Best mens watches under 2000

We’re often asked whether there are also high-quality watches for a reasonable budget. The answer is: yes ! We have teamed up with Hamilton Watches to present the best mens watches under 2000. The timepieces of the former US watch manufacturer have one thing in common: they convince with harmonious optics and offer excellent value for money.

About Hamilton Watches – a legendary brand

Hamilton was founded in 1892 in the US and looks back on over 100 years of glorious history in the service of aviation. Since the early days of aviation, Hamilton has provided pilots and co-pilots with important cockpit instruments. Meanwhile, Hamilton is part of the Swatch Group and produces all its watches in Switzerland (SWISS MADE).

At the heart of cinema

The brand not only has an impressive tradition and history, it can be seen in more than 500 films, including blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor, Interstellar, Men in Black and Shanghai Express.

Elvis Presley on the set of Blue Hawaii with the Hamilton Ventura

The Ventura from Men in Black – H24411 732 | Price CHF 875.00

The Khaki Field from Pearl Harbor | Ref. H69419363 |Price CHF 420.00

The famous watch from Interstellar

The best mens watches under 2000

1. The Khaki Field Murph Auto (ref. H70605731)

This is the moment every fan of Interstellar has been waiting for! The model is a faithful re-edition of the watch that appears in the film on the wrist of the main character Murph. With the word “Eureka” printed in Morse on the second hand, this watch is a must-have for movie fans and a collector’s item for Hamilton lovers. The “Murph” comes in a limited edition package developed in collaboration with award-winning production designer Nathan Crowley.

The Murph is a real eye-catcher and therefore our number one of the best watches under 2000. In the film Interstellar, Cooper transmits the necessary data to Murph via Morse code to evacuate people from Earth. Around 5 years later, it is available in its original form in stores. It is so well done, we have just ordered it!

Best mens watches under 2000

CHF 945,00 | 42mm diameter | automatic winding, H-10 ETA movement | stainless steel | calfskin

2. The Khaki Aviation X- Wind Day Date Auto (Ref. H77765541)

With large numerals, sporty clockhands, weekday and date display, the Khaki Aviation is a very nice pilot’s watch, which is also convincing in terms of colour combination – a great daily driver.

watches under 2000

CHF 1075,00 | 45mm diameter | automatic winding, H-30 ETA movement | stainless steel | calfskin

3. The Jazzmaster Auto Chrono (Ref. H32586881, H32586541, H32586511)

The Jazzmaster presents itself elegant and sporty, according to the rhythms of modern life. The contemporary H-21 automatic chronograph movement offers a date display and a power reserve of 60 hours.

best watches under 2000

CHF 1725,00 | 42mm diameter | automatic winding, H-21 ETA movement | stainless steel | calfskin

4. The Intra-Matic Auto Chrono (Ref. H38416541)

At CHF 2150.00, the price is a little bit above the limit in terms of best mens watches under 2000, but we couldn’t resist presenting this really beautiful chronograph. The reason is simple: the modern revision of the 1968 model with its characteristic Panda dial is an absolute eye-catcher.

chronograph hamilton

CHF 2150,00 | 40mm diameter | automatic winding, H-31 ETA movement | stainless steel | calfskin

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