Falco Gin – A Swiss Gin For Connoisseur

Falco Gin – A Swiss Gin For Connoisseur

If you haven’t come across this Swiss Gin yet – it’s an absolute must-try. A few months ago, three entrepreneurs from Schaffhausen launched their first product: Falco Gin. This Swiss Gin is unique in taste and design. The colorful Falcon on the matt black bottle will catch your attention and make you want to try.

“It’s our aspiration that our Gin creates a unique experience that you will enjoy sharing with friends” so Alain, one of the Founders.

swiss gin

gin switzerland

From left to right the Founders of Falco Gin: Moreno, Alain, Sandro

The founders are very passionate about crafting Gin, which made an impression on some of the best chefs of Switzerland.

Signature Drink by Tanja Grandits

Tanja is a 2 Michelin Stars rated chef with 18 GaultMillau Points and cook of the year 2014. She loves its fresh taste and created a signature drink with Falco Gin.

Pink GINger

Recipe for 3-4 drinks

  • 150g raspberries
  • 30g ginger, peel and chop finely
  • 1 lime, peel abrasion & juice
  • 2 tbsp raspberry syrup
  • 1dl Falco Gin
  • 2 bottles of Gents Ginger Ale

Grate the raspberries, ginger, lime juice & grater with the raspberry syrup in a mortar and pass through a sieve. Mix with 1 dl Falco Gin and spread over 4 glasses. Add crushed ice and raspberries and fill up with Gents Ginger Ale.

gin cooking

gin drink

The choice of star chefs

Falco Gin also received his accolade by Jacky Donatz one of the most famous Chefs in Switzerland while he was praising the exceptional taste in a Swiss TV show.  

“We are humbled by the amazing feedback we receive.”, says Sandro.

Currently they are expanding into more restaurants, bars and distribution channels.

star chef

From left to right: Wesley & Jacky Donatz from pic chic Zurich, Georges Berdux from TV Show Top Pot & Moreno from Falco Gin

Our conclusion: This Gin is a great addition for every home bar and an absolute must-try for every Gentleman.

CHF 59.00 per Bottle (500ml)


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