heavens with wide-open eyes.
Another beautiful watch is the Big Pilot’s watch. I added a picture of the new model below. A new calf leather strap by Santoni is used to provide a high comfort. In terms of design IWC has taken a step back to the roots of the original big pilot’s watch of 1940. This watch fits perfectly to a nice suit and can also be worn casual in your daily life.
IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Edition “Le Petit Prince” Ref. IW500916
The SIHH 2016 (Salon international de la haute horlogerie) was an amazing experience. On Tuesday when I arrived at IWC’s booth there were already lots of famous sportsmen and celebrities walking over the red carpet. Stars like Lewis Hamilton, Hilary Swank, Scott Eastwood, Rosamund Pike,  Elias M’Barek, Adriana Lima, Christoph Waltz and many more were visiting the booth. Karolina Kurkova and I had a great time, as you can see on the picture. At the occasion she asked me to be her personal photographer, which I certainly did, being a gentleman.
In the evening, I was invited to the legendary SIHH IWC gala. On the red carpet there were as many stars as at the Oscars including myself! The gala was amazing – they took us back to the early 30ies/40ies, with dance performances and live big band jazz and blues music by Ronan Keating, Patti Austin and so on IWC Pilot 2016 Gala Event. It was a great experience to celebrate and party with the whole IWC crew and all the famous people at this years SIHH.
 HANDOUT - Marc Forster, Scott Eastwood, Chris Evans and IWC Schaffhausen CEO Georges Kern attend the IWC "Come Fly with us" Gala Dinner during the launch of the Pilot's Watches Novelties from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2016 on January 19, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. (PHOTOPRESS/IWC)
    Marc Forster, Scott Eastwood, Chris Evans & Georges Kern
HANDOUT - Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton attend the IWC "Come Fly with us" Gala Dinner during the launch of the Pilot's Watches Novelties from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2016 on January 19, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. (PHOTOPRESS/IWC) Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton
HANDOUT - Hilary Swank and Christoph Waltz attend the IWC "Come Fly with us" Gala Dinner during the launch of the Pilot's Watches Novelties from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2016 on January 19, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. (PHOTOPRESS/IWC)
Hilary Swank & Christoph Waltz

The recap of my journey matches perfectly with the values of flying. Flying is a sign for absolute freedom, elusiveness, spirit of discovery and harmony. We adore flying because it frees our mind and it lets all our worries fly away – and that’s what I experienced at the SIHH 2016!
PS. Here some photos with Celebrities, the quality of the images doesn’t match my blog, and therefore I decided to put them on an external drive in case you want to have a look:

Baselworld – What A Watch Exhibition

Since I am following my passion to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry, I have decided to visit the biggest and most extraordinary watch exhibition in the world. As you may know, Switzerland is World’s leading watch producer. I really think we should be proud of this fact and its my aspiration to spread it further and talk about our pride.

Picture by Andrea Monica Hug for Chic in Zürich

March 18th was a an utterly beautiful day, the sun was shining and Switzerland was showing all its prettiness and facets. Shortly after entering the exhibition, it was already a very special occasion to feel the vibe of such an international day, with all its glitter and glance.

Pics by Petra Burek

basel rooftop bar

For the very first time in my life, I was attending a press conference. I’ve learned and read a lot about how press conferences work, but attending one in real life as a media representative is a story on its own. The press conference itself was initiated with a rather sad message. They honored the first minutes to Jacque Dûchene, the former leader of the exhibition, who passed away. After this emotional start, they continued with further topics as smartwatches and the influences on the market and the exhibition itself as well as the challenging enduring economical situation, caused by the decision of the SNB to discontinue the minimum exchange.

baselworld pressconference

After this impressing press conference, we continued our visit. Believe me, it is just impossible to see everything during one day. We were running around a whole day and had many interesting chats with different people. That is why I have decided to share some of my favourite and memorable moments with you.

Hublot Press Conference

The rush to the conference of Hublot in the morning was huge, the room was jam-packed. People were outside watching the screen. I loved this atmosphere as it is incredible how many journalists from all over the world were waiting to get even one single picture of the whole speech.

hublot pressconference

We somehow managed to make it upstairs, and it was so crowded! Many people were standing there and talked to each other. Luckily, we had the honor to take some pictures with the Ambassador of Hublot (and very famous model) – Bar Refaeli
bar refaeli baselworld


HYT was presenting the most complicated watch they have ever invented. It contains a linear fluid which is a revolution in the watch industry.Of course, the technology was explained in detail during the speech of Lucien Vouillamoz.

HYT H3 Baselworld

As it is simply impossible to explain all the great details to you, I would recommend to have a look at the HYT H3 Trailer.

HYT Engineering

I am well aware, the post about Baselworld could easily fill 10 pages, as we have much more material. At the end of the day, I would like to keep it short this time.

Be excited for more coming up very soon.


Geneva 85th International Motor Show

As diamonds are a woman’s best friend a man’s best friend is his car. I guess not many would disagree with this fact. Sure, there is an exception to every rule. But I’d say the majority of us are simply fascinated by the endless variety, the special charisma and for sure the still improving and changing technologies which cars impressively show. Driving leads us to breathtaking moments that change into emotional memories and therefore stay with us for a very long time. 
To get some new ideas and inspire yourself, the world famous International Motor Show in Geneva is the place to be. The event plays in the highest league of this kind of events. The whole ambience is beyond words. This week, I had the chance to visit the 85th Show. 
genf frühling
The sun was shining and showed Geneva in all its beauty when I arrived in the early morning at the Palexpo hall. I was one of the first visitors and enjoyed it to the fullest. Knowing that there will be hundreds of visitors and an increase of the room temperature in a few hours, I just strolled around and had enough time to have a look at many of the cars in detail. I’d recommend you to do exactly the same, because at the week-ends there’s normally a huge rush. 

Bentley Flying Spur

One of the first cars, which caught my eye, was the Bentley Flying Spur. The new Bentleys look simply divine. The company has kept the shapes and forms of the past Bentleys but combined it with a big portion of harmony, power and elegance. At the end of the day, they remain true to their principles – only with a step into another more impressive direction. 
bentley autosalon genf
The Flying Spur is masculine and classy. I can’t see a better combination than this. The violet/beige color combination could be called as risky but I have all the respect for this godly elegance. 
interior bentley flying spur
Bentley GT Speed
The rear of the Bentley GT Speed with the double exhaust and the straightforward lines underneath is impressive.
bentley genfer autosalon
McLaren 675LT
Holy cow! This is crazy power on 4 wheels! The 675LT is limited to 500 Pieces. And with a price of 356.696 Euro you need to use the petty cash.
It has a 3,8-Liter-V8 enginge with is producing 675HP & 700NM. With a weight of 1230Kg it is complete madness!
mclaren 675LT

McLaren 650S

Same enginge as the 675LT, producing 650 HP.

This is the convertible model which reminds me of driving along the french riviera, with this breath-taking sound of the McLaren.

mclaren 650s

Lamborghini Huracán
They call it the Huracán.
Based on the maya mythology it was the god of wind, storm and fire.
And that’s exactly what you discover in this mental car. It is utterly fearless, a hurrican in the desert, an unleashed fearless power machine. Absolutely love it!
lamborghini huracan
Rolls Royce
This is simply the infinite class. Wherever your eyes go, the most exclusive materials are not good enough. This is high-end, handmade extra-class!
They come up with features like a sky full of stars. Not in the stand but in the car! This is what I call endless beauty. You can even feel the passion and tradition, which lies in all this work. Utterly beautiful.
rolls royce schweiz

rolls royce fahren

Last but not least: The event is also famous for the beautiful models, which work during the whole fair. Here you can see one of the Pirelli Models – awesome!
pirelli girl autosalon