Finali Mondiali ¦ Mugello Racetrack

Firenze – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A place where romance, delicious food and Italian history meets. The ideal place to travel with your partner and spend an astonishing time. Florence is the capitol of Tuscany, a big wine region in the north of  Italy.
Firenze travel report
Florence Architecture
Once you arrive, you start to understand why a couple of the biggest genius in human history have spent quite a some time in this fabulous city (Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei are a a couple of examples). The buildings are shaped in Renaissance architecture – what a lovely place.
Firenze Photos
Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge that survived the 2nd world war. Today it’s mainly used to sell jewelery (made this one with the world famous gelato).
Gelato Florence
No doubt it’s already a handsome place to visit, but there is more to tell. 
Ferrari is organising races all over the globe and the finali mondiali at the mugello race track took place. 
Ferrari Mugello
Wrist shot of the Hublot Big Bang  ¦ Ferrari Speciale Grey Ceramic
Hublot Ferrari Grey Ceramic
The hotlap I made was one of the ultimate experiences in my life. The driver pushed the car the it’s limits, it was better than any rollercoaster! Unfortunately there are no pictures of this experience.
Mugello Ferrari
What a fantastic atmosphere. It was my first time to be part of such a race. There are Ferrari cars literally everywhere. The race and the whole show perfectly reflects the passion and brand-mania for Ferrari. There are flags all over the place and pretty much everyone has a Ferrari logo on the jacket. It was extremely hot (in November), noisy and super crowded. It’s a spectacular event and thanks to the Hublot crew we had a great program and loads of cool ‘behind the scenes’ options you defintely don’t get as a normal visitor.
Safety Car Hublot
A few of my personal highlights at the Finali Mondiali… 
I met a real Italian Gentleman – Beppe Schenetti. His whole charism and warm oppenness to everyone is the Italian way and I love it.
Beppe Schenetti Ferrari
Another highlight of my journey was to meet Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel. The places were so packed with journalists from all over the world – I was not able to take a good catch of Sebastian Vettel. The two Formula One drivers passed their trainings on the track.
Kimi Raikkonen Interview
Ferrari’s pit stop, crazy how quick!
 What a wonderful journey! Thanks to Hublot for the invitation and the brilliant support
Wrist Shot Hublot
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