10 Reasons For A Mechanical Watch

The watch – a personal companion

My fascination for watches began very early and still shapes me today. My first timepiece was an OMEGA Speedmaster, the first watch on the moon – or as Neil Armstrong so beautifully put it: “This is a small step for a human being, but a huge leap for mankind. My mechanical watch is still part of my small collection today and will remain so forever.

Pictures & Rights @Diana Kottmann

omega moonwatch

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Ref. 304.

Important economic sector for Switzerland

Almost every mechanical watch we know is made in Switzerland. There are only a few manufactories in Germany (region Glashütte), that are able to compete with us. The timepieces of well-known brands such as OMEGA, Rolex, Breitling, etc. are all made in Switzerland – including the Eta and Valjoux movements. In 2017, we exported watches with a total value of almost CHF 20 billion*, an impressive figure that shows just how important the watchmaking industry is to us.

10 Reasons for a mechanical watch

I don’t feel complete without a mechanical watch on my wrist, something is missing – that’s why there are 10 good reasons for a mechanical watch today.

mechanical watch

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Ref. 304.

1. A watch completes any look

Whether classic and elegant with a suit or something more sporty in your spare time, the watch completes every outfit.

2. Always an eye-catcher

There’s no question about it: a watch stands out. How often have I been in conversations with enthusiasts – a timepiece is passion.

3. A companion for life

If you take care and revise it regularly, a mechanical watch will accompany us for the rest of our lives.

4. The timepiece is passed on for generations

After our beloved timepiece has accompanied us to the end, it can still be passed on over generations.

5. A piece of history

Watches are not just there to tell the time – they are also a piece of history. Perhaps we associate them with aviation, diving, motor sports or a personal experience.

6. Striving for perfection

It’s incredible what it takes to make a working mechanical movement. A watch manufactory is a kind of perfection, a peak performance in its form.

7. A personal treasure

Usually we associate a watch with an event, a service or a memory – this makes it a very personal treasure.

8. A joy to read the time

Each time I enjoy looking at the time anew and it feels 1000 times better than the smartphone.

9. Share passions

How often have we sat over a meal, a good glass of wine or a cigar and chatted about our watch stories?

10. It’s never out of fashion

You buy a Smartwatch, it’ll be junk in two years. Mechanical watches last for years and are never out of fashion.

What if I have less budget than 10’000 CHF?

Not an issue at all. The OMEGA Speedmaster, for example, starts at just CHF 4,700

* Source fhs.swiss

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