The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography

For the first time I was sitting in a Land Rover. I had the honor to test the Evoque during one week and I enjoyed it to the fullest. After this experience, I can truly admit to the fact that the cars they’re producing are simply brilliant. In fact brilliant in each dimension: technique, workmanship, performance, and price/performance ratio. As soon as you’re opening the car door, you can see and feel the passion they put in every detail.
range rover schweiz
What does The Evoque stand for? The Evoque is sort of a narrowed SUV, kind of the little brother of the Range Rover. Honestly, the Evoque convinces in every detail and I’d say he gets rid of this ‘little brother’ image in a formidable way.
It is a simply fantastic car. Certainly it is a bit smaller and the engine is not as powerful as the Range Rover Sport for example. But with its charm, wonderful interior design and the plenty options it comes up with, it is a really good car by with you can enjoy your rides entirely.

Photos by Diana Kottmann

Evoque Autobiography

Its front is vast, and with its headlights it looks like a huge mad cat in the dark.

Under the bonnet, there’s a hidden a 2 Liter Turbo Diesel, which is producing assertive power for every situation. With 420NM & 190HP it is the most powerful model, which is currently available on the market.
The engineers have sharpened up the steering and upgraded the suspension. The nine-speed automatic gearbox is working really well. Another really magnificent fact is that it’s only consuming 7,2 Liters per 100km, even if you like to drive a bit racy.
Land Rover Evoque

The rear is definitely smaller than the Range Rover, and the trunk doesn’t allow that much space. Still this is the ideal car if you like high standards and living in a city like Zürich.

Let’s talk about the interior and the infinite options of this car. Honestly, I’ve never had that many options before. The Evoque contains features like seat cooling, it shows you exactly how fast you’re allowed to drive, and there’s a seat heater in the back. Additionally, the GPS is outstanding and works very exact. You can enter the Evoque, and start the engine easily. Compared to older Land Rovers, the handling is simple and effective. 
Evoque Interior

The following pictures are impressively showing the love for the detail they definitely have. It combines dark chocolate brown leather with the white double seam, which looks and feels really high-class!

Range Rover Material

Seats Double Seam

Last but not least, there’s another thing that was really fabulous. The panoramic roof brings all the light of this beautiful world into this wonderful car. And that feels just divine. 
Range Rover Panoramic Roof

All in all, I’m convinced of the car and its performance. I’d suggest it to every one of you, if you count on high standards and the design it shows. Honestly, it was a big challenge to give this lovely car back to the seller. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.

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