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On the road to Flims with the Range Rover Velar

On the road to Flims with the Range Rover Velar

Another adventure started, on the road Flims. The village can be easily reached from Zurich within 1 1/2 hours. In the summer Flims comes up with incredibly beautiful mountain lakes, forests and various other activities. In winter, the ski resort with 235 km of slopes is an amazing place for all who love winter sports.

Pictures, Rights by www.sebastienrohner.com & Waldhaus Flims

The Grand Hotel Waldhaus Flims

Flims is divided in two parts, separated by the bridge in the middle. There is the upper part, Waldhaus, where you will find the famous Grand Hotel Waldhaus, which looks back on 140 years of hotel history. After the change of ownership recently, this beautiful spa hotel comes up with a new touch.

The atmosphere is astonishing, you will find a lot of silence, peace and a breath-taking view to the mountains.

The Range Rover Velar

In case the best SUV has not yet been awarded, the Range Rover Velar is what we should talk about. Especially in terms of design, the Velar is an absolute masterpiece.

Land Rover’s new SUV is a real eye-catcher: At 1.66 meters height and 4.8 meters in length, the Velar closes the gap between the Range Rover Sport and the Evoque.

We drove the 3.0 litre V6 twin turbo diesel with 300 hp. There are different driving modes – working perfectly, especially in the snow, the Range Rover Velar drives like on rails. Its  power is distributed to the individual wheels harmoniously, which ensures an ideal driving experience on any terrain.



Range Rover Velar Design

The new and innovative interior design of the Velar, speaks its own design language. It is wonderfully tidy and stands out with the noble materials that are used: scented windsor leather in a vintage light oyster colour, or the ebony black inserts. Land Rover works with copper details on the outside, which gives the new Range Rover Velar some additional sex appeal.

The two screens (called ‘Range Rover Touch Pro Duo’) is another feature we will see more often – the trend with larger touchscreens continues and is excellently implemented in the Velar.

Bad weather activities – our program

We all know the situation too well: the journey is planned for a long time and everything is prepared. Hotel booked, car packed and now it comes, as it has to come: Rain in the cities, heavy snowfall in the mountains and storm gusts up to 150 km/h.

There are a few things in this world that we can not change. We can assure you one thing: you can have a great mood with super bad weather and still have an eventful day. The Waldhaus Flims is the ideal place to show you how it’s done.

Activities in the morning & afternoon

01. Gym

As the saying goes: ‘The early bird catches the worm’. How about a workout in the morning? Run on the treadmill, do a few exercises with weights, push-ups and more. Don’t forget stretching!

02. Sauna & Spa

After the workout and a delicious breakfast, it’s time for sauna & spa. The Waldhaus Flims offers all possibilities: steam bath, indoor sauna, outdoor sauna, infrared cabin, outdoor pool or massage.

03. Read and relax

What could be better than just not doing anything? Sit down, relax and read the daily newspaper, a magazine, or your favorite book.

Activities in the evening

04. Fine dining

The Swiss mountain regions offer numerous delicious restaurants for every budget. Here are a few recommendations for Flims and region:

05. Smoke a cigar

The best comes for last, we go for a beautiful cigar combined with a tasty whisky.

The Davidoff interpretation of a Nicaraguan cigar offers a unique taste experience: The first third stimulates the palate with peppery and spicy notes. In the second third develops a creamy sweetness, which combines elegantly with the bitter notes of Nicaraguan tobacco.

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