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Bike Styleguide – The Chopper Bike

Bike Styleguide – The Chopper Bike So far the styleguides have been either fast or dirty but for now we keep it slow and travel the countryside comfortably. Starting the engine, sit on the chopper bike and depart to sunset with the engine growling below you is your definition of motorcycling? Then have a look at […]

Bike Styleguide – The Scrambler

Bike Styleguide – The Scrambler Following fast bikes in the previous styleguide it is now getting dirty with the scrambler. You don’t need to reach your destination quickly but enjoy the countryside on bad roads or even lose ground? So you need a suspension capable of potholes, a comfortable seat and you should be able […]

Bike Styleguide – The Cafe Racer

Bike Styleguide – The Cafe Racer I’ve shown you so far which motorcycle styles are available on the market and why you should have done a trip to Biarritz in June. Even if you haven’t been in Biarritz this June – don’t worry: there are still enough days this summer to take a motorcycle for […]